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Secret [Draco Malfoy x Reader]
As the war had ended every student was sent home to their family's while Hogwarts was being repaired. Of course, you were happy, being back with your father and not needing to worry about Voldemort ever returning. Yet, even with the Dark Lord dead, you couldn't help but have worry creeping in the back of your mind. You weren't worried over the Dark Lord or the Death Eaters, after all, they deserved what they got after killing your brother Cedric. No, you were worried of one person, and one person only.
Draco Malfoy.
No matter what people thought about him, it was all because of the act he had put on. He wasn't really evil, nor did he really want to bully other students. Yes, he did believe in blood purity strongly, but it was all cue to his fathers raising methods. But even so, all his Slytherin friends were with him only for his status. Draco himself knew that too, but figured it was better like that than being alone.
And then there was you, (F/n) Diggory. A nobody Hufflepuff that no
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Time changed... by AuroraWienhold Time changed... :iconaurorawienhold:AuroraWienhold 3,448 356
Got you Draco x Reader
"Hey (l/n)" a cold voice whispers from behind you. You jump out of your skin and point your wand in the face of the smirking boy crouching beside the leather couch you had nestled yourself in.
"Holy sh- you scared me to death Malfoy!"
"What were you even doing, and put you wand away you're going to poke someone's eye out" he asks annoyingly.
"I was doing something called reading! I know that you may be unfamiliar with the concept, shall I explain it to you" you say sarcastically, he rolls his eyes and stands again. Assuming he'd gotten bored with you and your nerdy book you continued reading. You were just getting into it when you feel someone push your feet off the couch and sit in the place they used to occupy.
"Why are you reading anyway?" He asks. You sigh and place your bookmark carefully in its correct place and slam the book shut, plopping it on your lap.
"What do you want Malfoy?" You ask, glancing longingly at your book.
"No respectable Slytherin should be reading like you do"
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Everything's Alright (Draco x Reader) (REQUEST)
The sound of boiling cauldrons and knives slicing ingredients filled the room as students chattered happily with their neighbors. It was one of those rare days in which Professor Snape allowed us to choose our own partners for brewing potions and everyone was ecstatic. The dark dungeon seemed to hum with energy, the lights casting a warm glow over what was usually a cold echoing dungeon. Everyone was cheerful. Everyone, that was, except for my partner and I.
Draco and I stood in silence as we moved through our work; the only sounds coming from him were the steady sounds of his breathing and him crushing ingredients into the pot. I was offering him the same treatment, the tension between us stronger than rope made out of steel. Even though we were technically dating each other, we acted as though we barely knew one another. It wasn’t just today that he’d been acting like that. It had been for the past four months.
It was December now, and his silence and tense behavior had b
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Getting Even (Draco Malfoy x Reader)
Getting Even
(Draco Malfoy x Reader)
The dungeon was dark and dank as usual.  You could hear the whispering of ghosts who were sharing idle gossip about the students.  The Bloody Baron flew past, giving you an ugly scowl.  You hugged your books close to your chest and pressed on at a more rapid pace.  You could still feel him glaring daggers at you.  It caused your skin to crawl.  ‘No one thinks I should be in Slytherin,’ you thought.  ‘Not even the ghosts…’
            “Psssst!”  You stopped and glanced around.  No one else was around, so the person had to be calling you.  You arched an eyebrow suspiciously as the door to the supply closet creaked open.  You approached it cautiously.
      It was dark inside.  You could barely see the outline of shelves and brooms stuffed into the corners.  You placed your hands on either side of the doorframe and stuck your head inside.  Squinting your eyes, you couldn’t make out anything other than in
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Draco x reader Muggleborn
"I just can't believe you!" I scream resisting the urge to smack him.
"What was I supposed to do, you know I can't be seen with you!" Draco argues.
"You were just fine before you found out about my blood line! Why does it even matter to you?!"
"Of course it matters (name), I can't risk my reputation like that"
"How could I have been so stupid as to trust you? To help you? To tell you everything and how do you repay me? You cast me aside because the blood that runs through the veins of a person who truly cares about you isn't good enough!!!" I glare into his cold eyes, wishing he would just die! Only, I know I would morn him... That stupid brat. I swat away tears that escape my eyes. I'm supposed to be pissed damn it!
"Don't be so melodramatic" the blonde replies.
"I think I have earned my right to melodrama! Have you ever though about why I've always been there when you're at your worst? I'm always there when you need to cry. I'm always there to help you in your low times and smile at
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*REQUEST* Draco X Reader the List
“Outta my way Potter.” The silver haired Slytherin pushed past the shorter, dark haired Gryffindor.
With a sigh you flashed Harry a very apologetic smile, before trailing after Draco and Pansy. Being in Slytherin was brilliant, you loved it, and there wasn’t any doubt that it was the house for you. However something that you had noticed was that students of Slytherin cared a lot about appearances, and keeping up certain expectations.
Pansy intertwined her hand with Draco’s, big fake smile plastered on her pug like face. Sometimes you questioned your own sanity for wanting to be around a girl like Pansy, she was talent less, bitchy, and cared about no one but herself. Alas, she was family, and as some dead man once said; ‘blood is thicker then water.’ Your group of three rudely pushed through the vast sea of students, heading to the great hall for dinner. Pansy held onto Draco like a vise, muttering uncreative praise in his ear. If ever you felt like
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Hurting : Draco x Reader
The glass smashed into the wall. Draco stepped out the way, watching as the crystal pieces littered the floor behind him. In retaliation he picked up the nearest book and launched at you. The fight had lost meaning, neither of you were intend on truly hurting the other.
“I hate you. I trusted you and you betrayed me. Have you any idea how that feels?” he threw the insult at you. Crimson wine ebbed onto the cream carpet as you lost your grip on the bottle. The empty rolled around the floor spreading the mess. Grey eyes caught glassy (e/c) eyes.
“Like you’re a bloody saint. Tell me how many times you lied to me. You don’t bloody know do you? Don’t you even think about telling me that you were trying to protect me.” Your voice was filled with anger and sadness.
You dropped the book you were preparing to throw at his blonde head. His legs gave out from under him and he hit the floor with a thud, just missing the shattered glass. Draco ran his hands
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Secrecy (A Draco Malfoy X Reader One-Shot)
As you sat on a seat in the common room, a majority of the house cheered. Gryffindor had just won a Quidditch match against Slytherin, so all the Quidditch-enthusiasts were celebrating. Your best friends, Alyssa Kane and Tricia Walters, were among the celebrating Gryffindors, and were actively trying to encourage you to join in the festivities. You brushed them away, trying to find a point of escape.
It wasn’t that you didn’t want to celebrate with your friends or enjoy the win, you just had someplace to be. Though they had lost, you still planned to congratulate your boyfriend, Draco Malfoy, on how well he played. You two also had plans to meet after the game, only because you hadn’t been considering the possibility of being swept away as you were.
“Come on, (N/N), why are you in such a sour mood?” Tricia asked, brushing her black hair away from her face. “We won, after all!”
“I know, I was watching the game,” you replied g
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Chills and Story Books (Draco Malfoy x Reader)
One of my least favorite things in the whole world was getting sick; it was right next to spiders and History of Magic. Though, I thought as I stared up at the ceiling, I would gladly take one of Mr. Binns hour-and-a-half long lectures right now, if it meant I wasn’t stuck in bed, feeling like I was about to explode. My head was throbbing and, with every breath I took, my chest seemed to rattle with an oncoming cough.
I didn’t mind the way I became sick, though. It was almost worth all of the trouble I was going through. A smile crept up on my mouth as I recalled yesterday’s events—they seemed like an eternity ago. Draco, the boy who nowadays seemed to make my heart beat furiously and my face flush, had found me playing out in the snow during dinner. He had brought me inside and handed me his cloak to use, since I was thoroughly drenched. My eyes shut happily as I remembered the feeling of the warm cloak across my body, the way that it was covered with his
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7 Deadly sins at Hogwarts (HP boys x reader) Lust
            "Take one if your brave enough," Pansy smirked holding out the small leather bag towards (Y/N).
            (Y/N) stood there looking at Pansy unintimidated. She knew Pansy didn't like her. She was starting to gain popularity and Pansy was trying to keep her position as the leader of the Slytherin girls. The boys were also starting to notice (Y/N), especially Draco Malfoy, which Pansy definitely didn't like.    
            Pansy wanted to embarrass her and make her look foolish. She needed to prove that she was the dominant one, not (Y/N). She came up with the idea of the seven deadly sins potions. She would make (Y/N) look like a coward if she didn't accept the challenge and drink it. If she did drink it, she would still make her look crazy from the effects of the potion. 
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