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Revenge's Thirst (Ryuko Matoi x Male!Reader) Ch 1
 This one's out for the boys! :)
 Chapter 1: The Boy With Vengeance
 "Almost got it," said a small boy. He carefully placed the last Popsicle stick on his project. "Phew. There, all done." Before the boy's eyes stood a little representation of the village he lived in, composed out of sticks. Sure, it wasn't the best but it looked just exactly like it, the houses, the park, the school, the hall...all the way to the bridge. The bridge led to the city that his mom worked in.
 He beamed at the thought of his mother's face when she would come home from work, surprised by the boy's art craft. She would hug him and thank him, rewarding him with a dessert for dinner. Partly, that was the reason why the boy did these art crafts for his mother but he also did it to see her smile. When she smiled, the boy felt safe and proud. Also, she had done so much for him.
 His mother was the only guardian to provide for him. His father...was a diffe
:iconskystar54:SkyStar54 150 22
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