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The Worst Thing Ever :iconstapledslut:StapledSlut 4,894 2,529
Male!Sally/Reader - Something in the Wind
Male♂Sally/Reader - Something in the Wind
(Sally = Sal) (Jack = Jackie) (Zero = Same name but is now female ghost cat) 
(Dr. Finkelstein = stays the same but it now female)

(Just pretend you're some kind of Halloween Town creature in this fan fiction; like a vampire, witch ,etc.)
Your best friend Jackie Skeleton was obsessing over this strange brand new holiday called Christmas. The tall lithe skeletal woman dressed in a gothic black and thin white striped dress was currently wrapping objects in colorful paper, many in green and red. You didn't quite
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25 Random Insults Comebacks
25 Random Insults and Comebacks
1. You: Your hair is messed up.
Person: Your brain is messed up.
You: At least I have one
2. It's funny, how a [guy, girl] like you can have such a tiny brain and still have a huge mouth…
3. Man: Haven’t I seen you someplace before?
Woman: Yes, that’s why I don’t go there anymore.
4. Man: Is this seat empty?
Woman: Yes, and this one will be if you sit down.
5. Man: So, what do you do for a living?
Woman: I’m a female impersonator.
6. Man: Hey baby, what’s your sign?
Woman: Do not enter.
7. Man: If I could see you naked, I’d die happy.
Woman: If I saw you naked, I’d probably die laughing.
8. You’re so slow it takes you an hour and a half to watch “Sixty Minutes.”
9. I don't think you are an idiot, but then what's MY opinion against everyone else's?
10. I hear the only place you're ever invited is outside.
11. I don't know what makes you so freaking stupid, but it really works!
12. If we were to kill e
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Christians close-minded? Rly?
"Wait. What did you just say?"
"I agree with you?"
"No, before that."
"...I'm a Christian?"
"I don't like Christfags."
"You heard me."
"So you're hating on me because I'm a Christian?"
"You people are close-minded hypocrites. So, yes."
"How am I a close-minded hypocrite?"
"You bash gay people. And bash anyone who doesn't believe in your Sky Fairy."
"When have I ever bashed gay people? Or anyone who has a different belief than me?"
"You're a Christian. So you have. End of story."
"...and you call me close-minded."
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+ How To Kill A Furry +
1. Your traditional shotgun to the face.
2. Boiling them alive in reused vegetable oil.
3. Starving them in an empty room.
4. Amputating their limbs with a plastic knife.
5. Feeding them to a bear.
6. Driving over their bodies with an army tank.
7. Sending them to Afghanistan.
8. Crucifixion.
9. Dipping them into vats of hot mustard.
10. Suffocating them with their own fur.
11. Dragging them through a three mile cheese grater.
12. Injecting nitroglycerin into their body.
13. Setting their head on fire.
14. Pushing them underneath a working press.
15. Tripping them over into a bed of nails.
16. Pouring a bucket on piranhas down their throats.
17. Forcing them into a meat grinder and making chilli con carne out of them.
18. Shooting them with paintballs for seventeen hours.
19. Shoving their faces into a deep fryer.
20. Pouring acid onto their stomachs.
21. Sacrificing them to a giant spider.
22. Deporting them to Guantanamo Bay on twenty three fake charges of child molestation.
23. Tell
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Weak spots- EnglandxReader
Today was turning out to very boring for Arthur.  Even with his usually entertaining girlfriend ___________ over, this day was turning out to be boring.
Of course, perhaps if said girlfriend was paying more attention to him rather thanů whatever the hell she was looking at on her laptop, that might help things a little bit.
"Remind me why I invited you over again?" He asked, annoyed.
"You tell me." Was your oh-so-concerned reply.
An anime vein popped on Arthur's head and he growled. "Gee, I don't know. Maybe I just wanted to spend time with my girlfriend. You know, without her laptop?"
You groaned and rolled your eyes, which didn't leave the computer screen. "Look, I promise I'll give you my full attention in just a few minutes, okay? I just wanna finish reading this comic."
"You're ignoring me to read a webcomic?"
"Hey, you've ignored me to read books. In fact, why don't you go read one now?"
Arthur was not having this, not in his own home. You were going to give him your full at
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How to Judge a Book by its Cover
When it comes to the "literature" from the Young Adult section at the library, I think it's gotten to the point that you can indeed judge a book by its cover.
Just because something is a book, does not mean that it doesn't make you stupid. Sometimes books can be brain-rotting, even more so than a good old, wholesome cartoon, if I may be so bold. 
Today I will show you a guide about how to judge a book by its cover; that way you can conveniently know what books to avoid and which you decide are tolerable. 
Okay, carry on:
Charlie Jackson:
Charlie Jackson is a teenage boy who is off to save the world from an evil foe. He and his best friend: Conveniently-Loyal-Steve, the girl he secretly admires for some unknown reason even though she's a huge jerk: Girls-Have-To-Be-Perfect-And-Tough-Or-Else-It's-Sexist-Jane, set off as an "unlikely" trio on a cliche adventure peppered with mostly sarca
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Don't Read Me
Didn't you read the title?
I can't make you heal.
So just be on your way,
Are you reading still?
I am a hopeless poem,
With no purpose in life.
Blood is not my ink,
From the wound of life.
So you can leave now,
There is no point to me.
Go on! Scat!
There's nothing to see.
I could be your inspiration,
The very poem that steals,
Your heart away tonight,
And catch you in the feels.
Nope! Not me!
I am worthless by far.
It's time-wasting to read me,
Yet, here you are.
Of course, why would you leave,
When there's so much left to be heard?
But, I'm just a poem saying nothing,
In so many words.
If you aren't leaving, I will,
I am thoroughly annoyed!
But, since you've made it this far,
I hope you enjoyed.
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CreepyPasta - Dumb Ways To Die
Camp out in Slendy's woods
Travel to the wrong apartment
Walk into the Undead Reality Stake
Sneak-and-Steal a piece of Masky's Cake
Dumb ways to die!
So many dumb ways to die!
Dumb ways to Die!
So many dumb ways to die!
Play Hide n' Seek with Sally
Stare out into the window
Compliment Jeff the killer's White-stained face
Challenge The Rake at a Running race
Dumb ways to die!
So many dumb ways to die!
Dumb ways to Die!
So many dumb ways to die!
Do not Spread the word
Grab a note on a large tree
Disobey the words on a sign
Break a bottle of very fine wine
Dumb ways to die!
So many dumb ways to die!
Dumb ways to Die!
So many dumb ways to die!
Witness The magic of Birth 
Dig a hole to Zalgo's Earth
Look at his face with a "Big white Boo"
"I wonder what this button will do"
Dumb ways to die!
So many dumb ways to die!
Dumb ways to Die!
So many dumb ways to die!
Play a game of Virus Visk
Break a Large rock over his Mask
Never sleep till the end of ti-i-i-ime
Burn off your
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a study in arthroscopy (manus)
oh, i'll take these muddled words & cigarette burns,
spit 'em out or sell 'em as cinema or cemeterial.
i've got these dirty fingernails hooked like cat claws
into my prey-heart through pericardium; i wanna trade
in this light head(ache) to admire snapping bones
or splitting skulls 'cause i can't keep the talk cheap
or the drum-beat outta (always best inside) my mind.
my spine has never meant prowess; i've always been your
favorite migraine, baby: all potential & no promise.
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Volpe, Think Fast :iconquarter-virus:Quarter-Virus 730 148 Sephiroth Genesis - Lost :iconnanjokoji:NanjoKoji 577 40