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365 Things I Love About You
365 Things I Love About You
1. I love how you always make me smile
2. I love how you always make me laugh
3. I love the way you inspire me.
4. I love how cute and adorable you can be
5. I love the kindness that you show
6. I love how I can always be there for you
7. I love how you can always there for me.
8. I love how you stand up for the things you believe in
9. I love how open-minded you are
10. I love your gentleness with me
12. I love how you take my breath away.
13. I love thinking about you
14. I love how sweet you make my dreams
15. I love hearing your laughter
16. I love it when you smile
17. I love you still when your angry
18. I love you still when your sad
19. I love you still when you're a mess (though you'll always be beautiful to me)
20. I love the way you feel
21. I love the way you hold my hand
22. I love the way you smell
23. I love gazing into your eyes
24. I love the sound of your sweet voice
25. I love how much you've taught me about life and myself
26. I lo
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Go the Distance
"Hey Matthew?" You quietly asked as you softly knocked on his door, and stepping on to the maple hard-wood floor.
"O-Oh h-hey, _____." The quiet Canadian stuttered upon your arrival.
"What's up?" You asked awkwardly standing in the middle of the red and white room, Kumajiro was happily napping in Matthew's lap.
"N-Nothing, j-just thinking." He shyly said looking down at the sleeping bear. "Y-You can sit down. O-Only i-if you want t-to though."
"Well you seemed pretty deep in thought, you can tell me you know right?" You stated placing your hand on his and sitting next  to him, a rosy blush spread across the Canadian's usually pale cheeks.
"T-The other countries didn't notice me at the meeting again." He whispered.
''I'm sorry Mattie." You sadly sad resting your head on the blushing Canadian's shoulder.
"D-Do you want to know something _-_____?" He stuttered again.
"Yeah, sure what?" You asked gazing into his tear filled violet hued eyes.
"I-I h-have often d-dreamed of a place, w-w
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Long Distance, Wrong Distance
Have I ever told you
that if I sit really still and silent,
sometimes. I like to think
I can hear your heart beating
in time with mine?
Have I ever told you
that when I watch you speak to me
through lines and cords,
and bytes and ram,
I imagine
your voice,
whispering into my ear?
Have I ever told you
that I wait out each day
in anticipation,
only an hour or two,
just a second in space and time,
to feel close to you?
Have I ever told you
that there has been times,
when I ached for you,
ached for you so badly,
that the emotions overwhelmed me..
and so I sat and cried?
Have I ever told you
that sometimes,
I will reach out,
touching your name
on this cold screen before me,
I could reach in
and pull you to me?
Have I ever told you
that after the first time I heard
the sound of your voice,
thousands of miles away,
I sat up all night,
turning the conversation over and over
in my mind,
examining it,
like some newly discovered species of flower?
Have I ever told you
that I would
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