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Justin - The Energy Efficient Exec by BradSimonian Justin - The Energy Efficient Exec :iconbradsimonian:BradSimonian 59 10 A Consummate Professional by Adoradora A Consummate Professional :iconadoradora:Adoradora 154 19 Stay Hungry Stay Foolish by jasonkotecki Stay Hungry Stay Foolish :iconjasonkotecki:jasonkotecki 27 3 Entrepreneur Time with Luke and Nick by CaptainDoctorGhost Entrepreneur Time with Luke and Nick :iconcaptaindoctorghost:CaptainDoctorGhost 34 20 Kalish House HDR -Sitting Room by ellysdoghouse Kalish House HDR -Sitting Room :iconellysdoghouse:ellysdoghouse 41 8 You Tell Me What's Disgusting by AmericanDreaming You Tell Me What's Disgusting :iconamericandreaming:AmericanDreaming 28 35 Tyra Banks by PriscillaW Tyra Banks :iconpriscillaw:PriscillaW 87 47 Zener Ally: Wrayth by mr-redx Zener Ally: Wrayth :iconmr-redx:mr-redx 21 21
Nocturnal Shine
Tho' darkness owns the sky, and
Dreams hold the strings bringing life to
Myriad marionette-like
Fantasies playing out in
Minds at slumber, so she does toil.
Nocturnal labors of love;
She the entrepreneurial
Spirit in the night -
Creations conceived in Copper,
Of silver, of glass and in gold.
Fastened to a fashion, fusing
Antique with iridescent, as
Earth tones harmonize amid
Coils and loops, bangles and hoops.
In the heart of the night, the white shine 
Of the moon must compete with the
Fire and Ice in her hands -
For at this hour, she is the creator.
With heart and soul, she creates shiny things.
:iconshadowworldred:ShadowWorldRed 7 32
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The Destroyer : 1
Summer was a burning blade rippling through the streets of Manhattan. It made ovens out of the tenements in Harlem and mocked the struggling window units that dotted their brick facades. Perspiration coated the nameless faces that passed beneath the open mesh of Mallorie Ortiz’s fire escape. She sat, leaning forward against its bars, her hair hanging loose in a tumbling cascade, her tan, sandaled feet dangling high above the broiling pavement. Traffic was grid-locked and noisy at that hour; the poisonous smell of diesel exhaust just typical city incense.
“Eat something.” Her mother hurried past the living room window, fixing a final bobby pin to a neatly restrained bun of black hair, her feet twisting into a pair of sensible shoes. Stopping at the mirror, she applied dark lipstick and tossed the tube in the pocket of her apron. “Mallorie!” she shouted, glancing out the window while she clipped on a small teardrop earring. “You’ll be late.
:iconsafia3:safia3 7 13
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