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Battle of Orinda by wraithdt Battle of Orinda :iconwraithdt:wraithdt 3,308 237 Pain Tolerance Meme Blank by TheBobIsComing Pain Tolerance Meme Blank :iconthebobiscoming:TheBobIsComing 1,655 159 Endurance by henning Endurance :iconhenning:henning 151 69 Ferrari Xezri Competizione by Samirs Ferrari Xezri Competizione :iconsamirs:Samirs 295 22 Tack template by Rosenhill Tack template :iconrosenhill:Rosenhill 436 343 Ford GT40 (Film Series) by Laffonte Ford GT40 (Film Series) :iconlaffonte:Laffonte 293 65 Eager by Colourize Eager :iconcolourize:Colourize 494 73 Audi R18 by dangeruss Audi R18 :icondangeruss:dangeruss 234 16 Drowning by olafpriol Drowning :iconolafpriol:olafpriol 229 63 Kearsarge Pinnacles by BuuckPhotography Kearsarge Pinnacles :iconbuuckphotography:BuuckPhotography 421 2 The Endurance by thefirstfleet The Endurance :iconthefirstfleet:thefirstfleet 138 52 Nebula Painting Tutorial by cosmicspark Nebula Painting Tutorial :iconcosmicspark:cosmicspark 400 38 Itz 133 by Colourize-Stock Itz 133 :iconcolourize-stock:Colourize-Stock 221 13 Endurance by Doucesse Endurance :icondoucesse:Doucesse 173 63 Evo 500 Sports Endurance Prototype front by dangeruss Evo 500 Sports Endurance Prototype front :icondangeruss:dangeruss 169 6 Sabr by Teakster Sabr :iconteakster:Teakster 66 34
Cheer up!
I know right now you have a care
And you've done all you can to bare.
But things will work out so cheer up.
So, read this poem and fill that cup.
Don't just sit on that lonely chair,
Try to go out and smell the air.
It won't do any good to mope.
So, don't give up on love and hope.
Cheer up! Cheer up! Oh, soul so dear.
Cheer up and let go of your fears.
Don't fret for it will do no good.
So, stand up like you really should.
See all the reasons you should smile?
Be patient and just wait a while.
I'm sure all will work out somehow.
Make the most of your time right now.
Things will work for you in the end.
And keep in mind, you have a friend.
:iconmebwrittings:MEBwrittings 25 8
Full Impulse by Jetfreak-7 Full Impulse :iconjetfreak-7:Jetfreak-7 179 5 Eila Tack and Character Reference by Hlaorith Eila Tack and Character Reference :iconhlaorith:Hlaorith 410 13 Happy Holidays 2013/2014 by spicyroll Happy Holidays 2013/2014 :iconspicyroll:spicyroll 178 12 Do Not Go Gentle into that Good Night by Noble--6 Do Not Go Gentle into that Good Night :iconnoble--6:Noble--6 298 42 Purple Flowers, Blue Sky by hoogathy Purple Flowers, Blue Sky :iconhoogathy:hoogathy 151 28 Audi 1 - 24h of Le Mans 2012 by alexisgoure Audi 1 - 24h of Le Mans 2012 :iconalexisgoure:alexisgoure 156 17 Endurance by Maximillian-V Endurance :iconmaximillian-v:Maximillian-V 102 8 Lara and Sam by spicyroll Lara and Sam :iconspicyroll:spicyroll 314 24 Raven's ticklish feet (Gif Animation) by XPTZStudio Raven's ticklish feet (Gif Animation) :iconxptzstudio:XPTZStudio 882 125 Christmas Challenge by XPTZStudio Christmas Challenge :iconxptzstudio:XPTZStudio 348 19 DAWN ENDURANCE by XPTZStudio DAWN ENDURANCE :iconxptzstudio:XPTZStudio 816 90
Breaking the Shinx
Waz muttered and twitched his nose. The rattata had waited in the shade of the field’s lone tree for over an hour. Chaz never arrived on time. A gentle breeze and the smell of grass colluded to lull him in to a nap. His heavy eyelids closed only long enough for his friend to sneak up on him.
The shinx had waited low in the tall grass ever since Waz arrived. He was simply waiting for the right time to strike. As soon as he saw Waz drift off to sleep, Chaz pounced. Waz yelped and they tumbled down the grassy hill together. He landed on his back with a thud; Chaz sat on top of him and smiled triumphantly.
“Gotcha!” said Chaz.
Waz blinked in confusion and then rolled his eyes. “Oh geez. Why is everything a competition with you?”
“You’re just mad that I got the jump on you again.”
Waz grumbled and turned his eyes away. Chaz wasn’t about to let the pouty pokemon get away without playing along. He raised his paws up and cast an impish grin
:iconlechensko:Lechensko 40 26
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