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Donquixote Doflamingo - Wallpaper :iconrubiadmc:RubiaDmc 164 21 Doflamingo :iconyoung-street:young-street 601 67
Mistake Doflamingo x Reader
    "Yo, baby 5. I was looking for the young master, have you seen him?" Asked Vergo, raising a hand in greeting.
    "Hm, the last time I saw him he was going to talk with (y/n) in her room." Replied Baby 5. Vergo nodded and walked away. Baby 5 watched him leave and watched him come back again less than a minute later. "You don't know where her room is do you?" Vergo stared at her silently. "Alright I'll show you to her room."
    Vergo and Baby 5 walked together down the hallway, passing door after door until a strange sound met their ears.
    "Was that-" Blushed Baby 5. Vergo nodded. "Well should we, you know, check it out? I mean there's no way (y/n) would be doing that, right?"
    "There's only one way to find out," Sighed Vergo as he swung the door open.
    "Eek! V-VERGO-SAN!" You squeaked in embarrassment as you tried to hide yourself under your captain's large feather coat.
    "Fufufufu, it seems my littl
:icondeavagirl:deavagirl 229 40
Luffy Vs Doflamingo :iconanimefanno1:AnimeFanNo1 158 22
Doflamingo X Reader: The Piano
         The night was dark, and the silence hung still, encasing the palace of Dressrosa in a peaceful shroud of a seeming nothingness. Each star in the sky above twinkled at intervals, dotting the blackness with their pure white sparkle alongside the silver gleam of the full moon, shining down upon the palace like a godly spotlight from the world above. It was the only thing piercing the silence at this time.
    Deep in the palace, through the halls carpeted red, every door was closed, and every light unturned. Not a sound could be heard, and not a soul was awake. Well, not a soul but one or two. Traveling through the second floor, one would see a dim yellow glow from a room, seeping out of the crack at the bottom. Inside, was you, sitting at the desk in the corner of your given room, staring down at a blank page of your log book, feather quill in hand, and ink jar uncapped under the dim light of a single candle.
:iconsheeriridescence:SheerIridescence 232 49
FCBD 2014 Sketches 15 - 16 :iconthechamba:theCHAMBA 299 23 One Piece: Disappearance :iconminuu-chan:Minuu-chan 394 53 Donquixote Doflamingo :iconcanesta:canesta 58 6 Doflamingo :iconchenj27:Chenj27 152 4 OP - Donquixote Doflamingo2 :iconlotusmartus:LotusMartus 341 74 Doflamingo, the man who pulls the strings :icon321comics:321comics 67 7 Donquixote Doflamingo :iconk-kismet:k-kismet 86 2 Chibies :iconelyonblackstar:ElyonBlackStar 228 75
Doflamingo x reader the king Jealousy
"Someone what!" you heard Doflamingo voice down the hall yelling at Baby 5 news or otherwise gossip she had told him "It's true young master, someone proposed to your queen!" you could hear Baby 5 blab and blab on about yesterday "heh heh heh heh eh," you heard him laugh down the hallway passing Baby 5 and walking up to you making you look up from the book you were reading  "My sweet, and lovely [name] is that true?" even tho he was smiling  you could see the veins pop out on his forehead casing you to jerk back in you chair "H-he didn't proposed," you stuttered while trying to explain it to him but his smile was scaring the life out of you sending goose bubs up your spine "hmm?" he bended down to your face till both of your nose were touching "Then what did he do?" he put both of his hands on each of your shoulders making it impossible to escape eye contact with him even tho he was wearing his shades as usual "Y-you see... while I was down town buying roses one of them f-fel
:iconsweet-lemon-and-lime:sweet-lemon-and-lime 163 12
doodle - Doflamingo :iconlotusmartus:LotusMartus 316 61 Doflamingo :iconrubiadmc:RubiaDmc 70 27 Doflamingo Pixel Chibi :iconinjokei:InjoKEI 97 6
Eager To Play ~7MIH (Doflamingo X Reader)
"What's taking them so long?" you mumbled as you sat in the small spacious room.
A simple game of 7 Minutes in Heaven would certainly cure the crew's boredom for the day and surprisingly, you were the first one to go. The game was simple. Everyone's name is written on a piece of paper and placed into the jar. By drawing lots, the host picks two pieces of paper by random and the chosen participants are to go into the closet for seven minutes but there was a twist. The first one who gets chosen goes into the closet first and shuts the door until the other arrives. In either case, you'll never know you you're gonna end up with. 
You had nothing to do but wait now. At the time, the assorted clothes that hung above your head remained still and the audible sound of your sigh was your only response. 
'I wonder whose turn is it? I hope it isn't Buffalo.' you thought. The thought of his large beaver-like teeth clinging against your lips made you shudder and you wouldn't
:iconmiss-kraken:Miss-Kraken 147 55
Donquixote Doflamingo :icontremblax:Tremblax 282 29 Happy Birthday, Doffy!! :icondarthshizuka:DarthShizuka 284 35 N O I S E - S I L E N C E - E C H O :iconelyonblackstar:ElyonBlackStar 167 57 Corazon week: Day 1 - Donquixote Family :icondarthshizuka:DarthShizuka 189 26 Remorse :icondarthshizuka:DarthShizuka 179 13
Coffee, Part two, Trafalgar Law x Reader
Law leaned back in his chair and let his eyes wander around the coffee shop where he sat. It was loud, uncomfortable, and you weren't here. A day had passed since your paths had intercrossed and Law had been in a foul mood ever since. He couldn't understand it. What had he done? You two had been extremely close. He'd told you things he'd never told anyone before, and you had done the same. . .
    ~~~Three Years Ago ~~~
    "You're late," You called out to your new 'friend' as the shop's door swung open. His eyes found yours and a smirk graced his face.
    "I would've been here sooner if you had told me where exactly you were going to be." Law told you. "I spent an hour searching the shops." You smiled up at him, taking time to appreciate how the sunlight hit his face. 'He really is attractive,' You mused to yourself. 'And more than a bit mysterious.' Across from you, Law settles down into an egg shaped chair. He blinked and glanced around the room. Every
:icondeavagirl:deavagirl 90 35
OP - Donquixote Doflamingo :iconlotusmartus:LotusMartus 240 61 Baby 5 :iconsome-random-drawing:some-random-drawing 364 59 One Piece: My top 5 :iconiurypadilha:iurypadilha 202 35 Capture completion :iconbiliken:biliken 181 20 My favorite characters!! :iconbiliken:biliken 155 32 DoFlamingo cosplay :iconyougamidaisuke:YougamiDaisuke 43 10 Fem-Doflamingo :iconlotusmartus:LotusMartus 197 35 Doffy :icondarthshizuka:DarthShizuka 146 6 Doujinshi - Bad Karma :iconlotusmartus:LotusMartus 230 36 Doflamingo :iconlotusmartus:LotusMartus 208 53 It's so painful. please stop it...please :iconbiliken:biliken 134 15
Unborn child (Doflamingo x Reader)
The first time you realized your period was not on time you knew exactly what happened. You were pregnant and that was probably what you expected while spending so many nights with this man. But now you started to think straight as some mother instinct struck you. You knew here wasn’t the best place for your unborn baby, not in such environment. Sure even if you would have the money the bad energy and influence of the father would only make him into a bad person. You didn’t want that. You wanted the kid to be raised in a kind and loving house. May it have been with or without a father. Your plan was simple leave this cursed island and leave for a place that is in some kind of harmony, kind and peaceful. Yet before you left you managed to take some of his money and treasure. You didn’t felt like any thief because he had to pay for the kid as well even if he didn’t knew about it at all. How quick and fast you were no one noticed the drawn out money, a least not
:icontemidark:TemiDark 39 17
Doffy doodle :icondarthshizuka:DarthShizuka 153 13 Doflaw :icondarthshizuka:DarthShizuka 129 19
DoflamingoxReader: Mine, and Mine Only
You didn't get why you had to be in here. In a stinky old cell, like a prisoner. He said it was for your protection, but it seemed like a punishment. You sighed as you heard his footsteps getting closer to your cell. You were turned away from the cell door, but you could tell he was there, starring at you. You didn't want to see his face, you couldn't care less about him anymore. 
"Little, (F/n), won't you turn around and face your lover?" He asked in a seductive voice. 
"Hell no." You responded with venom in your words. 
"So harsh. You know why I put you in here, it's for your protect..." 
"My protection my ass. This is punishment for something I didn't do. What the hell were you thinking. I haven't seen the sunshine in weeks." You told him and you heard him sigh. 
"Won't you please turn around?" He asked and you shook your head and closed your eyes tight. You knew he would turn you around himself. Just as you had guessed he used his devil fruit power and turn
:iconkalablue:Kalablue 73 9
Sequel!Unborn Child (Doflamingo x Reader)
You couldn’t believe how strange your kid had grown up, you tried to give her the best traits and raise her with all the love you could possibly give her, yet some dna probably couldn’t be changed as whatever you did as soon she turned 13 her wish was to work at Impel Down. She believed the screams of terrifiYed men were quite so pleasing and after complains every single day you gave in. Sure you wanted to make your kid happy and after being Doflamingo’s so called lover you stopped to care about the small things like of other people’s suffering. You truly only cared about your kid and the villagers at the island you decided to stay at since (child’s name) birth. You decided to employ yourself together with your daughter at Impel Down, you knew it would be quite a hard task not speaking of the fact that her father was also sitting there. She probably knew who it was probably that’s why she decided to go in the first place the rest seemed as a bonus.
:icontemidark:TemiDark 26 11
Donquixote Doflamingo :iconsmudgeandfrank:Smudgeandfrank 71 8 Coradofla :icondarthshizuka:DarthShizuka 88 14 Donquixote Doflamingo :icondavidexposito:DavidExposito 37 0 Bookmarks Sample :iconlotusmartus:LotusMartus 181 68
Closer (Doflamingo x Reader)
a/n: warning:  there is strong language… but it’s really just the lyrics to Nine Inch Nail’s Closer

Throwing back another drink he felt his eyes trailing back toward the bar, what was it about that girl behind the bar that kept drawing his attention.  Sure she was a pretty little thing, and oh how he wanted to violate her, desecrate her, but no, there was definitely something else about her.  She was fascinating, and the way she navigated those heathens surrounding her was absolutely mesmerizing.  
He wanted her.  He wanted every single inch of her.
He felt a shiver run down his spine as her [e/c] eyes locked onto his, a slight smirk crossing her lips as she silently let him know she could feel his eyes penetrating her.  That grin on his face grew, as his tongue flicked across his lips, godman it he needed this girl.
“Ne, Doffy, what’s got your attention over there?”
He scowled as he pulled his attentio
:iconishxallxgood:ishxallxgood 33 42
Luffy vs Doflamingo :iconclaudiadragneel:claudiadragneel 135 9 Let's Go Back :iconelyonblackstar:ElyonBlackStar 95 60 DC - Misunderstanding - 1 :iconlotusmartus:LotusMartus 122 22
Living The Dream (Doflamingo x Reader)
You couldn’t believe how you managed to bring this guy into this serious relationship. He always seemed be the type that fooled around and every chance he got he went to party with his so called harem. There was so many women that were interested in him just for the sake of money, yet something else caught your attention and since then you were by his side treating him like any other human begin.
First he was really irritated as he saw himself higher than anyone else, yet there was you who were the kindest soul he ever meet, but never did you feed his ego as he wanted it to be. Despite this strange relation between you two you always was ears and shoulders for him to lean on, but it took him time before he realized how important you were to him and maybe being treated like a normal person was something he needed when everyone else seen him either as a fearful man or a villain that could destroy lives just by given sign. Maybe the fact that even his own brother seemed him like a
:icontemidark:TemiDark 40 15