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Society Is Ugly.
Society is ugly.
Not you.
Beauty is defined by
How you act.
Not by the number on the
Starving doesn't work.
Purging doesn't work.
Pills don't work.
The girl you see
In the mirror is
Just the way she is
Don't get upset because
You don't match up
To the media's
Cutting won't work.
Crying won't work.
Dying won't work.
Remember this:
Society is ugly.
Not you.
:iconsteeephanie:Steeephanie 1,536 708
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binge eating
i have a buildup
of black holes
suffocating my arteries,
having swallowed down
the bitter taste of too many
girls with galaxies traveling
the length of their spines.
i ate them in mouthfuls,
gaping & sad like a binge
reaching for the skies-
unable to hold them all in.
i don’t think the universe
is as vast
& wondrous
as it used to be,
between the
intercostal spaces
of my ribs;
i am hungry.
& with a collection
of moon sighs
as a reminder
in my pockets,
i will just have to learn
how to calm this swollen
indigo pulse
                    while eating.
:icondearpoetry:DearPoetry 182 65
The Symptoms of Suicide
How can you tell when someone wants to die?
Are there physical signs for people who have given up on life, like symptoms of some terminal disease?
Maybe you can see it in their eyes, that ashy grey colour that indicates the total absence of any form of hope.
Maybe you can smell it on them; a sour, despondent smell, similar to the stench of turned milk.
Perhaps you can hear it in their voice, the lack of electricity, the lack of life.
A dead voice.
The voice of a suicidal person should sound like a note played on a harpsichord. Tinny, listless, flat. An unpleasant noise that makes your skin crawl. Nails on a chalkboard.
But maybe there aren't any signs.
Maybe the nicest boy in class is the same boy who gets abused by his step dad every day after school.
Maybe the girl with the infectious laugh is the same girl who is too afraid to tell anybody that she got raped because she still blames herself.
Maybe the boy who does charity work for homeless people is the same boy who cries himself to
:iconsamestripes:SameStripes 309 247
Frozen Treats by SorcerusHorserus Frozen Treats :iconsorcerushorserus:SorcerusHorserus 1,364 153 love cherry fruit by dkraner love cherry fruit :icondkraner:dkraner 664 51 Peanut butter Jelly with a baseball bat by Sheharzad-Arshad Peanut butter Jelly with a baseball bat :iconsheharzad-arshad:Sheharzad-Arshad 1,548 95
Kagami Taiga x Reader (Cooking)
“Wakatta, you got the eggs right?” You turned spying them with the carton, “Good now crack seven whole eggs and stick it then. Then for the second half just get the egg white out of the egg, throw out the yolk.”
Grabbing ¼ cup you quickly turn back around, “WITHOUT the shell of course,” your head tilted towards them knowingly receiving an irritated look.
“AND in a separate bowl, we need to work on your egg cracking skills a bit…” You mumble the last part wearing a cheeky grin.
HEY! I know that, I’m not a baka…just,” she trails off digging a piece of the shell out of the bowl.
“Really bad at cooking?” You throw out, giggling as Riko puffs her cheeks out irritated and embarrassed. Huffing she bows her head, sighing you step closer to Riko glancing down at the task at hand, “If you use a spoon you can isolate the shell to dig it out,” you wiggle a spoon
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