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Self-Inflicted Achromatic - English Translyrics
Translyrics by JoyDreamer
I want to be a person just like you, don't you see?
I want to be a person who is still being "me"
It really would be nice but I'm paying a price
'Cause I'd really, not be me and that would not suffice
A dream which is an easy task I won't deny
But it'd be fine if people just like me would go and die
If I am this way I would never want to stay
Tens of thousands of people would be sad and cry
No one here wanting me, please don't say you don't agree
Wishing for a world hiding from my seeking eye
If I am this way please just wipe me into gray
Hundreds of millions of people would be glad and shine
No one here hating me, that would be so nice to see
But that kind of joy will never intertwine
Tomorrow I will still be dreaming half awake
And I am hoping I can disappear in such a state
If I'd live this way I would never want to stay
Hundreds of millions of people wouldn't even know
No one here wanting me, please don't say you don't ag
:iconjoydreamerart:JoyDreamerART 107 50
-ERROR - English Translyrics
Translyrics by JoyDreamer
Can you see the tears I cry? Slowly falling from my eye
Blurring all the colors of living
Why did you leave me standing alone to drown?
I'm calling and I am falling down
This blue and red and white is just blurring in my sight
I am shouting from the world here inside me
I am not really sure what I'm looking for
I'm tired chasing to comprehend
I'm wondering when it will end?
Am I breaking down again?
I am breaking just like then!
But I want to know that I am breathing, I'm breathing
I wonder if I just saw you
I am dreaming hoping for something new
The words are stuck that you stand for - ERROR
On a distant day I see light swaying away
And it's overflowing up in the high sky
Can you decide and tell me, what is your choice?
My tears are welling up by your voice
The consciousness is floating by
Melting all I feel and I see the world inside me get blurry
What are you standing there and comparing to?
I'm sad, I'm fai
:iconjoydreamerart:JoyDreamerART 106 18
Six Trillion Years and Overnight Story -Eng lyrics
Translyrics by JoyDreamer
My Cover:
In a town somewhere in an era unknown
Lived a boy so cold with no name of his own
Known to none this is his one and only fairy tale
Ever since the time that I was born
I was treated just like a demon to scorn
On my skin, you'll see my sin in punishment I took
But I really never had any reason to be sad
I was always led away, with the sunset after day
I don't know, I don't know, I just really do not know
All this kindness is unknown 'cause I'm really a foe
I don't know how it feels in the warmth right after rain
Yet I'm really, I'm really, I'm really, I'm really cold as I remain
I won't die, I won't die, I don't know why I won't die
And I'm not even dreaming, someone please tell me why?
This is my fairy tale, it is unknown everywhere
And was sucked in the sky for the sunset to take and then vanish into air
In my life of pain and hatred and blood
I just felt the scorn and much disregard
:iconjoydreamerart:JoyDreamerART 44 6
Soleil - English Translyrics
Translyrics by JoyDreamer
My Cover:
God of death with a gaze of woe, spoke to me and he told me so:
"Fast, before I will lose control, please, have mercy and save my soul."
All the pain you feel, I am sure you didn't wish for that
And the looks that you bear are so grim, those you wear
Shining bright, she is like the sun, waiting there for her fate to come
Holding out her hand with the flow, smiling as she then told you so:
"It is quite alright, I shall take the darkness that you hold
And I will change your shape, as a bird you can escape
You can fly to place far away, in the sky you are free everyday
If you don't have a goal or a prey, then it's fine 'cause with me you can stay"
White as told, wings unfold, here it stays, following always
Many more are wanting now her to save them all somehow
And the girl was reaching out saving them without a doubt
Slowly as all the birds were to fly, she was in there among in the sky
:iconjoydreamerart:JoyDreamerART 43 16
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Love Words - English Translyrics
Translyrics by JoyDreamer
My Cover:
Always there, taking care. I'm immature but you are here, always near, by my side
For listening to my words, I'll always be so grateful and faithful
I tell you I will never forget all the favors that you did for me as I was hiding all my feelings fearfully
That was when I tried to make a song to tell you what is true: "I'm thanking you, more than you knew"
There is the me, there is the you, my feelings grew, love is there too
Sometimes we love, sometimes we hate, this song it holds our fate
Right now, I am still loving you
It's true, I am in love with you
Are you too? I am in love with you
But would you love someone dumb as me?
Giving me what you feel, and your love, is this dream real?
For crying as you hear this song, I'll only give you my thanks all day long
Don't forget, it is set, my childishness will once get old, far ahead, but not yet.
And then we'll meet, you and me, will cele
:iconjoydreamerart:JoyDreamerART 23 7
New Era :icondianar87:dianar87 541 203
Crime and Punishment - English Translyrics
Translyrics by JoyDreamer
My Cover:
Hey you, if you had the ears that I have, then I would
Sing you a song from my heart but I just wonder if you'd hear me?
Hey you, if you had the heart that I have, then I would
Flood you with all of my love but I wonder if you'd feel me?
Hey, if you'll hate me at some point, I might as well just
Kill myself and save me from this misery 'cause
If I cannot earn your love, you don't need me at all, at all, at all
Hey you, "If only you had", it won't get me moving
But I would not move ahead even if I just could
"Do it slow" + "How do we?" + "Ready go" = And I'm gone
I would not play with a knife, but there's no choice, it's my life
'Cause if I were to decline, I'd really not be worth a thing
In your eyes, not a thing, demise
Hey, if I'll hate you at some point, you might just love the me
But it no longer cares about your feelings
She that needs you now is gone, she is forever gone, s
:iconjoydreamerart:JoyDreamerART 91 36
erin 07 :iconmonicaeng:MonicaEng 843 72
Just Be Friends - English Translyrics
Translyrics by JoyDreamer
Just be friends, all we gotta do, just be friends
It's time to say goodbye, just be friends
All we gotta do, just be friends, just be friends...
It just came to mind there in the early morning yesterday
As I was gathering the pieces of my memory
And now I wonder what is this?
Slowly dripping down my fingers that are cut in bliss
I'm questioning our everything, were we hoping just for this?
But I always knew, the truth was hiding deep inside my heart
The choice is hard but it is best if we just break apart
But I am standing here avoiding the fact
And repeating all the difference that is holding us back
I'm questioning myself to bring you the truth that I conceal
Here in this world which is decaying with our every move
I struggle moving on to the days where my fears are gone
And I find myself carving out, your smile, it's a faded doubt
So I just pulled the plug
I'm standing here and screaming with what is left of my voice
:iconjoydreamerart:JoyDreamerART 29 31
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It was a time of love, a time of hate, the era of justice and immorality, the season of both insanity and clarity of mind. Sound familiar, don't it? Me wife used to love Dickens. Read him to me all the time, she did. That Jane what's-her-face woman, too: it is a truth universally acknowledged that a criminal who committed a crime is in want of a good hanging. Ring a bell?
Yes, I like me literary allusions. I do, you know. Remind me of sweet Elaine. She was a messy death, but worth it. Oh boy, was she worth it. Crying and begging right up to the end. She had it coming to her, bet your arse she did, mate.
Why am I here anyway? I've already confessed. I'm a doomed son of a gun. Don't I get any last whatchamacallits? Can't I have a coldie, before I go up there and have me neck snapped back? Any beer will do – I drink 'em all, so long as it's not that light crap.
Answer me, goddammit! What the bloody hell am I doing here? Kill me already. Inject me with the needle or string me up like
:iconblakecurran:BlakeCurran 107 112
Shinhwa - This Love English Lyrics
The red light, I froze in time, now only your scent stays with me
It’s like a dream, I can’t wake up, seems like it’s never ending
The green light, I’ve gone insane, don’t know if I should run to you
My heart it yearns so desperately, beating so fast, can hardly breathe
Like satellites and shooting stars, you shine so bright, and yet so far
Surrounding you, a ray of light, I gravitate to your side
And finally you come close (holding your heart), breathtakingly beautiful
We live for this love
We live for this love
We live for this love
The firelight, enchanting me, I can’t escape from your eyes
One kiss from you, I feel alive, it’s all I need to sweep you off your feet
Like satellites and shooting stars, you pass me by, don’t go far
Surrounding you, a ray of light, I’ll come to you, don’t be shy
And finally you come close (holding your heart), I’ll take you away from here
We live for this love
We live for this love
We liv
:iconmusicstar128:Musicstar128 23 4
The Lost One's Weeping - English Translyrics
Translyrics by JoyDreamer
My Cover:
All the danger of distrust roaming inside me
It will finally pierce my veins and I can't flee
And this sudden appearance will transform my love
And turn it from pole into a lethal, deadly weapon
It's for real
I am kinda into math and science I admit
And since I suck at Japanese I'm hating it
But if I continue worrying about what's right
I am feeling that both of them will turn back to bite
Today all my homework is about me and my traits
It's so tough, it's enough, I'm happy, it is my fate
But why is it we sometimes, wait hold on, no it's always
We are in a sad state, we're a lonely mistake
Can you read all of the kanji on the blackboard today?
Can you read what's in that kid's imagination maybe?
I'm wondering who just turned your heart into grey
Who did that to me? Who did that to me!?
Can you solve equations on the abacus here today?
Can you loosen up the rope around the kid's neck ma
:iconjoydreamerart:JoyDreamerART 17 7
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