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Presidential Candidate Debate Deathmatch :iconlgliang:lgliang 1,702 164 USA elections 2016 - Donowl Trump :icon4steex:4steex 750 126 Tyrantrump :iconry-spirit:Ry-Spirit 1,813 225 Election 2016 :icondaekazu:daekazu 2,760 808 Pro-Trump propaganda in MLP angers liberals :iconcuddlepug:Cuddlepug 56 202
#LGBTP Needs To Stop. (Please Read and Spread)
Warning: I do not consult violence towards Pedophiles or the "LGBTP community". This journal is specifically made as a reaction and an opinion. Please do not harass anyone mentioned in this journal, thank you! Also shoutout to my watchers who are LGBT, I love you guys! :) I'm also am aware of what 4Chan is doing, but apparently their "hoax" backfired when they actually convinced pedophiles like Todd Nickerson and  Gary Dowsett to have enough confidence to even say that Pedosexuality is a thing. 

Update: A petition has started to stop the Pedosexual movement. Please sign it: 

Heyo guys! It's Mimi here with another journal coming right at you about stuff! Now, please read closely as I am going to show you one main picture that will absolutely tear your mind apart. Rea
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Cool Cat TGs the Kids: [Peridot TG/TF/MC]
            Cool Cat garnered quite a fair bit of attention for his recent deeds. He stopped a bully from bringing a gun onto school campus, won $100 from a writing contest and won class presidency! Everyone loves Cool Cat and Cool Cat loves everyone!
            “I’m bored.” Cool Cat said aloud while staring at clouds in the backyard. Neither a nap nor exercises managed to overcome his melancholy. “How can I help the kids if I have already saved them? Butch is in jail and everyone is happy!” The existential dilemma tormented his very core. “But I’m not happy… Why?”
            Daddy Derek opened the backdoor with unexpected guests. “Hey, Cool Cat! The police sent over someone to ask you to help!” One of the figures was an adult male with a slight beard and sunglasses. The other
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Evil President villain takes control of Equestria :iconcuddlepug:Cuddlepug 48 119 Thanks For 500 Watchers! :iconjorjimodels:jorjimodels 71 36 [DONALD TRUMP INTENSIFIES] :iconshowa-sylvie:Showa-Sylvie 276 122 Election 2016 - Before and After :iconbrentcherry:brentcherry 857 754 Jabba the Trump :iconquilesart:QuilesART 318 56 STAHP IT! :iconshowa-sylvie:Showa-Sylvie 126 99 Omega Trump :icondarkshreaders:darkshreaders 395 294 Candidate Deathmatch :iconmalach:Malach 71 16 the Trump :iconmrbonecracker:MrBonecracker 171 42 Make America hate again :iconquilesart:QuilesART 184 101 2016: What Should Have Been. :iconynot1989:YNot1989 44 186 A wild Mimikyuu appeared!// :iconsinivi:sinivi 682 20
[The core groups I mentioned that she needed to win  greatly or peel off were the youth, blacks, Hispanics, women and white males -the numbers are accurate as of this posting November 10, 2016 so may not be accurate as final vote tallies and may change some]
I will be discussing Why Trump won.. and no it is not just because of racism as some are claiming.
I will break down some of the reasons why Trump got more of the Latino vote than the Republicans did last time, why Hillary got less than a Democrat normally does
Why Trump got more of the Black vote than any Republican in 20 years, and why Clinton got less than democrats normally does
Why Hillary Clinton got less among the white male than Democrats normally do, and why Trump did very well among women and Clinton actually did worse among women did Obama  did in 2012.
Looking around some of the pages of my feed, I see a constant theme that Trump only won because of racism, we must be honest here.
The swing states that Trump w
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How to Lose a Mordecai in 10 Days :iconwolfjedisamuel:wolfjedisamuel 696 143 BLACK is the new ORANGE :iconquilesart:QuilesART 222 67
I Refuse to Be Afraid
They say I should be afraid
Because I'm a woman, I should be afraid
Because I'm Hispanic, I should be afraid
Because I'm pansexual, I should be afraid
Because I have a disability, I should be afraid
But it's not just for me
I should be afraid for my friends of other races
I should be afraid for my gay, lesbian, and bisexual friends
I should be afraid for my transgender and nonbinary friends
I should be afraid for my friends that are minorities
They say I should be afraid
But I refuse to be
I refuse to be afraid because if I am, they win
They feed off of other's fear
They want me to be afraid because they will know that I will not fight back
But I will, because it's not over yet
No matter what, we need to keep fighting
We need to show them that we are not afraid
We need to show them that we can get through this
We need to show them that love conquers all
I refuse to be afraid
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Class Project- Breakfast with the President :iconalbinoraven666fanart:albinoraven666fanart 250 168 MAKE FNAF GREAT AGAIN :iconfnaf2fan:FNaF2FAN 189 159 2016 Election Scenarios :iconynot1989:YNot1989 44 132 Save America By Wrecking It... Productive :iconlordgojira:LordGojira 104 203 2016 Presidential Drinking Game Round 1 :iconpixelkitties:PixelKitties 144 140
Observe the hypocrisy of this idiocracy we’re living in
People kill for god over nothing while they live in sin
Minorities and immigrants are trapped up in the kitchens
But they gotta keep living, keep earning that commission
Cause the darker shade can get shot down or imprisoned
And Donald Trump only got a small loan of a million
We’ve got problems…
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The time of my life :iconbakki:bakki 236 98 Trumpus- The Greedy Christmas Billionaire :iconhalhefnerart:HalHefnerART 307 185 Trump Protests In A Nutshell :iconoldcreepykarpis:oldcreepykarpis 38 19 American Carnage: Inauguration 2017 :iconwonderdookie:WonderDookie 71 56