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The Revolution
The revolution will not be televised, it will not be sanitized, desensitized. No, this revolution will be live, living, breathing, everything worth fighting for. The revolution - will be - poeticized.
This revolution will not be caught on cameras, will not be polarized by the media. It dies standing on its bare feet before it is forced to fall on knees not willing to bend. The revolution is much more likely to be found on the run. It is subject to no one.
Our masterless words are the burning bush of this big monopoly, big money society. They are setting fire to the cities and moving the mass millions of the consumer culture.
[This revolution is not an –ist]
And while capitalism owns the owners, we will be truly human – freedom will dance on the tips of our tongues and spill out onto the streets, pounding the pavement to the beat of our feet, as we march proudly, hand in hand to the edge of the abyss. Joan will sing as Emma dances.
Let us trade bondage for vagabondage, trade l
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After carving our initials on every desk, we dropped out of school and broke everything – ourselves, our families and everything we had known
We quit our jobs, ignored our rents, threw our furniture out the window onto the sidewalk below and hit the road in the old gray van
Sometimes, we would steal into the museums that were showing reruns of cult movies – The Machinist – and write  “fight fool!” and “the system is watching you, act now!” on the backs of the theater seats
We existed in the harrowing, exhilarating moments – when we did things thought to be impossible, spitting in the face of opposition. Challenging our hesitations with everything from dropping pamphlets in the halls of every monument in D.C. to dropping out of college – we expected the world to end at every turn…but it didn’t
Planting gardens in ghetto lots, we hitch-hiked across America in the footsteps of Kerouac, and designed sp
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The Social Significance of...
The Social Significance of the Modern Drama.
They closed down CBGBs and the Hammersmith Palais,
we never would have went there anyway.
We never saw The Pistols, Patti Smith or The Ramones,
We could have had a riot of our own.
We could have been explosive in nineteen sixty eight
But baby, we were both just born way too late.
It would have been just perfect to have met you there,
In the thick of it at Grovesnor Square.
They could lock us up together at Guantanomo bay,
I still don't think I would know what to say.
But if I had to stare at the walls or just stare at you,
Then I guess i know which one I would choose.
We should be out on the streets, or fighting Big Brother
but We don't even know what to do with each other.
We shared our ideals and our drugs and our beds,
but not what was going on inside of our heads.
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