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Why Trump Won.
Imagine that you were a factory worker living in a Midwestern town. Perhaps in Ohio, maybe Wisconsin. You worked hard at your union job alongside people of several different races and backgrounds. It paid well. You judged people based on their deeds, not the color of their skin or any other external quality. If people were honest and hardworking, you liked them, and if not, no.
You and your wife made enough money for a house, two cars, and had plenty of cash left over to raise two children. You weren't rich, but you made ends meet and had some money to save. You were and still are religious, with roots in the US going back at least a century, perhaps more. You consider yourself to be patriotic, decent, and on the whole, those are words which describe you and your town pretty well.
Then things began to change. Your town's factory shut down. You had to take a job at a store which paid a fraction of your previous wages. Many people left your town, the tax base withered, and your infrastru
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Are We Not A Democracy? (Trump Election Backlash)
        I originally created this account for the sole purpose of commentating on current social and political issues that are of importance to me, all the while not calling out any particular political party. This is still where I stand, but I find myself unable to remain silent on the insanity which has currently gripped politics.
I will say Trump was far from being my first choice of candidate (like Hillary). I consider myself as more of a leftist on many issues, but on days like these, I would be too ashamed to ever wear such a label. I am sick of feminist, LGBT, BLM social justice warriors, and other liberal lunatics resorting toward the juvenile/criminal practices of rioting and demonizing people based on who they vote for.
The question it boils down to is, do we have a democracy, or not? YES, Trump was elected president of the United States, for better or worse depending on your opinion. He WILL be president the next four years unless some “liberal luna
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30 Tips For Surviving Trump's America
Are you scared about the next four years? We're all scared. You'd have to be crazy not to be scared.
Don't worry, I got advice on how to weather this storm. Follow these simple tips and you'll be fine. I think...
1. Invest in gold. Gold cannot be deported, and isn't inflationary like the Peso.
2. Stay out of ponds at night. The frogs are not as they seem.
3. Take pictures of the moon before Trump burns his name onto it with a giant laser. Do it for posterity.
4. Pray to Harambe for forgiveness at least twice every day. His wrath is swift and inescapable.
5. It is recommended you paint your face orange. Convince them you are one of them.
6. If you voted for Hillary, leave the country before your shadow disappears. It will be too late then.
7. Those who donated to Hillary's campaign will be invited to her underwater city, Bernie Sanders supporters will not be allowed.
8. Do not make a pact with a demon to reverse the effects of the election. The forces of heaven and hell have conspired t
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'The GOP and Lesbian Porn'
"The GOP and Lesbian Porn"
by Jay Richard
There was an Election Party at the Campus Center during the 2004 Presidential Election. It started at 8:00 PM and went on until God only knows when. At the time I was in my dorm and talking to people online while following CNN and Yahoo! News. Unfortunately, everyone I knew was either busy, somewhere else, or online and about to leave.
The election was going depressingly well for Bush. I had expected that fear and ignorance would do that sort of thing. I tried not to act too depressed -- there was still California, Florida, and Ohio. I got my scarf and coat and decided to take a ten minute walk to the Campus Center for lack of anything better to do.
There were only two Atkins-friendly soda cans left by the time I arrived. It was all business majors sitting around drinking soda and talking about stuff not relating to the elections, any of the elections, in the damnedest. CNN was on the TVs there, for all the good that did. Two people seemed to a
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I Refuse to Be Afraid
They say I should be afraid
Because I'm a woman, I should be afraid
Because I'm Hispanic, I should be afraid
Because I'm pansexual, I should be afraid
Because I have a disability, I should be afraid
But it's not just for me
I should be afraid for my friends of other races
I should be afraid for my gay, lesbian, and bisexual friends
I should be afraid for my transgender and nonbinary friends
I should be afraid for my friends that are minorities
They say I should be afraid
But I refuse to be
I refuse to be afraid because if I am, they win
They feed off of other's fear
They want me to be afraid because they will know that I will not fight back
But I will, because it's not over yet
No matter what, we need to keep fighting
We need to show them that we are not afraid
We need to show them that we can get through this
We need to show them that love conquers all
I refuse to be afraid
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Robin Williams - 10 Quotes
1. George Bush - His reign of Error is over.
2. Sarah Palin - Did Reagan and Posh Spice have a kid I don't know about?
3. John McCain - By the 3rd debate, he was like that uncle that's trying a new drug and hasn't got the dosage right.
4. Arnold Schwarzenegger - He's a moderate Republican, which is like a Volvo with a gun rack, you don't see a lot of them!
5. Jack Nicholson - He'd be a great president, no drug scandals, he's the only guy to whom Keith Richards would go "I have to go home now, Jack."
6. George Bush - He could do stand-up comedy, he's got 8 years of amazing material!
7. 2008 Debates - After 8 years of Bush people were debating in full sentences and I went 'Thank you god!"
8. 2008 Election - America is finally out of Rehab!
9. George Bush - He's a gift to comedy, a comedy pinata, im gonna miss him!
10. George Bush - What's he gonna do now that's he's left office? Now, he CANNOT go on a speaking tour, that's a given!
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