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The Doctor X Reader-Ice Skating Lessons- One-shot
That was the only word I could use to describe the world around me. The snow around me was untouched, save for the footprints I'd left trailed behind me. Mountains could be seen off in the distance, rising up in majestic glory. The sky was a crisp bright gray, small flakes falling softly from it. Uninterrupted by the wind, I could stick my tongue out and catch the flakes easily. Such a childish thing it was, but I didn't care.
Yes, it was a perfect winter day.
Skipping through the last of the sparse, bare trees, I grinned as I finally reached my destination. The lake sparkled before me in all its glory, the surface covered in the thick, mid-winter ice. I paused a moment before letting out a loud laugh and barreling down the hill in a very un-lady like manner.
I slid to a stop at the bottom, falling purposefully down on my rear. Ignoring my wet pants, I pulled my skates off of my back. Throwing my boots off onto a snowdrift, I quickly laced the bladed footwear.
I'd been waiting mo
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Girl's Doll (1)
    I walked quickly up to the door, excited for my first babysitting job. I knocked quickly and a mom and a dad answered. "Hi Bill, we have to leave, so you showed up right on time." The mom said, and they led me into the living room. "The girls are downstairs, remember to feed them later tonight." The dad said, and they left.
    At least I didn't have to feed them lunch, it was right after lunchtime then. I walked downstairs to meet the three girls. One looked to be about four, one looked five, and the oldest looked six. "Hi guys, what do you want to do first?" I asked enthusiastically. "I want to play with dolls." The oldest one said, and the other two agreed.
    "No way, I don't play with dolls." I said, not necessarily trying to be blunt. "But we want to play with dolls!" The girls whined, and I shook my head. The eyes of the oldest one narrowed. "Get him." I raised an eyebrow, just in time for the three girls to tackle me to the ground.
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Mommy's Little Girl (Part 1)
    My parents had left for their business trip to Egypt, and being an only child, my parents had no choice but to have me live with an old neighbor of ours, who now lived on the other side of town. Here I was, standing on the porch of the house of the former neighbor, ready to live an entire year there, and I was nervous as crap.
    The door opened, and in the doorway stood a lady, who looked to be in her thirties. I didn't recognize her at all, probably meaning I was too young when she lived by us. My parents waved to me from their car, and sped off, leaving me with the lady.
    "Come in! It's too hot outside." I didn't think so, but whatever. "So how old are you?" She asked me as soon as I stepped into the house, "Twelve." I said, not looking at her. She kind of stared at me for a few seconds, making me uncomfortable. "Well, okay then! Make yourself at home." I began to wander the house, but very soon after the lady told me it was time for bed, and she showed me a bedroom to sleep
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Sister's New Doll (1)
    You know what sucks? Being almost as short as a little sister who is only six years old. Because of the embarrassing height similarity, I made sure my little sister still knew who was boss. The opposite goes for my older sister, who is actually extremely tall. I guess it's just my bad luck.
    I peeked into my little sister's room (Her name is Hallie). Inside I saw her playing with her dolls in her dollhouse. What a stupid thing to do. I marched into the room, pushed her dollhouse over, and stomped on some of her dolls, while she started to scream and sob. I then took one of the dolls and punched it across the room, while taking another one and sticking it upside down in the miniature toilet in the dollhouse.
    While laughing, I ran out of the room, still hearing her sobs. That's when I ran straight into my older sister in the hall, with her hands on her hips. "What do you think you are doing?" She demanded. Still laughing a bit, I struggled to spou
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Girl's Doll (2)
    The girls huddled together and spoke to each other in quick whispers. "Well, before we can do that, we have to get her ready." The oldest girl said. Once again, they all scattered. When they came back, they had all sorts of stuff in their hands. One girl began to brush through the blonde wig with a brush, making sure it was all straight and acceptable, but my focus on that was lost when I felt a piece of duct tape on my leg, and then get ripped off.
    "MMMMPHH!" I screamed. Al the girls joined in, grabbing pieces of duct tape, attaching them to my skin, and ripping off every piece of hair. I tried to swing my legs or something to get them to stop, but they continued to rip off all of my body hair, all the way up to my neck. "There, no more icky boy hair." The other girls agreed.
    "Mom and dad will be home tomorrow, so we have work to do." The girls scrambled off a third time, but this time they didn't come back with anything. I heard random sounds
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