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Birthday cake  icon by Ehsartem Birthday cake icon :iconehsartem:Ehsartem 523 37 Fella Heart Kiss (Love) by Ehsartem Fella Heart Kiss (Love) :iconehsartem:Ehsartem 303 38 Blower fella (Party) by Ehsartem Blower fella (Party) :iconehsartem:Ehsartem 254 9 The Twist Fate Corridor by Ehsartem The Twist Fate Corridor :iconehsartem:Ehsartem 363 588 Da Vinci Fella (Artists) by Ehsartem Da Vinci Fella (Artists) :iconehsartem:Ehsartem 296 22 Blowkiss valentine fella (Love) by Ehsartem Blowkiss valentine fella (Love) :iconehsartem:Ehsartem 243 48 New DA Logo (Badges) by Ehsartem New DA Logo (Badges) :iconehsartem:Ehsartem 374 151 fella's Gobbler (Party) by Ehsartem fella's Gobbler (Party) :iconehsartem:Ehsartem 205 39 Flowers fella (Love) by Ehsartem Flowers fella (Love) :iconehsartem:Ehsartem 183 23 fella Gift (Party) by Ehsartem fella Gift (Party) :iconehsartem:Ehsartem 180 14 Special logo for DA by Ehsartem Special logo for DA :iconehsartem:Ehsartem 1,239 337 Cheers fella (party) by Ehsartem Cheers fella (party) :iconehsartem:Ehsartem 148 26 Birthday '15th fella (Badges) by Ehsartem Birthday '15th fella (Badges) :iconehsartem:Ehsartem 178 20 Deviant World fella (Universe) by Ehsartem Deviant World fella (Universe) :iconehsartem:Ehsartem 125 28 DeviantArt Flag by Ehsartem DeviantArt Flag :iconehsartem:Ehsartem 120 9 Time is Lord of transformation in the life game by Ehsartem Time is Lord of transformation in the life game :iconehsartem:Ehsartem 64 38 Licky fella (Love) by Ehsartem Licky fella (Love) :iconehsartem:Ehsartem 103 8 Cheers fella white-wine (party) by Ehsartem Cheers fella white-wine (party) :iconehsartem:Ehsartem 81 17 Happy Birth Day Fella (messages) by Ehsartem Happy Birth Day Fella (messages) :iconehsartem:Ehsartem 66 4 Sculptor Fella (Artists) by Ehsartem Sculptor Fella (Artists) :iconehsartem:Ehsartem 38 3 Bunny FELLA afford Easter (Universe) by Ehsartem Bunny FELLA afford Easter (Universe) :iconehsartem:Ehsartem 50 10 King fella (Universe) by Ehsartem King fella (Universe) :iconehsartem:Ehsartem 29 3 EHSARTEM by Ehsartem EHSARTEM :iconehsartem:Ehsartem 17 0 RockStar Fella (large size) by Ehsartem RockStar Fella (large size) :iconehsartem:Ehsartem 86 23 Merry Christmas - fella (Universe) by Ehsartem Merry Christmas - fella (Universe) :iconehsartem:Ehsartem 52 10 Lovely crow by Ehsartem Lovely crow :iconehsartem:Ehsartem 15 0 Nowrooz Haftsin by Ehsartem Nowrooz Haftsin :iconehsartem:Ehsartem 14 27 Winner in persian games festival by Ehsartem Winner in persian games festival :iconehsartem:Ehsartem 10 11 Lovely crow by Ehsartem Lovely crow :iconehsartem:Ehsartem 8 0 Lovely crow by Ehsartem Lovely crow :iconehsartem:Ehsartem 7 0
DeviantArtist Questionnaire
How long have you been on DeviantArt?
I'm 8 years here.
What does your username mean?

I really wanted Stefman but that there was already.
So I thought about what I could take. I did not want a name where numbers or symbol in it.
Describe yourself in three words.

creative, helpful, lazy
Are you left or right handed?
What was your first deviation?

What is your favourite type of art to create?

I take Photos of nature, most of flowers. Then I draw/paint Fanarts, Animals or what I like.
If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?

I would be glad if I ever master one style.
What was your first favourite?
I don´t know. I have so many favs.
What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?

nature Photos
traditional/ digital Art: Fanarts, Anime/Manga, men, fantasy, Animals ...
Artisan craft: cross stitch, beads ...
I favorite also Aquarell pics
Who is your all-time fa
:iconblackeyessnowangel:BlackEyesSnowAngel 1 0