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DRAMAtical Pocky Game [DMMd x Male!Reader]
“Oi, Aoba.” you poked your childhood friend, Aoba, on the cheek, making him groan and try to slap your hand away. The blue haired boy had fallen asleep while you were visiting, which you found rude, but you had suddenly an urge for something very important.
“Wake up.” you poked his cheek again “Your granny fell down the stairs.” Aoba shot up into sitting position, eyes wide and slight panic clearly swimming in the golden orbs.
“What?! Is she alright?! Where is she now?!”
“In the kitchen making food.” you answered calmly, not moving from your spot on the floor next to the bed. “And she didn't fall, stupid.”
“The why--”
“I have an urge. I have needs. Right now.” you're (e/c) eyes studied your friends face as a blush made itself known on his cheeks. For someone who seemed so innocent, he really did have a perverted mind. You chuckled, offering him a big grin as you pulled out the small box
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How To Steal Koujaku's Sister [AU! Noiz x Reader]
Noiz x Koujaku's little sister! Reader
The first time you had met Noiz, you had ended up staring at him like the creep that you were. Eyes locked on his face, and mouth hanging open slightly. If it wasn't for Aoba nudging you with his elbow, you could have been caught by the blond and most likely die from embarrassment.
The only reason you met him was because he had walked into Aoba's house like he lived there and sat down to enjoy Tae's food. Tae didn't seem to mind, while Aoba greeted him like an old friend. However, you dear big brother, Koujaku, had not been so happy to see the other boy. So while Koujaku took it upon himself to start an argument, you found yourself unable to take your eyes off of Noiz.
But really who wouldn't be a bit hypnotized by him? He walks in to your friends house without a word and digs into the food like it was he who bought it. Not to even mention how handsome he was. You couldn't help but to wonder if it hurt to get all those piercings, and that t
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[Noiz x Reader] French Kissing [AU!]
[Noiz x Reader] French Kissing [AU!]
[TW: Kissing, Buttons]
You looked down the alley way and ran down it. You were apart of the team Ruff Rabbit, a Rhyme team. The leader Noiz, was one of your bestfriends as you worked as an information broker. Ruff Rabbit ruled the back alley behind the junk shop and the streets as information tellers. You knew what-was-what on a keyboard, you knew anything about firewalls, you knew everything about Rhyme.
Noiz didn't seem happy a lot, unless he was in Rhyme. You liked him, a lot, but there was zero way to prove that he liked you back.
"Oi, (name)." Noiz looked up from his computer, and at you.
"Mhm?" Your head spun to look at him.
He pointed at your screen with a bandaged finger, "You missed a wall."
You facepalmed, "Dont point that at my screen! We know you're not bleeding!" You laughed. N
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Granny~ Aoba Seragaki x Reader - DRAMAtical Murder
"Will you get me the good tea cups dear?"
"Of course Tae-chan!"
{Name} walked past the grandmother in the small kitchen and stood on her tippy toes and reached up. As she did so a pair of arms wrapped around her frame. She let out a little squeal, almost dropping the one cup she had managed to grab from the top shelf.
She looked back to see a pair of golden eyes staring back down at her. She sighed, "Aoba.." He grinned, leaning down and pressing a soft kiss to her lips. He let out an airy laugh before stepping back.
"Glad to be home! And to see my-"
"Arg! G-Granny! W-What was-" "You leave that young girl alone! She was just fine helping me~" There stood granny, a large spoon in hand and glaring at her grandson. "What are trying to do, give her a heart attack?" She asking in irritation.
{Name} held back a laugh, grabbing the rest of the tea cups and taking them to the kitchen table. "I was just giving her a kiss.." He mumbled pouting and rubbing the growing bump on his head.
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Beast [Yandere!Beast!Koujaku x Reader]
( Please listen while you read!)
The man you once knew, the gentle, compassionate man you once loved, the positive spark that lead you from darkness, every last part of him,
was snuffed out.
Veins throbbed in his forehead. White teeth, baring, sharp and ravenous, glimmered in the dim light.
Bloodshot eyes peered into yours. Flaming hair pooled over his shoulders. Every muscle in his body tensed as his nails dig into your wrists.
Escape diminished within the bars of the cell,
and the walls seemed to close in around you.
“Kou...jaku,” your voice broke as smoldering breath came against your neck.
Nothing more than a distorted growl came as your reply.
The Koujaku you once knew and loved had been eaten away, consumed by this beast of a figure. The intricate paint over his heated body colored every ripple, every indention of his skin.
Even through your blurry, swollen eyes, you noted how beautiful it was.
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DMMD-the fantastic adventure story of Noiz by AL-lamp DMMD-the fantastic adventure story of Noiz :iconal-lamp:AL-lamp 4,034 99
Cake~ Noiz x Reader - Dramatical Murder
Clanking could be heard about the kitchen as the young {HairColor} headed girl worked. She had just finished a small cake she had been making for the past hour and was finally about to have some. She had gotten her plate and cut the cake.
Getting ready to eat it, she was stopped by the door bell. She huffed, calling for her Boyfriend, "Nooooiz! Can you get the door?"
It got quiet, waiting for a reply.
"No." A simple (yet quiet) response sound through the small apartment they share. She groaned, dropping her fork and and standing from the bar stool she sat herself in. "Stupid.. dick pierced.. idiot, to busy to get the door. I need cake!" She mumbled to herself.
Opening the door there stood Aoba and Koujaku. She gave a smile to the pair, "Hey guys." A small chorus of 'Hello's and 'Hi's were heard before the men walked in.
They walked through the apartment and followed {Name} to the kitchen. "So how are you? Did Noi- W-What?!" She stopped, mouth open in shock. She stood frozen in
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Noisy [Noiz x Reader]
”Hey Noiz~!”
Welcome to the daily life of (F/n) (L/n), and very interesting (sex) with too much time on (his/her) hands, and too little hobbies. During a normal day, (F/n) would sit around in the overly large house (he/she) called home, playing some boring video games, eat snacks and sleep. For (F/n), looks didn't matter that much, so the (h/c) mop of hair on (his/her) head always stayed the same, and nothing but plain pyjamas were acceptable.
This person, just so happened to be you.
Even if you were used to not having much to do, due to your parents being overly rich and you being way too smart for school, there was a limit to how much free-time one could take. So for once, you decided to rebel from your usual schedule of doing nothing. This of course meant someone else would suffer for your entertainment, and that one person just so happened to be your good friend Noiz.
Noiz was a very emotionless guy on the outside, but once you have forced your way into his heart you'll
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DMMd characters by Memipong DMMd characters :iconmemipong:Memipong 3,396 155 APRIL by Memipong APRIL :iconmemipong:Memipong 2,045 36
Kinky Stuff - Virus x Male!Reader
"If we weren't together, I would so ship you and Trip." Y/N states as he sits in his boyfriend's lap watching TV. "Aha, not really. I don't think-" You turned to look at him, seriousness written all over your face. "You two would be a great couple. Well, me and Aoba think so at least." You pouted, suddenly realizing how stupid you might have sounded. Virus looked at your dejected face and smiled slightly.
"Even so, I have you. And that is all that matters~" Virus turned your head back in his direction once again and placed a sweet kiss on your lips. You blushed, kissing back and tangling your fingers in your boyfriend's blonde hair. He smirked in the kiss, knowing exactly how to wrap you around his finger. You felt his tongue run across your lower lip, but you playfully denied. Feeling aggressive, he moved his hand down to your ass and gave it a firm squeeze. You gasped and blushed in embarrassment, feeling his warm muscle explore your mouth. After a few minutes, you both pulled away f
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No Longer Lonely: NoizXReader (1/3)
There he was again.
That kid was almost always staring out the large window of his bedroom, watching people go by.
(y/n) (l/n) seemed to be the only person to seemed to notice him, everyone else that walked past that mansion didn’t even give a glance up at him, but she had long since noticed him a few months ago. He was only a few minutes walk from where she lived, so the first month, she tried to get closer by entering the gates. But they were locked, and when she called out to a servant, they shooed her away quite rudely.
Well today, she had enough.
Her curiosity had a huge hold on her and she wanted to know about the boy who would never go outside. She had waited until her parents were asleep, then she changed into some warm clothes, quietly tiptoed out of her room towards the front door of her own mansion, and carefully exited the gates, making sure they didn’t make any noises to awake anyone. Then down the dark streets she walked, not having any fear or worry in her, w
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DMMd - Cutie Alert by kata-009 DMMd - Cutie Alert :iconkata-009:kata-009 1,447 47
Piercings [Noiz x Reader]
You had been dating Noiz for a year. One whole year. Yet there was something bugging you to no end. You had never seen him without his piercings. Of course, you knew piercings were something that one doesn't simply just take off for some time and then decides to put back on, like earrings. But still, he always wore the same piercings, never actually taking off any of them. Not even one of them.
So why was it so annoying for you to never have seen him without them? Well, the answer was simple. You had tried to imagine what he would look like without them, but simply couldn't form an image in your head. It was frustrating and annoying.
But today, everyting will change. You had decided to get some answers.
”Noiz?” you spoke as you flopped down next to him on the couch. Humming, he gave you the sign that he was listening, even if his eyes stayed glued on the screen in front of him. ”I have something very important to ask you.” looking down at your lap, you play
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Clear by Memipong Clear :iconmemipong:Memipong 1,386 16 Noiz (Dramatical Murder) by renaillusion Noiz (Dramatical Murder) :iconrenaillusion:renaillusion 659 68 Koujaku- Creeping Tattoo by twinfools Koujaku- Creeping Tattoo :icontwinfools:twinfools 693 31 Usui - DRAMAtical Murder/DMMd by lKainl Usui - DRAMAtical Murder/DMMd :iconlkainl:lKainl 362 36 DMMd- morphine by siruphial DMMd- morphine :iconsiruphial:siruphial 1,453 30
No Longer Lonely: NoizXReader (3/3)
(A/N: a bit suggestive near the end, but nothing to major!)
(y/n) stretched in her chair, looking over at Usagi who was taking a nap on a pillow next to her desk.
“Hey, Usagi-chan.”
She opened her eyes and looked up to (y/n), “Yeah (y/n)?” she asked in a high-pitched, cute sounding voice.
“How bout we hit Aoba’s place for dinner today, I know you wanna see Ren and I don’t wanna cook tonight, so it’s a win-win situation.”
Usagi looked away, “Tch, there’s nothing going on between me and him!”
“I didn’t say that.”
Usagi’s ears went straight up at the realization that she pretty much gave herself away.
“Ugh, let’s just go, I miss those boys anyway.”
“Heh, you’re too easy, you know that?”
That evening, (y/n) walked down the streets with Usagi in the very same satchel that she had back when she was twelve. Today she was wearing a casual l
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Pink Sky by Memipong Pink Sky :iconmemipong:Memipong 3,356 97 Noiz from DMMd by Memipong Noiz from DMMd :iconmemipong:Memipong 2,916 86 DRAMAtical Murder Ren by azuooooo DRAMAtical Murder Ren :iconazuooooo:azuooooo 784 61 Sleep together by kohakunoyume Sleep together :iconkohakunoyume:kohakunoyume 233 27 DRAMAtical Murder (DMMd): Let's play by GeshaPetrovich DRAMAtical Murder (DMMd): Let's play :icongeshapetrovich:GeshaPetrovich 768 26
HOT dad || Father!Mink x Son!Reader [1/10] [AU]

1. Hair

“Seriously, dad. Again?”, you sighed as you brushed your father's long, brown hair with a comb as he sat in front of you on the floor between your spread legs while you were resting on the couch.
“Yes, and now continue”, he muttered, his baritone voice with a slight gentle hint as he slightly leant back into the soft touch of your hand.
“Oi, stop moving so much!”, you hissed and struggle to move the comb over lower part of the brown thatch as he literally caged it between his back the leather material of the couch.
He grumbled under his breath and lifted himself a gap wide away from the couch so you were able to move it up with your hands.
You see, your father never told you what kind of job he was doing – you actually weren't really caring as well – but it seemed to be indeed stressful.
And no, no more being the drug lord of the area, that was a long time ago.
Anyway, every time when work got too much filled with stress a
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DMMd- Noiz in cyberlland by siruphial DMMd- Noiz in cyberlland :iconsiruphial:siruphial 1,384 24
RQ: KoujakuXReader
It was just another bright, beautiful day for (y/n) (l/n). She was currently walking the streets of a small town in Midorijima Island. Dressed in her (favorite color) dress, she’d closed her little clinic early to buy some supplies she was currently lacking, such as thread, needles, disinfectant, and bandages. Riding on her shoulder was her Allmate, (p/n), who was a lovely, white and blue canary, she was currently reciting the list of items they needed to (y/n) when she asked.
“That’s everything!” (p/n) said after (y/n) had gotten needles.
“Great! This basket is seriously starting to get heavy,” (y/n) said with a small giggle.
(p/n) rolled her eyes, “If only you didn’t procrastinate on buying these items, then maybe you wouldn’t have to buy so much at once.”
After paying for her items, (y/n) walked back the way to her clinic. As she walked, she couldn’t help but to feel like she was being followed.
(p/n), is it them agai
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Ren - ACEO by Laovaan Ren - ACEO :iconlaovaan:Laovaan 1,720 35 DMMD-Murderer! by AL-lamp DMMD-Murderer! :iconal-lamp:AL-lamp 898 18 Dramatical Murder Aoba x Noiz 'Feel your noise' by Hirako-f-w Dramatical Murder Aoba x Noiz 'Feel your noise' :iconhirako-f-w:Hirako-f-w 474 56 Feel Your Noise by renkarts Feel Your Noise :iconrenkarts:renkarts 1,520 212 clear *' v'* by Memipong clear *' v'* :iconmemipong:Memipong 2,156 39 DMMd - Slip Up by kata-009 DMMd - Slip Up :iconkata-009:kata-009 1,288 54
Pictures || Seragaki Aoba x Male!Reader
We all know that Seragaki Aoba was a heavy sleeper, there was nothing to be mistaken about it.
It was hard to wake him up and once he was torn out of the sweet state of numbness by force he would be a slight grumpy pants.
The only thing that was able to wake him up easily was the unexpected missing warmth beside him.
He would murmur, closing his eyes tighter and scrunch his nose slightly while patting around on the bed, trying to find the source of his human heater.
It wasn't often that he would wake up this way; you usually stayed with him in bed, let it be all morning or the whole day. But sometimes you would sneak out of his grasp not before kissing his forehead tenderly and tugging him properly in, Aoba should to be able to find you either in the kitchen helping his grandmother with breakfast, watching TV with her or going to the store to buy some groceries – but mainly mangas and video games secretly for you – for her.
As selfish as it may sounded, he'd rather have him
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Clear by Memipong Clear :iconmemipong:Memipong 2,161 121
No Longer Lonely: NoizXReader (2/3)
(A/N: listen to this while reading, highly recommended!! thank to :iconToomaChan: for the song ^_^)
One year later . . . .
“Young lady!! What is the meaning of this!!?” (y/n)’s father demanded, throwing her design book on her desk in front of her, scaring her from the game she was playing on her computer.
“Wh-where did you find this?” she asked shakily.
“At the kitchen counter this morning!!”
(y/n) lightly gasped, remembering that she had a good idea for a dress design that morning, but then must’ve forgotten about her sketchbook when she decided to go to the bathroom, after she was done, she just went straight to her room to goof off until the tutor came to her room to give her private lessons.
“Are you using all your time doing this when you should be studying to take over my position in the company!?”
(y/n) shuddered under her father’s yells.
“B-but my grad
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Dramatical Murder Noize Aoba - Close Up by Hirako-f-w Dramatical Murder Noize Aoba - Close Up :iconhirako-f-w:Hirako-f-w 570 76 Aoba by kohakunoyume Aoba :iconkohakunoyume:kohakunoyume 621 66 Stop smiling by Accado Stop smiling :iconaccado:Accado 327 24
NoizX Male!reader X Aoba,hickeys and bitemarks,1-s
~Noiz' P.O.V.~
“I told you, you can't win a fight with me. If you can't even win from me in rhyme, why would you win in real life?” I looked down to him as he let out a few coughs. 
“ more..time..nnghh...” He barely could speak and was exhausted.
Why would you go on and humiliate yourself like this? Just walk away and never look back, or...crawl away.
“That poor kid huh? Such a weakling shouldn't even speak to someone as him. He should just give up.” someone in the audience said.
A crowd has formed since the fight started. I didn't notice it at first but when i the first punch was given they started to yell.
“Don't waste my time like this, i was okay with battles in rhyme. But i won't hold back again if you run up to me like just now and try to punch me” i said and heard a soft growl.
I looked down to him again and saw him clutch his fist.
“I will never give up!” He suddenly yelled, with a more energ
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DRAMAtical Murder by Miyukiko DRAMAtical Murder :iconmiyukiko:Miyukiko 1,245 18 Clear - DRAMAtical Murder by Moi-rin Clear - DRAMAtical Murder :iconmoi-rin:Moi-rin 691 36 DmmD Aoba - Headphones Tutorial by Hikuja DmmD Aoba - Headphones Tutorial :iconhikuja:Hikuja 215 27 Mizuki from DMMd by Memipong Mizuki from DMMd :iconmemipong:Memipong 1,339 22 DMMD-Monochrome by tooaya DMMD-Monochrome :icontooaya:tooaya 1,869 43 Aoba: Dramatical Murder by Joberu Aoba: Dramatical Murder :iconjoberu:Joberu 1,861 88 DRAMAtical Murder by ShiroKuroGang DRAMAtical Murder :iconshirokurogang:ShiroKuroGang 581 26