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Mer-May Pose Set 2 by CourtneysConcepts Mer-May Pose Set 2 :iconcourtneysconcepts:CourtneysConcepts 572 8 The Dream Coat by CBedford The Dream Coat :iconcbedford:CBedford 888 82
Such a Beautiful Thing
I expected your kiss,
Just not the flare of this craving in return,
Wanting more of the soft sensations of your lips.
And never did I expect you to taste so good,
As if nothing else seemed to exist for a moment but you,
The love I can feel in you and the denial that I couldn't possibly love you more.
And your whispers unexpectedly made me think of scented oil,
Leaving me day dreaming of caressing you,
And realizing it's how your voice always makes me feel.
:iconablondmoment:aBlondMoment 228 132
A Complete Distraction
I was upset when you kissed me,
And suddenly I couldn't remember why.
It was like nothing else mattered,
Nothing but this feeling in its place.
I sometimes reread all the love notes you gave me when I feel this way,
Count all the times you could've missed me.
Day dream of all the times I dreamed about you,
And I've never dreamed about anyone as much as you.
So sometime I want to touch you in a small way every time I see you during the day,
Just to tease you, and know you'll think of me all the same.
But for now I only wish to savor your lips,
And this feeling surging unexpectedly from my chest.
:iconablondmoment:aBlondMoment 149 75
SW - Here We Go Again by Renny08 SW - Here We Go Again :iconrenny08:Renny08 1,151 109 From Somewhere Else by MoOnshine90 From Somewhere Else :iconmoonshine90:MoOnshine90 3,009 767 Elsa by moni158 Elsa :iconmoni158:moni158 7,109 227 originality by Phobs originality :iconphobs:Phobs 3,412 177 You'll Be Safe Here by dryponder You'll Be Safe Here :icondryponder:dryponder 7,153 2,302 Ashen Death by GothicNarcissus Ashen Death :icongothicnarcissus:GothicNarcissus 1,354 306 Ender dragon by xTechnologiic Ender dragon :iconxtechnologiic:xTechnologiic 226 15
Someone Else-NaruIno
"It's all your fault we're in this mess!" Ino cried, removing her hair tie and shaking the water from her blond hair.
Naruto eyed her reproachfully, wringing out his orange jacket. "My fault? If you hadn't gone missing in the first place, none of this would have happened!" He turned away from her, too aggravated to pursue conversation. Ino hade always been a bit ego central, but the fact that she was soaked from head to toe with nothing to change into made her even crankier than usual. Naruto himself was in a sour mood, also being wet, cold and hungry. He sighed, rubbing his empty stomach. To think this all started as a simple exercise.
"Naruto," Sak
:iconkhwhitelion:KHwhitelion 139 54
The Seven Deadly Sins: Lust by GothicNarcissus The Seven Deadly Sins: Lust :icongothicnarcissus:GothicNarcissus 230 223 Nothing else matters by korny-pnk Nothing else matters :iconkorny-pnk:korny-pnk 1,390 135 When all else fails ... by BlackJack0919 When all else fails ... :iconblackjack0919:BlackJack0919 436 21 SpaceFro Sheej by QueenAshi SpaceFro Sheej :iconqueenashi:QueenAshi 464 33 Wax Sculpture by DimeSpin Wax Sculpture :icondimespin:DimeSpin 1,056 147
Shadow's Sleepover: Part 3
Rouge: Aaaaaand… DONE!! (*finally done putting tape on Shadow and Silver’s mouths*)
Silver: Mrmm mermmr MMRRERMMM murmmm... TT
Rouge: ... What'd he say, Blaze?
Blaze: Don't worry, I speak idiot. He said "This is gonna REEEEEEEEEEALLY hurt when it comes off."
(We interrupt this crudely thought up script about Shadow’s Sleepover to bring you a news flash. Blaze the Cat is adding translations. She will be adding a translation from Idiot to English in parenthesis when the need be. Thank you, and have a nice muffin.)
Rouge: Oh, well, yes, it will. ^^
Silver & Shadow: 0.o()
(Once again, we interrupt this script to bring you news that there was a typo in the last interruption. It should actually say, ‘Thank you and have a nice cup of shut the strewth up.’ But, oh well. If you’re hungry rather than thirsty, you can still have the muffin.)
Rouge: Okay Blaze, got the markers?
Blaze: (*holds up marker box with an evil smile*) Yup!! ^^
:iconannathefox:AnnatheFox 304 156
Tranquility by Unkopierbar Tranquility :iconunkopierbar:Unkopierbar 202 17 Stamp: Words of Encouragement by Southrobin Stamp: Words of Encouragement :iconsouthrobin:Southrobin 711 69 The Endarian Wood by TheEnderling The Endarian Wood :icontheenderling:TheEnderling 520 47 Insomnia by grace-note Insomnia :icongrace-note:grace-note 491 98 What Else Do You Want From Me? by TheBoyofCheese What Else Do You Want From Me? :icontheboyofcheese:TheBoyofCheese 231 93 Comic Fiesta 2013 - 01 by shiroang Comic Fiesta 2013 - 01 :iconshiroang:shiroang 398 13 Let The Storm Rage On [Pose Ref for Drawing] by SenshiStock Let The Storm Rage On [Pose Ref for Drawing] :iconsenshistock:SenshiStock 568 57 Elsa Frozen by Jeffach Elsa Frozen :iconjeffach:Jeffach 5,143 368 Nami Meets Nico Redone by ExaSpirit Nami Meets Nico Redone :iconexaspirit:ExaSpirit 629 71 candle by ErinBird candle :iconerinbird:ErinBird 470 193 Comic Fiesta 2013 - 02 by shiroang Comic Fiesta 2013 - 02 :iconshiroang:shiroang 497 16
To The Heroes
I'm not sure you know what that means.
To you the very word of "justice" suggests that:
Those who do not comply are simply targets to be broken.
Those who do not agree with you, must always be denied.
Those who have the greatest freedom are chained and made to kneel.
And those who choose to fight are labeled 'incarnates of evil'.

Doesn't it all sound a little familiar?
I think it does...
So tell me, oh great hero,
Having fought monsters like me for so many years...
How does it feel to have finally become one?
:iconwordofchen:WordOfChen 185 27
TF2 - Offense by SuperKusoKao TF2 - Offense :iconsuperkusokao:SuperKusoKao 901 65
I’m standing in a crowd,
My eyes taking me around like a cloud.
To the right- a woman in a tutu swirling
I wasn’t the only one, fifty  others were watching, enjoying!
How did she get all that attention? Mere dance?
Or did she cast a spell to steal a glance?
To the left- My ears then distracted me-
To the sound of a child laughing uncontrollably.
How does this innocence exist in this world of cruelty?
How can he smile like that? How can he be so carefree?
Now to the left my sight caught hers
Beautiful, blue-green windows to the universe!
Beautiful, eccentric, exotic pair of eyes,
Why don’t  I own such powerful lens that can see through lies?
I then look ahead, a group of friends
Lost in their own world of fun and contend.
They are true to themselves, never have to pretend
Because that’s their world right there, the beginning, the end.
I’m surrounded by people, people happier and better than me,
Why don’t i have that?  
Her skill, his innocence, their bond,
:iconmisstsukii:MissTsukii 60 42
Elbereth II by JuleeMClark Elbereth II :iconjuleemclark:JuleeMClark 250 67 Anti-Hero or Something Else? by InuHoshi-to-DarkPen Anti-Hero or Something Else? :iconinuhoshi-to-darkpen:InuHoshi-to-DarkPen 1,419 67
Estonia x Reader: Above Anyone Else...Part 1
'I wonder if today is the day I should tell him…' you wondered to yourself.
This was a question you'd asked yourself many times before but still you found yourself asking it again with the same anxiety plaguing your heart as the first time you asked it.
You looked over at the man next to you who was currently telling you how things were going in his country; after all you had asked…and yet you weren't really listening. You felt kind of selfish. This guy was always going through quite a bit and he really deserved some genuine attention, especially from you, his best friend. Yet you were far more concerned right now with confessing to him…
"What? Oh sorry, Estonia. What now?" you somewhat coughed out.
"I was just asking what you thought about all of this." Eduard clarified.
"Oh! Well I think it's great!" you laughed.
You felt your heart sink and your stomach tense at Estonia's expression of confusion.
"You think that Russia's exceptional abuse that's been
:icontheexplosivesushi:TheExplosiveSushi 201 186
nothing else matters by johnberd nothing else matters :iconjohnberd:johnberd 409 84 Divenire by vitellan Divenire :iconvitellan:vitellan 342 26 22. Albert Camus by sfegraphics 22. Albert Camus :iconsfegraphics:sfegraphics 281 17 onethreezero by FurtiveLungs onethreezero :iconfurtivelungs:FurtiveLungs 607 79 Blured Emotions by Wacia Blured Emotions :iconwacia:Wacia 964 86 Maintanence guy by angrymikko Maintanence guy :iconangrymikko:angrymikko 126 35 Shadamy - Nothing Else Matters by sensum Shadamy - Nothing Else Matters :iconsensum:sensum 559 76 Someone else is here by AagaardDS Someone else is here :iconaagaardds:AagaardDS 143 60
you with the writer's soul,
hello. we haven't spoken for a while - how are you dearest? i've been busy, and i'm sure you have been too. after all, we're only human, and we all have our own little lives which keeps us on our toes. but really, enough of that.
what i really wanted to ask is: are you still writing?
yes, i know. life always seems to get in the way, doesn't it? school work, family, friends, bills, anything and everything. it always seems like you have no time left to write, doesn't it? and then when you finally sit down in that moment when you do have a breather, you find yourself drifting off to do other things instead.
so my advice to you, dear, is to keep on writing. no matter what.
write about anything. anything you want. anything which makes you think, even just for a second. things which make you happy. things which make you want to scream into your pillow until you fall asleep from the exhaustion. things which make you feel. if even if the feelings come out all jumbled and messy and raw a
:iconsnow-pear:snow-pear 76 38
An Angel's Despair
The throbbing pain against her ripped jeans had gone numb, as had the cold bloodstained pavement, covered with shattered glass. In the whirling haze of lashing wind she could still see the thundering clouds of night. She whispered in darkness, rain wet against her cracked lips, "I broke my wings."
:iconjonathoncomfortreed:jonathoncomfortreed 56 84
Nothing else mattered
(French version below)

It is said that the most beautiful stories are born and die into dreams -
Ours could have been born in the shade of a moonset, lighted by a firefly sky, 
On a sea so calm that you could hear it beat and feel its warmth;
And I would have braved storms to hoist the sail of our history,
Braved the streams 
bruised by our grieves, wrecked every reefs scented
Of the sweet aroma of temptation.
We got lost forever in the forest of oblivion
Where the leftover of our promises rot on the ground littered with corpses,
Where the roots of our world still strive to belt out,
Where desperate 
leaves attempt to overcome Autumn's scythe -
The only oxygen these trees breathe out is the fragrance of our wandering souls.

Rien d'autre ne comptait 

On dit que les plus belles histoires naissent et meurent dans les rêves -
La nôtre aurait pu naître à l
:iconwhiteplumfragrance:WhitePlumFragrance 53 78