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Mello by RikaMello Mello :iconrikamello:RikaMello 374 36 Distant Sun by LadyxBoleyn Distant Sun :iconladyxboleyn:LadyxBoleyn 120 33 distant sun by murrrzilka distant sun :iconmurrrzilka:murrrzilka 78 25 Wet Sunset by DiStaNtSuN Wet Sunset :icondistantsun:DiStaNtSuN 60 121 Distant Sun by BlackJack0919 Distant Sun :iconblackjack0919:BlackJack0919 119 26 Distant Sun by senyphine Distant Sun :iconsenyphine:senyphine 128 26 Reflecting Dawn by DiStaNtSuN Reflecting Dawn :icondistantsun:DiStaNtSuN 22 52 He's Just Mad About Me by Kefanii He's Just Mad About Me :iconkefanii:Kefanii 17 10 Cloud by DiStaNtSuN Cloud :icondistantsun:DiStaNtSuN 13 42 Frozen by DiStaNtSuN Frozen :icondistantsun:DiStaNtSuN 12 65 Gloom by Bittersuesz Gloom :iconbittersuesz:Bittersuesz 11 0 Distant Sun by one-tough-one Distant Sun :iconone-tough-one:one-tough-one 8 0 .-. Hic et NuNc .-. by DiStaNtSuN .-. Hic et NuNc .-. :icondistantsun:DiStaNtSuN 9 53 Chained to the past by froggyfluf Chained to the past :iconfroggyfluf:froggyfluf 9 6 Distant system abandoned sanctuary by AnthemsToTheWelkin Distant system abandoned sanctuary :iconanthemstothewelkin:AnthemsToTheWelkin 6 0 Sunset by DiStaNtSuN Sunset :icondistantsun:DiStaNtSuN 7 46 Dawn by DiStaNtSuN Dawn :icondistantsun:DiStaNtSuN 6 20 Neon Jellyfish by DiStaNtSuN Neon Jellyfish :icondistantsun:DiStaNtSuN 4 23 Points Of View by DiStaNtSuN Points Of View :icondistantsun:DiStaNtSuN 4 44 Sunset II by DiStaNtSuN Sunset II :icondistantsun:DiStaNtSuN 4 30 Gettin' Iced by DiStaNtSuN Gettin' Iced :icondistantsun:DiStaNtSuN 4 37 Winter Planet by MichaelAtman Winter Planet :iconmichaelatman:MichaelAtman 3 1 Rainbow Supernova by Skypeoplephoenix732 Rainbow Supernova :iconskypeoplephoenix732:Skypeoplephoenix732 3 0 Stonepath by DiStaNtSuN Stonepath :icondistantsun:DiStaNtSuN 3 17 Spaceport window by AnthemsToTheWelkin Spaceport window :iconanthemstothewelkin:AnthemsToTheWelkin 2 8 Unreached by DiStaNtSuN Unreached :icondistantsun:DiStaNtSuN 3 44 Reflections by DiStaNtSuN Reflections :icondistantsun:DiStaNtSuN 3 32 Blue Ego by DiStaNtSuN Blue Ego :icondistantsun:DiStaNtSuN 3 24 Calm Waters by teews666 Calm Waters :iconteews666:teews666 3 0 Distant sun by ericlee793 Distant sun :iconericlee793:ericlee793 2 2 Mine by e-s-d Mine :icone-s-d:e-s-d 3 2 Arctic moon by MichaelAtman Arctic moon :iconmichaelatman:MichaelAtman 2 0 Purple Thoughts by DiStaNtSuN Purple Thoughts :icondistantsun:DiStaNtSuN 2 17 Distant Sun by tinystarkitten Distant Sun :icontinystarkitten:tinystarkitten 2 0 Celestial by ShadowFlame12 Celestial :iconshadowflame12:ShadowFlame12 1 2 Distant Sun by kimi-lady Distant Sun :iconkimi-lady:kimi-lady 0 7 Distant Sun by ejlia Distant Sun :iconejlia:ejlia 21 17 Stream Of Unconsciousness by DiStaNtSuN Stream Of Unconsciousness :icondistantsun:DiStaNtSuN 0 13 Devious Desktop III : Donnie by DiStaNtSuN Devious Desktop III : Donnie :icondistantsun:DiStaNtSuN 0 5 Mountain in the Sky by CreedOfTheHeart Mountain in the Sky :iconcreedoftheheart:CreedOfTheHeart 0 0 Wolf Sun by Albino-Lupe Wolf Sun :iconalbino-lupe:Albino-Lupe 0 0 Distant Sun by TheHaxorusKing Distant Sun :iconthehaxorusking:TheHaxorusKing 1 0 distant sky 2 by butterflybabe23 distant sky 2 :iconbutterflybabe23:butterflybabe23 0 3 Distant Sun by Zmulaua-Stonoga Distant Sun :iconzmulaua-stonoga:Zmulaua-Stonoga 0 2 On The Other Side of The Clouds by sliiide On The Other Side of The Clouds :iconsliiide:sliiide 2 0 Wallpaper II by DiStaNtSuN Wallpaper II :icondistantsun:DiStaNtSuN 1 4 The distant sun sets by LinsenSchuss The distant sun sets :iconlinsenschuss:LinsenSchuss 6 0
A Distant Sun
I could wish
           for anything
and yet
         I wish
                                                            For nothing.
     The cold light peels away layers
Skin that will flake off
scrape off
burn off
one way or another.
     I pick at these scabs
these bruises
these cuts
in my skin
Don't know why.
Don't need to know why.
I just know...
                      My sun is dying.
Slowly, effortlessly,
I watch
:iconwalkingfish:walkingfish 2 2
Light falls on the ground
From the close but distant sun
Casting shadows on our turmoil
Shedding light on our secrets
We are in the dark
:iconyoung-haiku-poet:Young-Haiku-Poet 2 6
Evil Visiting? by DiStaNtSuN Evil Visiting? :icondistantsun:DiStaNtSuN 0 2