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Reader x supernatural Chpt.14- Seriously?
You looked like hell and you knew it- you’d simply stopped caring.
It was a freeing notion.
You stood there with a hand on your hip and let the little group look you over. Anything that needed to be bandaged had been and you were now clad some clean clothes, courtesy of the bag Sam had given you earlier. You looked pale and exhausted but your eery lavender eyes and voice conveyed a strong energy.
“You still gonna shoot me, lover boy?” you asked Dean defensively. He just lowered his eyes and shook his head.
“Good. Now did I miss last call or can I still get something mind-numbing?” you asked no one in particular. Ellen answered, watching you carefully, “You did but I think tonight we can make an exception.”
“Thanks,” you sighed and settled in next Ash so he separated you from Sam and Dean. Ellen and Ash took this moment to assess your current state- Ellen pursing her lips as she surveyed the amount bruises and bandages and
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Role model speech for school- Ellen Degeneres
Good morning Ms Morice and fellow classmates. A role model is best defined as

Someone who has done good in life and has been successful to where people get inspired to be as good as them. Usually they have been through hardships, have overcome them with positivity and helps others cope with the hard things in life.  
The role model I have chosen is Ellen Degeneres and I have made this choice because
She is open minded and uses her wealth to help others in life as well as donating to charity a lot. 
The qualities of my role model display include 
kindness to animals and people, understanding to everyone's worries and pain, sees the bright side of things and inspires people to be happy through humour. 
What qualities do they possess?
Ellen Degeneres is a vegan, but not a crazy PETA vegan, she is open mined to all people and encourages kindness towards both animals and people through tolerance and
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Reader x supernatural Chapter 9- We Meet Again
You emerged half an hour later, still tired but to wigged out to sleep again. You had thrown on your last clean shirt, a V-neck with the Vulcan greeting on the front, two fingers on either side of the v cut, and a pair of black jeans. You had managed to tame your curly hair back into a mess of a ponytail and carefully retrieved your glasses from whatever dark corner they had ended up in. Shoving them on your face now, you stifled a yawn as you made your way towards the bar- The Roadhouse was packed now and Ellen would need your help.
“Finally!” she huff in exasperation, shoving a tray at you, “Go clear. Take orders. Whatever. Just help.”
You shook your head. The only times Ellen ever got exasperated were A) when Ash did anything at all and B) when she got left alone with the early evening rush. It took you under fifteen minutes to take care of the backed up work and now you were free to wander around taking drink orders or chatting with patrons… that
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HOW TO Make Your Computer Sound Like GLaDOS
First, you need GLaDOS's sound files. These can be found here: (naturally, spoilers abound).
This site contains the audio files for every voice line in-game for every character in the Portal series, so if you'd rather someone other than GLaDOS (though why in Aperture would you?!), or want to supplement your new GLaDOS computer system with some other characters too, you can get their voice lines as well.
Next up, you're going to need an idea of what quotes you want to use, and get ready to set them. You'll need to open up your system sounds editor. On my Windows 7, I just right-click while in my desktop, click "Personalize", then when that menu opens up, I just click "Sounds" on the bar beneath all my themes. Alternately, I can just use the search or Control Panel to get to the "Sound" option window, and click the button "Sounds" on the bar on the top. Depending on your operating system and version, finding how to change your syste
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Reader x supernatural Chpt. 20 - Walrus Man
And just like that you were traveling with the Winchesters. A few months had passed since that first hunt and, though Bobby was still cautious, things seemed to be going pretty well. Currently you were dozing in the back seat of the Impala, listening to Dean drum his fingers on the steering wheel and Sam snore softly. The past couple of hunts had drained you with Jo making an unexpected appearance to almost get killed by a ghost and then dealing with a series of crossroads related deaths- not to mention the strange stuff going on with Sam. It was anything if not interesting.
You let out a quiet sigh, opening your eyes, which Dean noticed, glancing at you the in rearview mirror, “You alright?”
“Yeah just tired,” you yawned in response. 
“Can’t sleep?”
You shook you head and the two of you sat in silence. In truth, you never slept in the Impala. Dean and Sam didn’t know that you had recurring waking nightmares and you’d like to k
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Reader x supernatural Chapter 7- Welcome Home
The Roadhouse was your home away from home. Ellen and Jo were family as far as you were concerned and Ash always had room for you on his couch since you were one of the few people who could keep up with his mind. You pulled in and let out frustrated huff. You weren’t angry at Bobby anymore- you knew he had his reasons- but you still wanted to know more about the Winchester brothers. John had always talked so fondly about them and now you saw why- if the paranoia that comes with being a hunter is good for anything it's reading people and San and Dean were good people. You leant over and lovingly kissed your bike, which you had nicknamed Mjolnir, and then swung off it. Jo greeted you as you came in with a quick hug and a warning that Ellen was on the phone… with Bobby. Before you could even let the groan pass through your lips, you were pulled into the conversation happening behind the bar.
“Yeah, she just walked in, Bobby. Hold on,” Ellen said before turnin
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Lindor's Luminaries 1
“My lady?”
I opened my eyes and immediately shut them again, blinded by sunlight through leaves.  I groaned and rubbed the back of my head, which seemed to be pillowed on something velvet.
“She lives!” the voice called.
Slowly, the realization of what I had seen and felt seeped through to my sleepy mind.  Leaves?  Velvet?  I suddenly noticed that I seemed to be wearing a corset.
“Where am I?” I muttered, slitting my eyes open.
The silhouette of a head came into view.  As my eyes adjusted to the light, I realized that it belonged to a man with curly brown hair.
“On the high road about half a day’s journey from the capital, my lady.  You seem to have taken a nasty fall from your horse.”
Horse? I tried to sit up, but the man gently pushed my shoulder back down.  I could feel a root digging into my ribs.
“You should probably not sit up just yet, my lady.”
“No, I
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Reader x supernatural Chpt.18- 911
Back inside, you and Dean split up- Dean going to wake Sam and you to wake Ash. You sauntered over to the pool table, chuckling quietly to yourself. Since you'd left, Ash had taken all the blankets and was now just a giant lump of fabric, the only sign he was under there: a foot poking out to hang over the side of the pool table.
You nudged it a few times on your way to where you’d stashed your bag for the night, calling, “Come on, Mr. Genius. Time to get up or Ellen’s gonna come do it and she won’t be so gentle.”
He pulled his foot into his blanket fortress and groaned, then abruptly sat up and glared at you, “You were supposed to get some rest.”
“I did,” you shrugged, rummaging around in your bag until you found your phone. 
“The average human needs-“
“Since when have I been the average human, Ash?”
He seemed to think about this for a moment while you unlocked your phone and started checking your
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Reader x supernatural Chpt.17-Mutual Understanding
Turning slightly, you were surprised to see that it was not Ash, but Dean, that had joined you outside. You decided it didn’t matter as he came to stand next to you, surveying the scene with hands shoved in his jean pockets. The two of you stood there in silence for a few moments before Dean spoke, “You gonna put it back together?”
“Would you put the Impala back together?”
“Fair enough.”
You sighed, “I guess Bobby finally got what he wanted. There’s no way the ‘death trap’ is going anywhere for a good long while.”
Dean let out a sympathetic chuckle, “Yeah. I guess he did”
You stood there for a little while longer with the silent understanding of two people who were dedicated to the grease and constant work that came with their respective modes of transportation. Nothing needed to be said for you to know that Dean understood and empathized with the situation you were now in, the silence was enough.
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