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Ninja Student
Nick was at home, bored out of his mind, there was nothing on TV, all of his friends were out of town, and he played all of his games.  He slumped on his couch and sighed.
"I wish there was something I could do," Nick said, he than widen his eyes in realization, there was something he could do.  He got up and ran out of the house to the outskirts of town.
Once there he followed a trail to an old dojo, it was believed to be a dojo where people train to become ninja's.  But people stopped coming there and it was closed off, but it was believed that an old man was there, waiting for a new student. Nick walked up to it, opened up one of the windows, and went inside, his shoes went on to a polished wooden floor; this surprised him, since the dojo closed 5 years ago.
Nick walked through the dojo seeing that the entire place was clean, not a single cobweb was in any of the rooms, the windows were clean, even the training equipment was spotless.  He cont
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Raikim Valentine's Day
“Well, what’d ya know,” Clay said, eating his cerial, “tomorrow is the 14th of Febuary, right partners?” The Xiaolin Dragons looked up at the earth bearer. Nothing had happened in so long, the fire girl thought. Now that Raimundo was Shoku Warrior, Shen Gong Wu came less and less. I wonder what this is, it has to be more fun than having long faces, eating breakfast.
Omi piped up, “Yes it is, boycow!”
Raimundo smirked, and coughed, “cowboy”. I giggled, while Omi carried a bizarre look on his round face. Omi’s mouth opened, but my Rai-I mean, you know, just plain old Raimundo was quicker.
“Isn’t that some holiday in North America?”
“It is partner, and I think you’d be glad to hear what this is called… Know it? Well it’s Valentine’s Day” Clay answered, after finishing the bowl. “On this day-”
“-What’s a Valentine’s Day?” chirped Omi, a questionable loo
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Jayden x reader~ A Day of Rest
Jayden x reader
You were the newest to join the Power Rangers Samurai team. Every Samurai ranger had an element and yours was time. You had an ability to freeze time, but it took a lot of your energy, so it does have it some limitations. Even though you were the newest Ranger does not make you less of an equal. The fact that you came in later than the rest made you train even harder, so you could earn their respect. 
You had saved Emily from getting hurt when she wasn't in her Ranger form. Kevin was about to lose his Ranger ability before you stepped in front of the blast that was meant for him, which saved him but had weaken you to a point in which you cannot your Ranger form. After that incident Kevin asked you to never try and save his life again because he was afraid it might cause you your death. You told him that you cannot do that because both Ranger and Samurai would never leave their friend behind even if it means that they have to die in their place. 
You continue t
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TMNT (2014) Raphael X Reader His Smile
Even though Raphael was the toughest out of all his brothers, he still had the best smile you've ever seen.  You only saw it once when you, April, and Vern met with the turtles underneath the bridge a couple days after the showdown with the Shredder.  Ever since then you wanted to see it again.  Whenever you had free time from school/work, you would make your way toward the lair to spend a little time with the guys.
You looked around the corner to the dojo and saw Raphael hitting each practice dummy with accuracy.  You stood there and watched with fascination as he landed each punch.  Sometimes you swear he was almost in slow motion whenever he was about to strike.  When Raphael was done he glanced over at the dojo entrance and saw you watching.  You blushed as you snapped out of your trance and quickly hid behind the wall.  Raphael chuckled to himself as he shook his head before he continued with his workout.  Later, you sat down
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Heylin Dragon Of The Wind - 1
Every Member and associate of The Heylin side were gathered around a huge table.  
CHASE YOUNG: It is with great regret I invite you all to my lair but desperate times call for desperate measures.
HANNIBAL ROY BEAN: Boy I tell you... there's nothing like a good old evil gathering.
At that point Jack Spicer came running in with toilet paper on his shoe.
JACK SPICER: Ooooh what I miss?!
WUYA: Can somebody please tell me why Spicer was invited.
CHASE: I have gathered you all here because we share a common problem, the newly appointed Shoku Warrior.
Everyone started yelling in anger.
JACK: I cant remember the last time I won a Shen-Gon-Wu!
WUYA: What's new?
Everyone started laughing
JACK: Oh yeah!!! Well....when was the last anyone else got their hands on some Wu huh?!
The laughter died quickly.
BEAN: I can't progress with my evil plans without the Moby Morpher!
PANDABUBBA: I miss the Zing Zom-Bone!
JACK: I miss the Monkey Staff!
WUYA: I miss the Reversing Mirror!
Everyone stoppe
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