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Mark of Animus
When her fingertips fall softly like rain,
Tapping lightly at the keys,
As the dark skies rain down around her,
Slickened tendrils falling off her shoulders;
They don't belong to her.
(His hair...)
She is in hiding from all that afflicts her,
The people that make her feel sick inside,
None of them could ever know
Of the wicked secrets she hides within;
He has each one memorized.
(Only him...)
She's seen it before in her dreams,
Never daring to believe it could be real,
Reality's run away with her, I'm afraid,
And her soul will not return;
Not until he's consumed all that's left.
(His face...)
It haunts her, lurking in the back of her mind...
His shadow forever hanging over her,
Changing her,
Like an ugly mark;

Like a carefully guarded secret, a mere whisper
Of all the things he would do;
If only he were unchained...
(If only... If only...)
But they can't go back.
:iconkalinereine:KalineReine 22 11
Circuit :iconwolfberry-j:Wolfberry-J 162 44 Electric Medusa :iconnelchee:nelchee 188 162 redwhitebluegirl :iconrtil:rtil 141 52 Tuned Into You :iconmonsterkookies:monsterkookies 285 170 You Make My Heart Soar :iconmonsterkookies:monsterkookies 285 97 Rainbow Wire Spiral Earrings :icontechcycle:Techcycle 153 43 Megamare X promotional art (bronycon 2013) :iconchickenwhite:Chickenwhite 257 79 Recycled Resistor Long Spiral Cluster Earrings :icontechcycle:Techcycle 128 62 digital bath :iconsamuel123:samuel123 265 50 The Last Guardian speaker enclosure :iconfoxfoxwaltz:foxfoxwaltz 154 11 Blue Pavilion Power Button 1 :iconfantasystock:FantasyStock 72 12 An apple a day :iconsamanthapaigeimages:SamanthaPaigeImages 192 31 Cybernetics :iconfluffyturtle:FluffyTurtle 61 23 Turbulent Romance :iconmonsterkookies:monsterkookies 217 90 Electronic LEGO DL-44 Blaster :iconvonbrunk:VonBrunk 109 9 iPhone :iconhynfaeries0:hynfaeries0 133 24 The Diversion Channel :icontfavretto:tfavretto 153 93
Viva La Internet
Darkness clouds the skies
Digital World in danger
From an evil force
Thats bent on domination
Censoring videos
Killing artwork
Stripping music
Total destruction
The world wide web
Is in chaos of this threat
Is there anyone to stand up
To take on this foe with courage
Stand up for your rights
Nows the time to fight
Time to rise to the challenge
To dominate this fiend
Social Networks will die
Tweeter will be silenced
Youtube will be crushed
Google will be boggled
The Internet is in danger
It needs our help
Time to answer the call
Fight for whats right
Game on
Its war
Battle time
Its on
Its time we take a stand
To fight for our rights
To save our internet
From total destruction
Brothers and sisters
Come together now
Its time to unite
To save our world
You better watch out
Your time is up
Your going down
Alone were strong
All on our own
Together united
We are a powerful force
Together were strong
To take them down
For our rights
To save what we love
Its time to fight back
:iconfairygal11:FairyGal11 14 8
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