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Mary the Magician
Mary the Magician
By Rathbane
Kelly Moore was proud of herself as she got out of her SUV.  She brushed her long brown hair away from her face and grabbed the groceries out of the back seat.
Stepping inside the house she quickly put the groceries away and thought to herself, 11 a.m. and I already took Katie to school and got the groceries.  Wait what’s that sound?
It was faint but she could hear a female voice coming from inside the house.  As she made her way down the hall to her daughter’s room it began to grow louder.
Ugh she left the TV on again, Kelly thought, as she opened the door.
On the TV a young redheaded CGI woman was standing on a stage.  She was decked out in a surprisingly risqué outfit for a children’s cartoon character.  She was Mary the Magician, the latest craze amongst girls aged 8-11.  Her dvds mostly focused on her giving stage shows or having magical adventures.  The image on the screen was th
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The Easter Aftermath
 Emma sighed in momentary relief as the monstrous belch escaped her lips, savoring the fleeting moment of calm right before the pain of her bellyache returned in full force. Whatever joy the seemingly uneventful holiday had previously promised, had almost certainly been washed out and replaced by nausea and agony.
 "I'm gonna -" *HURP* "- throw up," she moaned quietly, clapping a pale, clammy hand over her cherry lips in a feeble attempt to imprison the sickness of overeating from finding its way out of her body. In response, her aching stomach shuddered and groaned like a hungry dog - except she and it both knew it was far from hungry.
 This was all her fault, wasn't it? Being nineteen, special events and holidays seemed to be glanced over and ignored without a second thought. Halloween was ignored. Thanksgiving was a hollow gathering crowned with dull "thank yous" and a slightly more flamboyant meal than norm
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Mary the Magician and the Multi-media motive
Mary the Magician in the Multi-media Motive
Jessica Lowe sat at a kitchen table focusing on her laptop so intently her long brown hair had started to flop over and partially cover her green eyes.  She was busy typing out her English paper.   Stopping for a bit to take a breather she looked at the time on the computer’s clock.  It was 9:20 P.M.
Oh crud is that the time?  Time to send the squirt to bed, she thought.
Walking out of the kitchen and into the living room she spied little nine year old Emily Michaels, who Jessica was baby sitting, lying on the couch watching a DVD.
On the screen a young woman with red hair wearing a rather risqué magician’s outfit was riding a flying bunny firing magic blasts at a dragon.  She dodged a fire blast and blasted the dragon again, turning it into a kitten.
She quickly swooped down and caught the kitten.
“Well that didn’t go exactly as planned but whatever works,” the girl said.
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