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The old Colosseum by flaviobolla The old Colosseum :iconflaviobolla:flaviobolla 8,938 203 Fortress Town by flaviobolla Fortress Town :iconflaviobolla:flaviobolla 6,204 232 Thresh Vs Lucian (Fan Art) by Lionsketch Thresh Vs Lucian (Fan Art) :iconlionsketch:Lionsketch 2,147 104 10/365 Rainy day by snatti89 10/365 Rainy day :iconsnatti89:snatti89 692 29 Random sketch #1 by snatti89 Random sketch #1 :iconsnatti89:snatti89 482 42 Rest by merl1ncz Rest :iconmerl1ncz:merl1ncz 632 22 Forgotten-Revisions by MeckanicalMind Forgotten-Revisions :iconmeckanicalmind:MeckanicalMind 2,277 124 16/365 Alien landscape by snatti89 16/365 Alien landscape :iconsnatti89:snatti89 353 13 Valley of the Ancients by MeckanicalMind Valley of the Ancients :iconmeckanicalmind:MeckanicalMind 1,009 51 Old Town by MeckanicalMind Old Town :iconmeckanicalmind:MeckanicalMind 1,687 99 Valyria by tommyscottart Valyria :icontommyscottart:tommyscottart 211 7 Expedition by ShahabAlizadeh Expedition :iconshahabalizadeh:ShahabAlizadeh 382 9 Forgotten by MeckanicalMind Forgotten :iconmeckanicalmind:MeckanicalMind 533 46 The Lost Land by MeckanicalMind The Lost Land :iconmeckanicalmind:MeckanicalMind 973 74 Canyon Flight by MeckanicalMind Canyon Flight :iconmeckanicalmind:MeckanicalMind 215 9 Slums farland online by RavenseyeTravisLacey Slums farland online :iconravenseyetravislacey:RavenseyeTravisLacey 274 1 OLD: kingsisle environment by fydbac OLD: kingsisle environment :iconfydbac:fydbac 277 10 DOOM - Server Room by MeckanicalMind DOOM - Server Room :iconmeckanicalmind:MeckanicalMind 94 5 Odin's Throne by BurningBrushGallery Odin's Throne :iconburningbrushgallery:BurningBrushGallery 304 7 32/365 At the bathhouse by snatti89 32/365 At the bathhouse :iconsnatti89:snatti89 368 30 Wudan Temples by Chenzan Wudan Temples :iconchenzan:Chenzan 716 54 Brie - Music SS by OrcaOwl Brie - Music SS :iconorcaowl:OrcaOwl 236 20 Floating Rocks n3 by SandroRybak Floating Rocks n3 :iconsandrorybak:SandroRybak 131 6 DOOM - Advance Research Complex Tram Ride by MeckanicalMind DOOM - Advance Research Complex Tram Ride :iconmeckanicalmind:MeckanicalMind 134 0 In the Forest by Mengluoli In the Forest :iconmengluoli:Mengluoli 265 7
Drowning - Feliciano x Reader
Gone. Just like that.
It was the middle of the day and you were hanging out with on of your best friends, Feliciano Vargas. He was such a happy guy, always greeting you with a smile and a hug, and sometimes brought you small little presents. You had developed some form of a “crush” on him so to say, and it took a while for you to notice it yourself. However, to avoid awkwardness and/or rejection, you never told him of it.
You two were sitting on a bench in a local park, him talking animatedly to you about something that happened between him and his two friends. And then, suddenly, he started just… choking. Like, on air. He just starting hacking, doubling over and kept coughing. You patted his back, trying to calm him down. But it didn’t stop.
Against better judgement, you made him stand up. He was still choking… it sounded so horrible, like he was going to choke up every piece of lung and heart from his mouth. You made him get into the car and get to your
:iconchangeohearts101:ChangeOHearts101 50 58
DOOM - Clean Industrial Hallway by MeckanicalMind DOOM - Clean Industrial Hallway :iconmeckanicalmind:MeckanicalMind 103 0 Indiana Jones - Ancient Temple Exterior by Milkduster Indiana Jones - Ancient Temple Exterior :iconmilkduster:Milkduster 126 5 Alien Homeworld- Background Design Class by CanineHybrid Alien Homeworld- Background Design Class :iconcaninehybrid:CanineHybrid 198 38 Ruins of old by RavenseyeTravisLacey Ruins of old :iconravenseyetravislacey:RavenseyeTravisLacey 135 5 Cave City by MeckanicalMind Cave City :iconmeckanicalmind:MeckanicalMind 144 11 Adrift by jesper-ullbing Adrift :iconjesper-ullbing:jesper-ullbing 223 12 Magic the gathering swamp redesign/fanart by Guy-Mandude Magic the gathering swamp redesign/fanart :iconguy-mandude:Guy-Mandude 109 13 Blue Home by DrewHopper Blue Home :icondrewhopper:DrewHopper 191 11 DOOM - Labs Approach Previs by MeckanicalMind DOOM - Labs Approach Previs :iconmeckanicalmind:MeckanicalMind 114 8 Crater Station by MeckanicalMind Crater Station :iconmeckanicalmind:MeckanicalMind 129 14 [COMMISSION]: Sleffen by BleedingHeartworks [COMMISSION]: Sleffen :iconbleedingheartworks:BleedingHeartworks 150 8 Ice Cave by MeckanicalMind Ice Cave :iconmeckanicalmind:MeckanicalMind 252 14 Blue Alter Ego: Fisherman's House by Mei-Xing Blue Alter Ego: Fisherman's House :iconmei-xing:Mei-Xing 194 7 26/365 Off to school by snatti89 26/365 Off to school :iconsnatti89:snatti89 227 24 56/365 kiki's delivery service by snatti89 56/365 kiki's delivery service :iconsnatti89:snatti89 431 42 Water Way by MeckanicalMind Water Way :iconmeckanicalmind:MeckanicalMind 138 12 Color Thumbnails by MeckanicalMind Color Thumbnails :iconmeckanicalmind:MeckanicalMind 154 12 Rock Forest by MeckanicalMind Rock Forest :iconmeckanicalmind:MeckanicalMind 109 2 High Point Command by MeckanicalMind High Point Command :iconmeckanicalmind:MeckanicalMind 115 7 67/365 Random 2 by snatti89 67/365 Random 2 :iconsnatti89:snatti89 316 26 75/365 Duel by snatti89 75/365 Duel :iconsnatti89:snatti89 602 15 Blue Mountains by RetkiKosmos Blue Mountains :iconretkikosmos:RetkiKosmos 147 7 waterfall monoliths by RavenseyeTravisLacey waterfall monoliths :iconravenseyetravislacey:RavenseyeTravisLacey 110 11 Castle and Knight 02 by ChrisDrake1987 Castle and Knight 02 :iconchrisdrake1987:ChrisDrake1987 84 8