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You're Family
Thump. Thump. Thump. To Yowane Haku it felt as if her heart was about to leap out of her throat. Nervously she stared at the large oak door to the mansion-like house.
She slowly brought her fist up preparing to knock when the handle to her suitcase slipped from her grip and slammed into the door. Haku put her hand on the door as she bent down to retrieve the fallen luggage.
But to her horror right as she reached the handle the door opened sending her crashing down inside the house. Red with embarrassment she scrambled to her knees staring up at the person standing over her.
Above her a tall young man with blue hair and eyes held an ice cream cone. After an awkward moment, while they stared at each other quizzically the boy dropped the sugary cone and creamy liquid  onto Haku's long white hair.
"Agh my ice cream!" The boy screamed.
"W- What is it?!" A shrill voice screamed. Haku watched a small blonde girl run down the stairs  leading down to the front door. "
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Metamorphosis (Chapter 15)
My mind was a little jumbled. I was with Kimberly, walking with her into the mall and just trying to keep myself calm. What was I supposed to do next? Was I supposed to try and act like a girl? What do girls normally do in malls? Don’t they shop and stuff? Do they just stand around and talk? Isn’t that boring? I didn’t know what to do or say. Kimberly smiled at my anxiety and poked my arm.
“You okay?” She asked.
“I’m a little confused.” I admitted. “What should I do?”
“Whatever you want.” Kimberly said. “We’re here to try and help you figure out who you are. Are you still Chase, or are you Cheryl.”
“How do we figure that out?” I asked.
“Well for starters, let’s just walk around and see what there is to see. Then when something catches your eye, we’ll jump on it.” She said. She took my wrist and lead me along with her into the mall. I had never noticed it before,
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