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Supreme Potter Nerdness :iconkivae:Kivae 6,483 1,623 RHr - Just a peek :iconaleccha:Aleccha 2,761 271 HP as MIB :iconhueco-mundo:hueco-mundo 2,337 337 Dumbledore and Snape :icongabbyd70:gabbyd70 2,074 482 Blue fire :iconaleccha:Aleccha 903 67 I like red :iconaleccha:Aleccha 1,166 85 Soviet Slytherin :iconparadoxparade:ParadoxParade 619 64 StarKid Puppet Pals :iconlineapinea:lineapinea 310 126 Ravenclaw Scrabble pendant :iconelectrikpinkpirate:ElectrikPinkPirate 109 36
Sweet Things -George Weasley-
"Go on mate, out snack boxes will get you out of every test, class and boring school event you want! Just 4 galleons and it's yours!"
"Well hello ladies, come have a look at our love potions! Guaranteed to nab you a fella just in time for Valentine's Day! "
"Come for all your... 'Practical' needs at Weasleys' wizard wheezes! "
I could hear the calls from a familiar pair of red headed twins even from my shop across the street. In all honestly the constant screaming and sound effects from various tricks and spells going on all day had been irritating from the very first day the shop had opened.  But what was there to do? It was a joke store. Every inch of it built specifically to rile up the mischievousness of everyone who entered.
I personally had never been in; I was far too busy running my own store. My name was Alice McKinley and I ran Alice's wonderland cake emporium. The dumb name wasn't my idea, I came from a long line of strange bakers and my parents, nor I for that mat
:iconmugiwara-chanx:Mugiwara-ChanX 32 23
Hufflepuff scrabble pendant :iconelectrikpinkpirate:ElectrikPinkPirate 156 33 HP Slytherin scrabble pendant :iconelectrikpinkpirate:ElectrikPinkPirate 139 40 Cleverbot knows :iconredheadqueen:RedHeadQueen 337 121 Hogwarts Scrabble pendant :iconelectrikpinkpirate:ElectrikPinkPirate 116 10 Tom Riddle's diary - small size version :iconmillecuirs:MilleCuirs 82 1 HP: Knitting and Chatting :iconloleia:Loleia 711 52 HP - Trio :iconaleccha:Aleccha 562 34 Albus Potter and the Mudblood Rebellion :iconumbridge1986:Umbridge1986 120 17 HP - Yer a Chav Baby, Harry :iconchensterrain:chensterrain 356 108 Lourdes is the Dark Mark :iconazispaz:azispaz 105 27 Luna Lovegood :iconaleccha:Aleccha 645 42 Harry Potter x12 Canvas :iconscenicsarah:ScenicSarah 251 111 The Headmasters Office, spoil :iconnicopony:NicoPony 447 45 THE DEATHLY HALLOWS :icons-von-p:S-von-P 478 33 AVPS: Umbridge's Texts :iconcapricorn-dreamer:capricorn-dreamer 174 26 Draco-6th year :iconcaptbexx:CaptBexx 337 14 Why spoilers are evil - HP 7 :iconrockingbass:RockingBass 115 44 Time. And. Relative. Dimension. In. Hogwarts. :iconfunkblast:FunkBlast 103 11 Cleverbot Moment 2. :iconmsbaconator:MsBaconator 122 64 Minerva Mcgonagall :iconwhutnot:whutnot 42 17 Hungwy :iconkenchancake:KenChanCake 76 22 The lightning struck tower :icondisned26:disned26 60 25 PORTRAIT - Darren Criss :iconsecretsmile90:SecretSmile90 231 54 Game of Thrones season 4 POSTER :iconumbridge1986:Umbridge1986 43 12 Good Morning Beautiful :iconkayjayess:KayJayEss 63 11
Superior -Draco Malfoy-
Superior [Draco Malfoy ]
"It's disgusting how you let yourself be seen with those blood traitors and that mudblood Granger!"
I gave a sour look to my text book as an all too familiar blonde sat down beside me. I gently folded the book shut and turned my attention to the distasteful look on his face; propping my head up on the table.
"Yes Draco, it's such a shame that not all of the upper class is as small minded as you and your family."
He scowled at me and wrapped an arm around my shoulders purposely to irritate me. I tried to shrug him off but that only encouraged him to dig his fingers into my shoulder blade. His little visits were becoming more frequent and even more annoying. Whenever I found a spare moment to get some extra studying done or even on the way to classes I didn't have with my friends he would just waltz up and make pathetic small talk.
He glared at me and retracted his arm from my shoulders. I ignored his look and opened my study book again. Before he so rudely inter
:iconmugiwara-chanx:Mugiwara-ChanX 13 18
A Very Potter Characters :iconredonkulousemmy:RedonkulousEmmy 75 27 My little Potter :icongreen-viper:Green-Viper 63 59 The legends of Harry Potter :iconshashikanta:Shashikanta 69 9 House Points :iconnightowl70:NightOwl70 56 31 Snape, please :iconhesavampire:Hesavampire 69 12 Party Poison :iconmagical-jar-of-dirt:Magical-Jar-Of-Dirt 112 55 It All Ends :icontheal:TheAL 40 6 12xHP - In Progress VIII :iconscenicsarah:ScenicSarah 26 34 Harry Potter Parody 4 :iconkurvos:Kurvos 81 58 Harry Potter :iconbloodzilla-billy:Bloodzilla-Billy 137 21 STAR WARS EPISODE 7 BANNER/POSTER :iconumbridge1986:Umbridge1986 28 7 AVPS Doodles :iconmorloth88:Morloth88 97 112