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Fire Department by Grivetart Fire Department :icongrivetart:Grivetart 859 33 heavy riot police by Asahisuperdry heavy riot police :iconasahisuperdry:Asahisuperdry 321 15 House M.D. -  Revenge by Lizkay House M.D. - Revenge :iconlizkay:Lizkay 2,662 406
A mostly quiet birth
Her nurses' uniform had grown tight over the last nine months, but somehow she'd managed to squeeze her girth into the white dress. She stood at the emergency room counter, watching as a woman about her size was wheeled in, hissing and panting. It was obvious the woman was in labour, her partner panicking beyond belief as he followed along beside her.
"My wife's about to give birth!" he practically screamed at the nurse, causing her to flinch and touch her ears subtly. Lately, loud noises had been incredibly piercing. She felt a flutter in her belly and rubbed the round mass, easing her own unborn child. Clearly the baby didn't like the noise either.
Calmly, she handed the man a clipboard and told him to fill in the forms attached, then went back to her pacing. Her back was aching, but she couldn't stand to sit down. Even standing still was unbearable. So she paced behind the counter, idly putting away pieces of paper and files as she saw them.
Another cramp seized her mid section, but
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Ancient Future by KarimFakhoury Ancient Future :iconkarimfakhoury:KarimFakhoury 370 63 Rescue mission by CookiemagiK Rescue mission :iconcookiemagik:CookiemagiK 3,801 713 Medevac by tanikel Medevac :icontanikel:tanikel 570 201 Fire by geckokid Fire :icongeckokid:geckokid 1,618 143 July by pete-aeiko July :iconpete-aeiko:pete-aeiko 1,008 266 the final glance by phoelixde the final glance :iconphoelixde:phoelixde 497 53 Warhammer 40k Imperial Guard Medical Quick Ref by Light-Tricks Warhammer 40k Imperial Guard Medical Quick Ref :iconlight-tricks:Light-Tricks 280 14 house on haunted hill by otsego-amigo house on haunted hill :iconotsego-amigo:otsego-amigo 367 131 Emergency Induction Port by Atrociraptor Emergency Induction Port :iconatrociraptor:Atrociraptor 585 68 glimpse of the past by phoelixde glimpse of the past :iconphoelixde:phoelixde 462 108 Shivers by pete-aeiko Shivers :iconpete-aeiko:pete-aeiko 550 143 OC - The Betrayal by Hedrick-CS OC - The Betrayal :iconhedrick-cs:Hedrick-CS 321 56 Officer Jenny and Arcanine by Bad-Llama Officer Jenny and Arcanine :iconbad-llama:Bad-Llama 183 39 Emergency Water Relief Vehicle by freakyfir Emergency Water Relief Vehicle :iconfreakyfir:freakyfir 201 20 Doctor in a bottle necklace by Lovelyruthie Doctor in a bottle necklace :iconlovelyruthie:Lovelyruthie 272 110 Lady Gaga Ballerinas by Bobsmade Lady Gaga Ballerinas :iconbobsmade:Bobsmade 615 71 Help Japan Face by anonimus-kyreii Help Japan Face :iconanonimus-kyreii:anonimus-kyreii 311 39 Inconvenient by Elandain Inconvenient :iconelandain:Elandain 346 438
It has been a day and a half since the crash, and I have found a cabin. In some ways, this is a relief. I don’t know if I could face another night on the mountain without shelter. Outside, a fire does no good: the heat simply travels upwards. However, this place also raises some difficult questions. I estimate that I’ve put eight miles between myself and the crash site. I don’t know if this will be enough. It occurs to me that I don’t really know anything.
The survival manual recommends staying with the plane. It explains that this affords the best chance of rescue. It explains that the wreckage offers warmth and shade. It explains that seventy percent of pilots who stay are located within three days, while seventy percent of those who leave are never recovered. It does not explain what to do if the payload begins to leak.
Jenkins shouted after me as I ran, said it was our duty to defend the aircraft. I tried to warn him about the spur of wood protrudin
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House M.D. -  Fact by Lizkay House M.D. - Fact :iconlizkay:Lizkay 1,274 217 Com - Anwynn The Windrunner by DarlingMionette Com - Anwynn The Windrunner :icondarlingmionette:DarlingMionette 275 84 Cut the Rope - Pose Reference by SenshiStock Cut the Rope - Pose Reference :iconsenshistock:SenshiStock 333 8 Sick coed 2 by daviduss Sick coed 2 :icondaviduss:daviduss 287 15 Drugged and unwashed girl by daviduss Drugged and unwashed girl :icondaviduss:daviduss 222 11
Relapse: A Life With Anorexia
     "Rush her to the ER!"
     The doctors screamed at the nurses as they struggled with attaching the convulsing girl to the stretcher and rolling her through the well-lit hallways of the hospital. The white tile raced beneath the wheels and the grey paneling on the walls flew by as the ER crew sped down the path, desperate to get the girl into the emergency room. There was a nurse constantly screaming out her stats as they fell lower with each passing second.
     The team rolled into the room and placed a cup over her mouth.
     "She's in cardiac arrest, doctor, we have to move fast!"
     The nurse kept screaming, her shrill voice ringing through the room and above all the murmuring of the other staff members.
     A breathing mask was placed over the girl's mouth to keep the oxygen going into her lungs. The girl was unconscious,
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