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DOBBY- THE FIRST FREE ELF by Jerome-K-Moore DOBBY- THE FIRST FREE ELF :iconjerome-k-moore:Jerome-K-Moore 935 105 Harry Potter: Goodbye Dobby by daekazu Harry Potter: Goodbye Dobby :icondaekazu:daekazu 5,714 632 Harry Potter DH Poster by CAMartin Harry Potter DH Poster :iconcamartin:CAMartin 1,581 517 Dobby- Harry Potter by Abydell Dobby- Harry Potter :iconabydell:Abydell 2,260 284 funny, that usually works by makani funny, that usually works :iconmakani:makani 3,210 526 Nalu Doujin- I'll Always Be There for You by DobbyWobbyAznNinja Nalu Doujin- I'll Always Be There for You :icondobbywobbyaznninja:DobbyWobbyAznNinja 424 60 Harry Potter's Facebook Page by Elder-Wand Harry Potter's Facebook Page :iconelder-wand:Elder-Wand 880 249 Harry Potter Bookmarks by NatasaIlincic Harry Potter Bookmarks :iconnatasailincic:NatasaIlincic 612 53 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by crystalwaterfall Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets :iconcrystalwaterfall:crystalwaterfall 353 76 The Flaw with Aparation by B1nd1 The Flaw with Aparation :iconb1nd1:B1nd1 9,210 1,654
5 Steps for Creating a Plot Premise
5 Steps for Creating a Plot Premise
Anybody Can Write a Novel Version 2.0
Chapter 4 “Creating a Plot” – Section 2 “Plot Premise”
"Every human being has hundreds of separate people living under his skin. The talent of a writer is his ability to give them their separate names, identities, personalities and have them relate to other characters living with him."
-Mel Brooks
Ask a beginning writer what their story is about, and you'll likely be rewarded with a long and tedious monologue about their world, characters, and story ideas—told in such a way that reveals that they really can't answer the question without telling the entire story. If you are trying to gain reader interest, or even publish your work, you need to be able to answer that question in a c
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I LOVE YOU HARRY by Nilessa I LOVE YOU HARRY :iconnilessa:Nilessa 997 200 Dobby by Santani Dobby :iconsantani:Santani 481 115 Danse Macabre by sullen-skrewt Danse Macabre :iconsullen-skrewt:sullen-skrewt 959 232 Dobby is happy to be with his friend by Fantaasiatoidab Dobby is happy to be with his friend :iconfantaasiatoidab:Fantaasiatoidab 802 235 Harry Potter Zodiac by GeorgeWiseman Harry Potter Zodiac :icongeorgewiseman:GeorgeWiseman 407 196 Hermione's Patronus Charm by feliciacano Hermione's Patronus Charm :iconfeliciacano:feliciacano 2,746 337 Hobgoblin by thrumyeye Hobgoblin :iconthrumyeye:thrumyeye 1,603 129 Harry Potter - Characters by batteryfish Harry Potter - Characters :iconbatteryfish:batteryfish 640 100 Maim or Seriously Injure by inkandstardust Maim or Seriously Injure :iconinkandstardust:inkandstardust 2,380 305 You're a wizard, Harry by FenjaVanEm You're a wizard, Harry :iconfenjavanem:FenjaVanEm 93 29 Day 46 - Having seen death by MonsterBrand Day 46 - Having seen death :iconmonsterbrand:MonsterBrand 840 63 Deathly Hallows Promo Material by ellaine Deathly Hallows Promo Material :iconellaine:ellaine 495 160 Harry Potter And Friends by JohnathanChong Harry Potter And Friends :iconjohnathanchong:JohnathanChong 168 10 The Lost Ones :HPDH spoiler: by Starlettegurly The Lost Ones :HPDH spoiler: :iconstarlettegurly:Starlettegurly 240 43 HP meme -filled by uppuN HP meme -filled :iconuppun:uppuN 380 151 The First Year by Ellygator The First Year :iconellygator:Ellygator 751 329 #23 The Hermit by Picolo-kun #23 The Hermit :iconpicolo-kun:Picolo-kun 700 33 HP7  Spoiler : Dobby by trishna87 HP7 Spoiler : Dobby :icontrishna87:trishna87 361 147
Malfoy Manor
Ron and I stood beside each other, held back by our captors, watching as Bellatrix pulled Harry's face back, whispering for Draco. Our old classmate silently walked toward the Lestrange woman, his body slightly shaking. "Well?" Bellatrix crooned, an estranged look upon her face, a smile plastered upon her face.
"We can't be sure," Draco replied, staring at Harry's disfigured face.
Lucius stood behind Draco, grasping his neck, talking to him. "Look closely, son," he said, turning to look at his son. "If we were the ones to hand Potter over to the Dark Lord, e-everything would be forgiven; everything will be, as it was. You understand?" Draco nodded quickly, glancing from his father to Harry. "Now, we won't be forgetting who actually caught him?" Scabior said, putting his hands on his hips, "I hope, Mr. Malfoy?"
"You dare to talk to me like that in my own house!" Lucius started, raising his voice with each word. "Lucius," Narcissa, warned, standing next to her husband, pulling him
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Harry Potter Deaths :SPOILERS: by MissMusicMartina Harry Potter Deaths :SPOILERS: :iconmissmusicmartina:MissMusicMartina 268 182 Dobby a free Elf by LovelyHufflePuff Dobby a free Elf :iconlovelyhufflepuff:LovelyHufflePuff 122 31 Shell Cottage :::Spoiler::: by AbigailLarson Shell Cottage :::Spoiler::: :iconabigaillarson:AbigailLarson 556 25 Dobby the free House-elf by TeemuJuhani Dobby the free House-elf :iconteemujuhani:TeemuJuhani 873 86 Dobby by Tommy-Slowpoke Dobby :icontommy-slowpoke:Tommy-Slowpoke 119 26 spoil- we who are about to die by HILLYMINNE spoil- we who are about to die :iconhillyminne:HILLYMINNE 987 192 DeathlyHallows: In Remembrance by Seraphyne DeathlyHallows: In Remembrance :iconseraphyne:Seraphyne 161 60
Draco's Potty
I am Draco Malfoy,
a misunderstood boy.
My only friends are
Crabbe and Goyle.
I hate that Harry Potter,
and his friends are hotter,
Ron: my girl,
he's got her...
Hermione Granger.
Not many people like me
and some try to fight me
but I'm pals with Voldemort.
Everything should be mine
but my parents don't have time
so sometimes with anguish I'm wrought...
but there is someone who'll be proud
of me, for learning how
to use the big boy potty...
...yes it's my daddy Dobby!
He was always a good little elf
but he never stood up for himself.
He used to serve me well,
He'd listen to me speak
and though he would reek
he'd reach for my cheek,
all grotty.
He'd say "Draco you can draw"
and I'd draw some more
but Lucius never wanted to see.
Well now I've shown them all,
without one single fall,
I have learnt how
to use the potty!
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