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Pompon and chibi Momoko by DAV-19 Pompon and chibi Momoko :icondav-19:DAV-19 4,551 199 Scylla by GENZOMAN Scylla :icongenzoman:GENZOMAN 8,489 598 No, Dog, This Is Not For You by JohnSu No, Dog, This Is Not For You :iconjohnsu:JohnSu 4,022 342 Second Hand Smoke. by Zaellrin Second Hand Smoke. :iconzaellrin:Zaellrin 346 179 iMobile by visio-art iMobile :iconvisio-art:visio-art 973 163 Pom-Pom-Poms by DAV-19 Pom-Pom-Poms :icondav-19:DAV-19 4,699 348 Cute husky! by Diives Cute husky! :icondiives:Diives 1,234 52 WHATEVER by yuumei WHATEVER :iconyuumei:yuumei 9,169 246 Princess Fuse by Midna01 Princess Fuse :iconmidna01:Midna01 2,411 185 Pixel Momoko's living room by DAV-19 Pixel Momoko's living room :icondav-19:DAV-19 5,781 454 Take me with you by CindysArt Take me with you :iconcindysart:CindysArt 320 0 Comm: Nura by ikr Comm: Nura :iconikr:ikr 2,212 60 Then and Now by humon Then and Now :iconhumon:humon 3,884 935 Maid by DAV-19 Maid :icondav-19:DAV-19 5,197 321 Squirrel! by Wildweasel339 Squirrel! :iconwildweasel339:Wildweasel339 1,431 90 Puppy love May by tickledpinky Puppy love May :icontickledpinky:tickledpinky 5,506 686 Pomeranians by DAV-19 Pomeranians :icondav-19:DAV-19 6,506 873 'You've been acting weird.' by DogGirlKari 'You've been acting weird.' :icondoggirlkari:DogGirlKari 362 95 Fairy by Ksuksa-Raykova Fairy :iconksuksa-raykova:Ksuksa-Raykova 4,314 207 Weregem by DogGirlKari Weregem :icondoggirlkari:DogGirlKari 291 66 Almost Nothing by FionaHsieh Almost Nothing :iconfionahsieh:FionaHsieh 733 47 Love at Last? (Cyan + Retoree TF TG) by potpourrimars Love at Last? (Cyan + Retoree TF TG) :iconpotpourrimars:potpourrimars 197 13
What Every Gamer Needs
What Every Gamer Needs
(Female dog to Woman)
  Jason was a nineteen year old who would be the black sheep at parties. When others were fist pumping he was bobbing his head in a corner. He had very little friends, and had a lot of free time to just spend in his room. The only friend that Jason had was his three year old German Shepard, Bre.
  The teenager was a fan of many videogames and was that guy who laughed at a legend of Zelda joke no one else got. This socially awkward teen always spent his nights alone and with an Xbox controller in his hand. Bre was always an arms length away though and stuck with Jason through thick and thin. The two were always inseparable. Ever since Jason's parents passed, Bre was there for him to talk to. He knew it was strange but Bre was what he ever wanted in a girl. His dog made him feel so at peace and relaxed. For this reason no other girl seemed to be good enough for him. They either didn't give him the time of day or they didn't
:iconkillerpen:killerpen 81 30
30 Day Monster Girl Challenge - Incomplete by Blazbaros 30 Day Monster Girl Challenge - Incomplete :iconblazbaros:Blazbaros 420 65 Running Wild - Webcomic - Pag3 by jesonite Running Wild - Webcomic - Pag3 :iconjesonite:jesonite 506 82 Sixty THOUSAND Account Views by bendzz Sixty THOUSAND Account Views :iconbendzz:bendzz 2,398 123 The sight of victory by Cowszers The sight of victory :iconcowszers:Cowszers 1,416 30 A Dog Named Latex by TF-Warlock A Dog Named Latex :icontf-warlock:TF-Warlock 422 12 Dog walker by Godendag Dog walker :icongodendag:Godendag 493 15
The Wolf Queen's Stuffing Lust
(Original Characters / Commission)
Sharla was certainly a woman who could be considered a perfect choice to be given the role of queen in practically every way.
In her village, where the people born there had both the ears and tails of the lupus variety along with their normal human features, she was one who ruled over all of them with her exceptional benevolence. She was one of their youngest queens, but she was also one of their greatest. There were those who crafted poetry or conducted songs in her name, and in their music or in their writing, they could not help but call out how truly fitting to be a matriarch she was, when she was so beautiful in mind and body equally.
Her skin was unblemished with a predominantly bronze complexion, shinier than any firmly-cleaned piece of copper. Her silvery hair billowed in waves down the length of her back and spread out all around her after that. Every single lock was like velvet to the touch. Her eyes were a pair of glorious rubies that c
:iconborin23:Borin23 163 10
Trading Places - DogGirl by JPG24 Trading Places - DogGirl :iconjpg24:JPG24 422 161 Courageous by StarwarsXx Courageous :iconstarwarsxx:StarwarsXx 232 31 Club Icee by BlackSen Club Icee :iconblacksen:BlackSen 709 47 Isabelle by Slugbox Isabelle :iconslugbox:Slugbox 2,750 189 Scent of conceding by 12-tf Scent of conceding :icon12-tf:12-tf 381 26 'No. Don't look at me...' by DogGirlKari 'No. Don't look at me...' :icondoggirlkari:DogGirlKari 212 52 Isabelle's new bikini by NeoCoill Isabelle's new bikini :iconneocoill:NeoCoill 572 34 Bark at the Moon by DogGirlKari Bark at the Moon :icondoggirlkari:DogGirlKari 211 19 Kibbles 2014 by freelancemanga Kibbles 2014 :iconfreelancemanga:freelancemanga 604 48
Casino Girls
Connor, Leo, and Timmy were all at Connor's house playing Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity for the Wii.
        "Oh yeah I passed you Leo!"
        "What, but how!?"
        "Well I am the Sonic Riders master,"
"Well I don't own a Wii," Timmy said.
As they continued to play, Connor heard someone knock on the door and paused the game to answer it.  When he opened the door, a mailman was standing there with a package.
"Mr. Connor McNeill?"
"That's me,"
"I have a package for you," the Mailman said and gave Connor the package.
"Thanks," Connor said, and the mailman walked off.  When Connor closed the door and the mailman was far enough away, the mailman pushed a button on his watch and a mailman disappeared to reveal Connor's friend John.
"Now time to see if those devices work,"
Connor walked into the living room with the package and put it on the table.
:iconhamcon:hamcon 58 2
07 by sandara 07 :iconsandara:sandara 1,017 90 Designated Marksman Team by Dmitrys Designated Marksman Team :icondmitrys:Dmitrys 620 30 Comm -  Night Rubs by sonier103 Comm - Night Rubs :iconsonier103:sonier103 836 13 Commission for Svelta by Harumagai Commission for Svelta :iconharumagai:Harumagai 1,556 90 Gift: Pre Party, Terrible Idea by Axlwisp Gift: Pre Party, Terrible Idea :iconaxlwisp:Axlwisp 675 47 Wolf Selfie by TheFelineAlchemist Wolf Selfie :iconthefelinealchemist:TheFelineAlchemist 150 16 TG Caption - On a short leash by TGcompilation TG Caption - On a short leash :icontgcompilation:TGcompilation 372 37 friends by inSOLense friends :iconinsolense:inSOLense 375 40