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Everlasting Dream (Sebastian x Reader)
Everlasting Dream

Sebastian x Reader
- "Wake up, (Y/N)...Please.... " you heard a voice whispering those words to your ear.
Still, you didn't dare open your eyes. You just couldn't, even if you try. Thought, you were pretty sure that you heard this male voice from somewhere before. Your memories were blurred, a deep fog surrounding them and wasn't ready to let them go yet. 
- " (Y/N) has been months, you need to wake up now. Sebastian isn't the same without you ".
That voice of a young boy. The...young master? No, it was Finny, the gardener. Some memories started to come back to you and you remember that Ciel, your master, was a cold person and shows barely any emotions. It would surprise you if he was crying his eyes out right now just next to you. But what's happening? What did Finny m
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Nightmares - Jacksepticeye x reader
Darkness. It was all you could see. The room was filled with a pitless black, you couldn't see your hand in front of your own face, if you could move them. The place felt damp, you were sat on the floor, legs tied together and your hands behind your back. All you could hear was the drip, dropping of water probably leaking from the ceiling. It was cold, so so cold. You could feel your fingers going numb and imagined they were probably blue at this point. "Hello?" you called out, but your voice croaked and it hurt to talk.
Had someone gripped your neck somehow? How did you get here? The last thing you remember was going to sleep in your apartment, right? Everything had been normal, just a skype with Jack, editing and sleep. Jack. He had seemed weird at the end of the call like he didn't want you to go but at the same time wanted you to run as fast as you can. There hadn't been any sense to it at the time but maybe he knew what was going on. But that was absurd. This was a
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