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PMDe + PMX Commands Tutorial - Physics and Joints by mmdyesbutterfly PMDe + PMX Commands Tutorial - Physics and Joints :iconmmdyesbutterfly:mmdyesbutterfly 565 174 A cloud dropped by by Crocodililachrymae A cloud dropped by :iconcrocodililachrymae:Crocodililachrymae 316 104 Bubble Dance by Winick-Lim Bubble Dance :iconwinick-lim:Winick-Lim 326 27 leaf by LL-stock leaf :iconll-stock:LL-stock 126 45 no, not julie. by carvingbackbone no, not julie. :iconcarvingbackbone:carvingbackbone 293 97 sad, sad cupcake. by mumblyjoe sad, sad cupcake. :iconmumblyjoe:mumblyjoe 1,159 340 You Dropped Your Flowers Dear by IMustBeDead You Dropped Your Flowers Dear :iconimustbedead:IMustBeDead 340 74
Break up
My heart dropped
Dreams have popped
Love is unknown
Depression now sits on its thrown
The game is lost
But at what cost
Anger building up
And relief in one cut
Skin ripping
Blood dripping
Puddles on the floor
But hatred grows all the more
Nothing to hide
But your shame inside
So I will say goodbye
:iconzenzero541:zenzero541 29 17
Vision dropped? by Kosetsu Vision dropped? :iconkosetsu:Kosetsu 593 138 Random ice cream by JoeRandel Random ice cream :iconjoerandel:JoeRandel 246 75 Green Apple by BibiiBLOOD Green Apple :iconbibiiblood:BibiiBLOOD 158 44 dropped 3 by FigoTheCat dropped 3 :iconfigothecat:FigoTheCat 88 66 Filly Dashie Dropped her Cider by max301 Filly Dashie Dropped her Cider :iconmax301:max301 372 99 Ed and Ein by stuffedpanda-cosplay Ed and Ein :iconstuffedpanda-cosplay:stuffedpanda-cosplay 139 38 Smile Like You Mean It by Rurouna Smile Like You Mean It :iconrurouna:Rurouna 208 75 Achievement Huntsman Ray by FranaticArt Achievement Huntsman Ray :iconfranaticart:FranaticArt 97 19 Columbus was Wrong by xPinkTuxToTheProm Columbus was Wrong :iconxpinktuxtotheprom:xPinkTuxToTheProm 52 19 Let It Go by groovigyrl Let It Go :icongroovigyrl:groovigyrl 26 14 [Dropped Project] by Dear-Cotton-Candy [Dropped Project] :icondear-cotton-candy:Dear-Cotton-Candy 217 81 Dropped Chalk by PunkatHeart Dropped Chalk :iconpunkatheart:PunkatHeart 128 58 Outlander by Ariel87 Outlander :iconariel87:Ariel87 92 22 IZ: Don't Leave My Taco Here by Lavenkitty IZ: Don't Leave My Taco Here :iconlavenkitty:Lavenkitty 148 59
and in the end weeks run together
the walls start to
close in when your breath
hitches, when all those
repressed emotions start to trigger
something bigger, a flicker in
your chest that
could hardly be a flame. the colors
don't seem
right because they're
all tinted red; you're not sure
if your eyes are
playing tricks or if
someone finally dropped the match.
you want to scream, maybe -
cry, mostly -
and damn if you
don't end up doing both
after the clock falls
on it's head - time started running
backwards only after
you forgot
how to stand.
you're taking after humpty
dumpty, you know, and i
can see the valleys
growing within your skin. you
keep on gluing
yourself back together, but you'll end
up a mess on the pavement
soon enough -
(it runs in your blood, but your blood's not running anymore)
:iconkhaimin:Khaimin 14 16
Cooking... by Leaglem Cooking... :iconleaglem:Leaglem 174 41
The Pain of being Forgotten
Once upon a time
You were remembered
You were loved
You always had someone to turn to
When the going go rough
They were always there for you
Until one day
They weren't.
You can't take it anymore.
Anger seeps into your everyday life,
Affecting those around you.
Alienating your friends.
And so finally you call it quits
And break it off
with the one who was always there
because they just couldn't
And now it's as though
you've disappeared,
fallen off the face of the planet,
forgotten by the person
that you thought was closest to you,
as though you had never existed.
It hurts
deep inside.
That kind of heart-wrenching,
agonizing pain
that you can't even show,
because hey,
you brought this on yourself.
You think about talking to them,
think about taking back
what you said.
Dealing with their annoyance,
if only just to have somebody
who's always there again.
But then you remind yourself
of all the things that you endured
for that person,
but still, you were treated like dirt.
And n
:iconsasukeandhagifangirl:sasukeandhagifangirl 25 22
Dropped by MsPaintGTS Dropped :iconmspaintgts:MsPaintGTS 503 54 The Not so Great Escape by MsPaintGTS The Not so Great Escape :iconmspaintgts:MsPaintGTS 198 39 Autumn Bug by NOzols Autumn Bug :iconnozols:NOzols 99 75 Xtransceiver Love by stealthclaw96 Xtransceiver Love :iconstealthclaw96:stealthclaw96 68 4 Drop the Beat by Miilydork Drop the Beat :iconmiilydork:Miilydork 128 38 Bloodflower by CatharsisJB Bloodflower :iconcatharsisjb:CatharsisJB 115 80 lychee by tfprince lychee :icontfprince:tfprince 98 81 Human Nature - L1 by Ala-Blue Human Nature - L1 :iconala-blue:Ala-Blue 157 33 Still Life by Shadowelve Still Life :iconshadowelve:Shadowelve 81 28 Splash of red by jambo1uk Splash of red :iconjambo1uk:jambo1uk 123 26 Spoil: The Moldy Opossum by CuriousCreatures Spoil: The Moldy Opossum :iconcuriouscreatures:CuriousCreatures 76 6 Pain by Suzukiwee1357 Pain :iconsuzukiwee1357:Suzukiwee1357 196 164
I'm Tired of Breaking Hearts
Does anyone else ever get tired of breaking hearts?
When you handed me your love,
I tried so hard to hold it carefully in my hand.
I tried my best to keep it pretty,
So that it would sparkle in the glow of moonlight,
And diamonds would dance on its surface in the sparkle of sunlight.
I tried so hard you know.
But it's difficult to balance all my insecurities,
All my thoughts that I couldn't ever tell you,
All my problems that I never actually told you about,
All the secrets I kept form you,
Everything that I had to keep balanced in one hand,
Whilst in the other I kept your heart.
It was inevitable that I would drop it eventually.
That person at the back of my mind was the last nudge,
Before everything fell apart.
He told me what I wanted to hear,
And he was the voice inside my head that convinced me,
That it was all over.
Your heart slipped between my fingers,
Glinting one last time as it flew,
Cascading to the floor, and shattered.
Looking down at the pieces I knew I had no option,
:iconyear-of-the-cat-girl:Year-Of-The-Cat-Girl 11 15
My Bad... by verulence My Bad... :iconverulence:verulence 67 11 I Dropped It... by FlawedNoOne I Dropped It... :iconflawednoone:FlawedNoOne 143 85 Pine Cone by cupplesey Pine Cone :iconcupplesey:cupplesey 95 11 Smooth Riv by colts4us Smooth Riv :iconcolts4us:colts4us 89 19 Dropped by BloodyParasite Dropped :iconbloodyparasite:BloodyParasite 78 9 Your cake by Silverfox5213 Your cake :iconsilverfox5213:Silverfox5213 91 11 OD blog by Alltunin OD blog :iconalltunin:Alltunin 76 22 Off to Christmas town... by Maceo-x- Off to Christmas town... :iconmaceo-x-:Maceo-x- 31 75 Ferret and Rattie Character Designs by SucittarSucivron Ferret and Rattie Character Designs :iconsucittarsucivron:SucittarSucivron 47 35 Scrapin A II by colts4us Scrapin A II :iconcolts4us:colts4us 82 7