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The Diary: Chapter One
Harry's stomach churned in horror as the familiar handwriting appeared over the page in response to his own. He tried to throw the diary away from him, but his fingers wouldn't move. Tears welling up, shaking in anger, his own writing scrawled messily over the page, fury evident in the shaky and harsh letters.
Why aren't you dead? What will it take?
There was a small hesitation, and when Tom began writing, he didn't answer Harry's question. I didn't think I'd hear from you again. Couldn't stay away, Harry?
Tears dripped onto the page, and Harry cursed, trying to tear the page, hands shaking with anger. I hate you! Why can't you just die? You killed my parents, and no matter what happens, you keep coming back from the grave to haunt me!
I didn't kill your parents, Harry.
Of course you did!
In the future, maybe. There was a slight pause. I'm only sixteen, remember? A fragment. I'm not the one who did that to you.
It doesn't matter - you
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HP: NAGINI RULE THE WORLD :iconpequedark-velvet:PEQUEDARK-VELVET 161 113 12 pictures from Snape s life :iconhellanim:Hellanim 712 116
The Diary: Chapter Two
He couldn't help it. Harry wrote in the diary every night, telling Tom about his day, and dreamt every night about the other dark-haired teen. He dreamt about talking to Tom, about lying in the older boy's lap as Tom ran his fingers through Harry's hair and inquisitively over his trademark scar, commenting about Hermione's strange schedule, or the feud between Scabbers and Crookshanks. He dreamt of stealing kisses, and curling up close to Tom, feelings of safety and contentedness battling with feelings of guilt and self-doubt as he reminded himself that the boy whose lips he found so irresistible, and whose arms he longed to have wrapped around him was the murderer of his parents.
Tom, patient as ever, stayed by Harry's side when it became too much, and the younger boy broke down into tears, hating himself for what he took to be a betrayal to everyone he knew. Silent, knowing that his words could only hurt Harry more in a time like this, Tom simply held him close, comforting the pain t
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The Diary: Prologue
It was Ron's idea to keep the diary. The Chamber of Secrets had been closed, and the dining hall was cleaning itself up after the massive feast that had ensued. Heading back from McGonagall's office, Harry's foot nudged something on the ground as he chatted happily with his two best friends, Hermione and Ron. Something small, and black. A hole had punctured all of the way through, and the offending weapon, a basilisk's fang, lay off to the side, where it had fallen.
For all the faith that Lucian Malfoy had put into the small book, after having failed him he had tossed it aside as useless trash, and once again, Harry found it in his possession.
"Harry!" Hermione warned. "We know that is dangerous! Let's just take it to Dumbledore. He can destroy it, for good. Just in case."
"Just in case?" Ron asked, incredulous. "After getting bitten by a basilisk, I think it's as dead as it can get!" Turning to Harry with a mischievous smile, he suggested, "I'd keep it. I mean, it's like a trop
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