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Epona's Favorite Child by CelticBotan Epona's Favorite Child :iconcelticbotan:CelticBotan 490 64 The Bard Kings by CelticBotan The Bard Kings :iconcelticbotan:CelticBotan 544 80 Antumnos by 9-1-9 Antumnos :icon9-1-9:9-1-9 227 29 Child of Cernunnos by CelticBotan Child of Cernunnos :iconcelticbotan:CelticBotan 374 46 Eluveitie 2009 VI by CaroFiresoul Eluveitie 2009 VI :iconcarofiresoul:CaroFiresoul 147 19 Eluveitie 2009 III by CaroFiresoul Eluveitie 2009 III :iconcarofiresoul:CaroFiresoul 139 28 Blue Dragon by DiegoKlein Blue Dragon :icondiegoklein:DiegoKlein 226 13 Eluveitie 2009 II by CaroFiresoul Eluveitie 2009 II :iconcarofiresoul:CaroFiresoul 138 41 Eluveitie by CaroFiresoul Eluveitie :iconcarofiresoul:CaroFiresoul 131 26 ELUVEITIE Cover by LadyDeathDemon ELUVEITIE Cover :iconladydeathdemon:LadyDeathDemon 97 55 Thousandfold by untoNitokris Thousandfold :iconuntonitokris:untoNitokris 92 77
silent flight.
the beach has been empty for hours, the sand worn thin and ragged. the last, feebly struggling children have been dragged from crumbling sandcastles and holes-to-china by exhausted parents. the teenagers won't arrive for their bonfire parties until later. and so, for these precious few hours, the beach is theirs.
they sit sidebyside on a worn bench, their feet bare and covered in sand, stars coming into view overhead. they're not as silent as they seem. their driedflower voices speak of fading memories and forgotten dreams; of times so long past that no other could remember them nor would want to. they speak softly, voices smothered by the heartbreaking sound of waves forever crashing unto the sand. as they speak, with their paperthin hands tightly clutching each other, the wrinkles fade away, years pass. everything is as it never was.  
i know that it is probably foolish of me, but i cannot help but hope that this is how they will remain till the end - that their fragil
:iconwanderinghere:WanderingHere 17 33
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