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COMMISSION: Floof Noodle vs. Fluff Nugget by RchlisNomSome COMMISSION: Floof Noodle vs. Fluff Nugget :iconrchlisnomsome:RchlisNomSome 20 12 Coming Out of the Corset by Earwiggy Coming Out of the Corset :iconearwiggy:Earwiggy 50 29 More of this Chubby Butt by HoneyStreak45 More of this Chubby Butt :iconhoneystreak45:HoneyStreak45 15 68 Pest by Earwiggy Pest :iconearwiggy:Earwiggy 17 7 Earwiggy by Earwiggy Earwiggy :iconearwiggy:Earwiggy 16 27 I Clean Your Buckets by Earwiggy I Clean Your Buckets :iconearwiggy:Earwiggy 15 30 Jake the Cake (Stealer) by HoneyStreak45 Jake the Cake (Stealer) :iconhoneystreak45:HoneyStreak45 10 22 Earwig by Earwiggy Earwig :iconearwiggy:Earwiggy 14 31 Wuk Dump 1 by Earwiggy Wuk Dump 1 :iconearwiggy:Earwiggy 9 12
Upon first meeting... (Part:1)
*unedited* ....
Jake growled unhappily, his arms crossed as he sat down on a log; Granted a rather uncomfortable half rotting log – but Jake was far too annoyed to be bothered too much with his own surroundings at that moment.
Nothing was really wrong  per-say, Just silly ‘shenanigans’ and pranks from his friends behalf that had caused him to be in such a sour mood, mostly because he got no chance to do anything about it.
...For the moment any way.
“Stupid pipsqueaks! , They’ll be sorry for SURE!”, Jake grumbled to himself, ideas already forming into his head on ways to get his friends back for all the little pranks they pulled, Clearly belly-time outs was not lesson enough for them.
Jake gave a sharp toothed grin, many ideas was popping into his head all at once, making him let out a pleased rumble as his annoyance eased away into ways he could get them back..
:icongigantagiantessa:GigantaGiantessa 9 14
Jake Fanart by CnightMpregVoreBellY Jake Fanart :iconcnightmpregvorebelly:CnightMpregVoreBellY 14 163 Wuk Dump 2: Buncha OCs by Earwiggy Wuk Dump 2: Buncha OCs :iconearwiggy:Earwiggy 11 16 FREAKING OUT by Earwiggy FREAKING OUT :iconearwiggy:Earwiggy 9 14 My pencil threw up Earwiggy babies by AvocadoAfro My pencil threw up Earwiggy babies :iconavocadoafro:AvocadoAfro 7 8 My happy 17 years by BigClaudia My happy 17 years :iconbigclaudia:BigClaudia 12 12 Earwiggy by Earwiggy Earwiggy :iconearwiggy:Earwiggy 9 16 Jake by AustinDR Jake :iconaustindr:AustinDR 7 2 Them Staring Eyes by Earwiggy Them Staring Eyes :iconearwiggy:Earwiggy 6 9 Happy Easter day by BigClaudia Happy Easter day :iconbigclaudia:BigClaudia 5 7 Hans by Kooshmeister Hans :iconkooshmeister:Kooshmeister 3 0 Tiny Dragon is Tiny by LilitZel Tiny Dragon is Tiny :iconlilitzel:LilitZel 2 6 Death Stare by Fandomforever15 Death Stare :iconfandomforever15:Fandomforever15 1 4 Late Night Drawing by Fandomforever15 Late Night Drawing :iconfandomforever15:Fandomforever15 1 112
Secret Cuddler
This was it, finally the time to mess with Jake. He was sleeping as I crept into his house, I broke in actually...seems that's a habit now. I was gonna do the usual thing, write on his face in his sleep, maybe even take the junk food he had to. I snuck into his room grinning almost inhumanly wide and pulled out a permanent marker. He shifted in his sleep as I crawled onto his bed raising the marker. Then something happened, something I didn't expect, Jake grabbed me...and held me tight like I was some kind of toy...he was cuddling me! My grin widened slightly as I put the marker away, he never like cuddling while he was awake and only liked hugs when he was drunk, this was the perfect blackmail. I pulled out my phone and took a few pictures, Jake groaned at the flashes and held me tighter, heavy sleeper I guess. I chuckled "'re so cute..." I purred softly snuggling up close, he curled up slightly holding me tight, he was so sweet when he was sleeping. It would be blackm
:iconlilitzel:LilitZel 1 4
Earwiggy's Jake by HungarianThief Earwiggy's Jake :iconhungarianthief:HungarianThief 1 1 Earwiggy ( trade ) by SentinelWinder Earwiggy ( trade ) :iconsentinelwinder:SentinelWinder 72 7 AT with Earwiggy by BeatemBaeLuna AT with Earwiggy :iconbeatembaeluna:BeatemBaeLuna 32 42 Starving Dragon by Fandomforever15 Starving Dragon :iconfandomforever15:Fandomforever15 1 110 Bad Meeting by Fandomforever15 Bad Meeting :iconfandomforever15:Fandomforever15 1 27 Problem Student by Fandomforever15 Problem Student :iconfandomforever15:Fandomforever15 0 6 Hey Jakey~ by LilitZel Hey Jakey~ :iconlilitzel:LilitZel 1 6 That's Not Good... by Fandomforever15 That's Not Good... :iconfandomforever15:Fandomforever15 0 14 Excuse Me While I Stare Death in the Face by Fandomforever15 Excuse Me While I Stare Death in the Face :iconfandomforever15:Fandomforever15 0 8 BARK by awesomestickfigure BARK :iconawesomestickfigure:awesomestickfigure 0 0 Earwig by awesomestickfigure Earwig :iconawesomestickfigure:awesomestickfigure 1 0 Happy Birthday Earwig! by Fandomforever15 Happy Birthday Earwig! :iconfandomforever15:Fandomforever15 1 4 Bitin' Yo Kneecaps! by Fandomforever15 Bitin' Yo Kneecaps! :iconfandomforever15:Fandomforever15 1 11 Jake Stahp... by Fandomforever15 Jake Stahp... :iconfandomforever15:Fandomforever15 0 4 Quick Blow. Or Not. by HoneyStreak45 Quick Blow. Or Not. :iconhoneystreak45:HoneyStreak45 14 33 Dragon Jake IN COLOUR by HungarianThief Dragon Jake IN COLOUR :iconhungarianthief:HungarianThief 2 2 Clever Title by Fandomforever15 Clever Title :iconfandomforever15:Fandomforever15 1 66 Teachers Pet by Fandomforever15 Teachers Pet :iconfandomforever15:Fandomforever15 1 20 Revenge by Fandomforever15 Revenge :iconfandomforever15:Fandomforever15 1 9