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Gloom Of The Dead
Gloom of the Dead
As I rise from the table dead
Crosses tombstones in my head
Seeing from the windows ledge
Rest in piece is what my tombstone said
Cutting & drilling in my remains
Autopsy's finished with nothing to gain
Longing for the final end
Fog of the night is setting in
Shadows in the deep-slivering maggott bed-rats begin to creep
Blood drips dry I feel no pain
Im immortal yet quite insaine
As my blood has ran dry
Patiently I wait for you to die
To fill my soul with life agian
I need your blood I need your skin
A masterpiece of my demise
To wear you skin as my disguise
:iconsilentfuneral:silentfuneral 46 12
Magic Show From Hell (Papagrande's Creepypasta)
Jasper's POV
The clock ticked back and forth above me. It was late in the morning and I fell asleep on my bed watching mindless, late night cartoons leaving the T.V. on in the process. The loud sounds from the early morning shows stirred me awake with sounds of explosions and crazy hijinks. I suddenly found myself looking at the clock. It was nine in the morning and I already knew that our parents weren’t home; my mom was working and my dad was out helping a friend move.
Thanks to my luck, my dad didn’t even ask me to help, which was a good thing for me. Tired from last night’s channel surfing, I was hoping for at least one good scary movie or T.V. show to pop up, but all I found were bland, boring infomercials. I sat in bed for a few minutes allowing myself to wake up fully before starting a new day. The grating noise of the clock was the only sound that lofted in my room.
I gazed around at my room until my eyes hit my bookcase filled with chilling stories that I rea
:iconmysticalsilencer:MysticalSilencer 185 222
You're a butcher.
With your cutting,
meat-cleaver words.
Rending flesh,
And the gristle and bone--
Cutting out hearts
Without mincing your phrases.
Branding any verbal opponent
As gutless and spineless
With such dry, bloodless wit.
Your crimson laugh
Spilling like a slashed throat;
Your favourite cuts of meat--
Always the cold shoulder
And sharp tongue.
:iconrockgem:rockgem 21 31
Zodiac Project: Gemeni :iconhopelessfangirl:hopelessfangirl 173 45
R.I.P. - Under Candlelight
R.I.P. - Under Candlelight
Sit by your bedside and watch you die
fear is in the tears that I cry
Is there a way to bring you back
From the Unknown dressed in black
A Tear rests on your cheek
Your lifeless eyes make me weak
I guess I'll let you stay the night
Rest in peace under candlelight
In the morning they will be here
To take your body away my dear
Through your memory I will save
I bid farewell to your grave
:iconsilentfuneral:silentfuneral 25 15
If I were a pastry chef... :iconjkgamba:JKGamba 102 78 strange arrangement :icontriple65forkedtongue:triple65forkedtongue 124 2 Hot Potatoes - Page 10 :icongaloogamelady:GalooGameLady 128 17
The Serial Killer
Her blue eyes made exquisite trophies.
:icontobaeus:Tobaeus 14 9
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