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Mine [Doflamingo x Reader x Little!Law]
Being part of the Donquixote Pirates automatically meant people feared you. Not that you minded, in fact, it was just good since you didn't need to bother with weaklings that were foolish enough to challenge you. Of course, being part of the crew also meant you were part of the family, which you loved. Each one of the family members were special and unique in their own way. And even if they were ruthless pirates known for having no mercy, they were such warm personalities inside the mansions walls.
Yes, mansion. Doflamingo, the captain himself, was the king of Dressrosa.
Using the mansion of the country as an base was an excellent idea. They didn't need to be out on a ship 24/7, but instead could take breaks and just relax by the pool in the backyard. Don't get me wrong, you loved the sea, but sunbathing at a warm island was always very appealing.
As said before, the Donquixote Pirates were quite ruthless, but within the family everyone were loving to each other. Everyone were loyal to
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Doflamingo X Reader: Prick
   You had a couple of jobs to take care of as a part of Doflamingo’s crew here on Dressrosa. Well… More like one job and one self-proclaimed task that you found completely necessary. That task usually involved pushing the buttons of Doflamingo himself, putting him on the brink of tearing your throat out, but never actually doing it because you knew he would never dare kill you. There was always so much tension between you and him that you could cut it with a knife, his lack of ability to make a move being your favourite part of the day.
    Speaking of which, you were about to do exactly that at this moment, having snuck into his room only moments go to wreak havoc on him or his belongings. And considering he wasn’t in his room at the moment, belongings it was.
    “Hmm, now what can I mess with that will bug the hell out of an all-powerful leader…” You thought aloud, pacing around his room. Taking
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All Tied Up (Doflamingo x Reader)
Six months you had worked for the Donquixote family at Dressrosa Palace – administration work mostly, taking the Young Master Doflamingo’s calls for him, placing them on hold, arranging meetings and councils. It was boring work, and you often found yourself gazing out of your office window, high above the palace pool where the Young Master and company usually sat enjoying the sunshine.
You sighed heavily, wishing you could join them for a dip in the pool. Dressrosa’s balmy weather was beginning to get to you, and you unclasped the top button of your blouse as you gazed longingly at the still blue water.
Doflamingo had asked you to join them, but you had regretfully refused out of politeness. After all, it was best not to mix business with pleasure. You had a job to do. And besides, you could not stand to think about the attention you would have drawn by the poolside from a certain pink-feathered blond.
From day one he had shown an interest in you
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Corazon x reader Mine
      You looked up from your book at the sound of a crash, moments later the door opened to let a grumbling law step through, blood trickling down the side of his face. 
   "Corazon throw you out of the window again?"You looked at the child, he was silent for a moment, then slowly nodded. "Come here." You swung your legs off the couch and patted the soft cushions the raven haired boy sat next to you, letting you take off his hat the first-aid kit sitting open on the table from earlier. "That's the 7th time today, what did you do that made him pissed off this time." You didn't miss the blush that crept across his face.
   "Nothing!" He crossed his arms, flinching slightly at the sting from the antibacterial spray. 
    "Doesn't seem like nothing."You smiled softly, wrapping the bandage around his head his raven locks falling over them. 
   "You know he sometimes throws me out the window for no reason." You pla
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So, Killer walks into this bar, and he asks the bartender, "Yo, you got anything good?" and Law, the barkeep, is all, "We got some bear claws," and Killer's like, "Eww, you cut Bepo's paws off?" and Kidd's like, "Oh, I already ate those. You're out of luck, Killer," and then Bepo is all, "WHO TOOK MAH HANDS?!"
And then Luffy is like, "I DID, MUTHA FUCKA!!" and Zoro's all, "AND A KING OF THE PIRATES TO YOU, GOOD SIR!!"
So, Capone all walks in, leather bound, and he sits down on a stool. And Kidd's all, "Dude! You're getting your butt cheeks all over the stool!" and Capone turns to Kidd suddenly, murffing murffing, and LE GASP!! THE BALL GAG COMETH!!! Then Law's all, "Bonney must be near!!"
Okay, so, Bonney all walks in. Except, it isn't regular Bonney. It's a frickin' pink dragon Bonney!! And Killer's all, "HOLY SHIT!!" and Kidd's like, "HOLY SHIT!!" and Law's all like, "HOLY SHIT!!" and Bepo is all like, "I left the dryer
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