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Wave's SFX Tutorial by suzuran Wave's SFX Tutorial :iconsuzuran:suzuran 4,501 659 SD: Kims and Annie by CosmicSpectrumm SD: Kims and Annie :iconcosmicspectrumm:CosmicSpectrumm 1,956 82 Kims and Annie..AGAIN by CosmicSpectrumm Kims and Annie..AGAIN :iconcosmicspectrumm:CosmicSpectrumm 6,126 162 Fantasy boy by rosalindharrison Fantasy boy :iconrosalindharrison:rosalindharrison 415 133 Heidi - Metamorphosis by Laura-Ferreira Heidi - Metamorphosis :iconlaura-ferreira:Laura-Ferreira 859 59 Silent Understanding by CosmicSpectrumm Silent Understanding :iconcosmicspectrumm:CosmicSpectrumm 1,324 52 SD: trash one by CosmicSpectrumm SD: trash one :iconcosmicspectrumm:CosmicSpectrumm 1,526 71 SingleDisplacement: Kima by CosmicSpectrumm SingleDisplacement: Kima :iconcosmicspectrumm:CosmicSpectrumm 3,140 193 'Touch me, please.' by moyan 'Touch me, please.' :iconmoyan:moyan 1,940 162 Copper Construct by Pasternak Copper Construct :iconpasternak:Pasternak 572 52 Single displacement.. by CosmicSpectrumm Single displacement.. :iconcosmicspectrumm:CosmicSpectrumm 1,031 25 I sold You and You sold Me. by CosmicSpectrumm I sold You and You sold Me. :iconcosmicspectrumm:CosmicSpectrumm 1,250 53 sea song by CosmicSpectrumm sea song :iconcosmicspectrumm:CosmicSpectrumm 1,747 61 Failed Endeavor by BLPH Failed Endeavor :iconblph:BLPH 163 38 Drift Solo Remix by pete-aeiko Drift Solo Remix :iconpete-aeiko:pete-aeiko 1,015 239 SD: A New Begining by CosmicSpectrumm SD: A New Begining :iconcosmicspectrumm:CosmicSpectrumm 1,087 89 Ravite and Pells by CosmicSpectrumm Ravite and Pells :iconcosmicspectrumm:CosmicSpectrumm 1,202 97 Steampunk Weapons by Rodrigo-Vega Steampunk Weapons :iconrodrigo-vega:Rodrigo-Vega 546 83 SD: Bawss of the North by CosmicSpectrumm SD: Bawss of the North :iconcosmicspectrumm:CosmicSpectrumm 1,637 164 Kims Ref Sheet by CosmicSpectrumm Kims Ref Sheet :iconcosmicspectrumm:CosmicSpectrumm 1,266 78 SD: Windy sketch by CosmicSpectrumm SD: Windy sketch :iconcosmicspectrumm:CosmicSpectrumm 705 21 Displacement study by rosalindharrison Displacement study :iconrosalindharrison:rosalindharrison 164 66 SD: quentin by CosmicSpectrumm SD: quentin :iconcosmicspectrumm:CosmicSpectrumm 752 29 Single Displacement: Mr.Winter by CosmicSpectrumm Single Displacement: Mr.Winter :iconcosmicspectrumm:CosmicSpectrumm 2,386 293 SD: First encounter.... by CosmicSpectrumm SD: First encounter.... :iconcosmicspectrumm:CosmicSpectrumm 756 50 Those Who Came Before by jflaxman Those Who Came Before :iconjflaxman:jflaxman 114 30 SD: another bullshit night by CosmicSpectrumm SD: another bullshit night :iconcosmicspectrumm:CosmicSpectrumm 1,681 81 SD: Windehhh by CosmicSpectrumm SD: Windehhh :iconcosmicspectrumm:CosmicSpectrumm 953 18 SD: Pells and Pickle chilling by CosmicSpectrumm SD: Pells and Pickle chilling :iconcosmicspectrumm:CosmicSpectrumm 1,262 14 SD: Pickle and Pepper lines by CosmicSpectrumm SD: Pickle and Pepper lines :iconcosmicspectrumm:CosmicSpectrumm 781 35 SD: Pells red dress by CosmicSpectrumm SD: Pells red dress :iconcosmicspectrumm:CosmicSpectrumm 919 34 SD: tits part 2 by CosmicSpectrumm SD: tits part 2 :iconcosmicspectrumm:CosmicSpectrumm 1,632 80 SD: Pells and Ravite lines by CosmicSpectrumm SD: Pells and Ravite lines :iconcosmicspectrumm:CosmicSpectrumm 457 16 SD: welcome to the north by CosmicSpectrumm SD: welcome to the north :iconcosmicspectrumm:CosmicSpectrumm 1,267 28 SD: Kims and Neino by CosmicSpectrumm SD: Kims and Neino :iconcosmicspectrumm:CosmicSpectrumm 1,266 83 enthroned by Eimer enthroned :iconeimer:Eimer 290 23 The Missing Link by billelis The Missing Link :iconbillelis:billelis 226 35 Vue Of The ATOL Water Scene by cyNickalCyn Vue Of The ATOL Water Scene :iconcynickalcyn:cyNickalCyn 83 27 SHIFT + Dream by Der-Alter-Mann SHIFT + Dream :iconder-alter-mann:Der-Alter-Mann 161 47 Mater by Djohaal Mater :icondjohaal:Djohaal 140 37 Party Hard by billelis Party Hard :iconbillelis:billelis 126 28 Artificial Landscapes by billelis Artificial Landscapes :iconbillelis:billelis 129 19 Pointless Is Good, three. by Jespr Pointless Is Good, three. :iconjespr:Jespr 39 23 Displacement by AhmadTurk Displacement :iconahmadturk:AhmadTurk 95 18 CyGen - Displacement Demo by inetgrafx CyGen - Displacement Demo :iconinetgrafx:inetgrafx 311 57 Ice Queen by billelis Ice Queen :iconbillelis:billelis 148 15
A little test :iconkaizoku-hime:Kaizoku-hime 281 39
Lily Rodriquez by sunsE Lily Rodriquez :iconsunse:sunsE 266 151
Meal Interruptions
She stood on the badly shingled rooftop, cold rain drops beating down on her pale skin, soaking through her torn jeans and ratty t-shirt. She stared out at the dull neighborhood which lay beneath her. Cars always occupied the four lane road and someone could always be spotted beneath the light of the street lamps.
A convenient store stood only four driveways down and a small plaza just beyond that causing traffic of all kinds to buzz past her. So it would be safe to assume that someone would notice if anything out of the ordinary was to occur, say for instance a small woman standing on a rooftop in the rain.
Though as she stood on the badly shingled rooftop in the pouring rain, drenched to the bone, no one uttered a word. Cars still sailed past exhaling their toxic fumes, people still stood under street lamps, and the convenient store was always open, though no one mentioned the girl on the rooftop.
She stood on the rooftop in the pouring rain for four days.
On the fifth day lightening
:iconmorbidkittycorpse:MorbidKittyCorpse 37 43
Cliffs by samdrewpictures Cliffs :iconsamdrewpictures:samdrewpictures 60 22