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Dark Messenger by Pyrogas-Artworks Dark Messenger :iconpyrogas-artworks:Pyrogas-Artworks 8,258 769 Speck Brushes by AbbeyMarie Speck Brushes :iconabbeymarie:AbbeyMarie 2,829 345 Drop the other by reminisense Drop the other :iconreminisense:reminisense 544 82 Disincrow by Pyrogas-Artworks Disincrow :iconpyrogas-artworks:Pyrogas-Artworks 1,039 278 Deja Vu by Aegis-Illustration Deja Vu :iconaegis-illustration:Aegis-Illustration 752 65 Disintegration Effect Tutorial by zummerfish Disintegration Effect Tutorial :iconzummerfish:zummerfish 1,698 64 Boba Fett by cfischer83 Boba Fett :iconcfischer83:cfischer83 369 79 The Beyond by neverdying The Beyond :iconneverdying:neverdying 792 222 Disintegration by DanielaUhlig Disintegration :icondanielauhlig:DanielaUhlig 10,538 901 Intersection by PetyaPlamenova Intersection :iconpetyaplamenova:PetyaPlamenova 505 378 Medea by Aegis-Illustration Medea :iconaegis-illustration:Aegis-Illustration 594 52 Fade away by Autlaw Fade away :iconautlaw:Autlaw 653 54 Wait by elanesse-v Wait :iconelanesse-v:elanesse-v 446 279 The Disintegration of Matter by heavenriver The Disintegration of Matter :iconheavenriver:heavenriver 234 40 Dragon Child by FrostAlexis Dragon Child :iconfrostalexis:FrostAlexis 224 108 .fade02 by fabioselvatici .fade02 :iconfabioselvatici:fabioselvatici 187 28 Dispersion Free Photoshop Action by PsdDude Dispersion Free Photoshop Action :iconpsddude:PsdDude 108 6 Playground of the damned by Acrylicdreams Playground of the damned :iconacrylicdreams:Acrylicdreams 321 45 Destructive Eternity. by hybridgothica Destructive Eternity. :iconhybridgothica:hybridgothica 145 79 End of the Dream: Until you break by Aegis-Illustration End of the Dream: Until you break :iconaegis-illustration:Aegis-Illustration 68 3 Devil May... by LaceWingedSaby Devil May... :iconlacewingedsaby:LaceWingedSaby 458 143 Vampire by Vanleith Vampire :iconvanleith:Vanleith 182 25 .fade03 by fabioselvatici .fade03 :iconfabioselvatici:fabioselvatici 186 19 prayers for r a i n by gutterface prayers for r a i n :icongutterface:gutterface 295 21 Just One Last Time by Lub-Ad Just One Last Time :iconlub-ad:Lub-Ad 141 98 Center Peace by jslattum Center Peace :iconjslattum:jslattum 233 27 L'atomica. by Blekotakra L'atomica. :iconblekotakra:Blekotakra 125 48 Bleeding by Gejda Bleeding :icongejda:Gejda 106 34 Disintegration by offermoord Disintegration :iconoffermoord:offermoord 216 38 Violet Disintegration by Pzychonoir Violet Disintegration :iconpzychonoir:Pzychonoir 111 34 disintegrate by tomasbrechler disintegrate :icontomasbrechler:tomasbrechler 57 21 Surrender by vaporization Surrender :iconvaporization:vaporization 101 24 Dismantling by Gejda Dismantling :icongejda:Gejda 104 34 The Disintegration of God by kimded The Disintegration of God :iconkimded:kimded 77 5 Gut Feeling by carts Gut Feeling :iconcarts:carts 104 4 disintegration by ajss disintegration :iconajss:ajss 187 15 The Cure by PyramidHeadxXx The Cure :iconpyramidheadxxx:PyramidHeadxXx 292 276 Disintegration by sec Disintegration :iconsec:sec 220 174 Time is Gold by Aymen-Ouertani Time is Gold :iconaymen-ouertani:Aymen-Ouertani 81 36
You're so dramatic,
hot and cold in the 
same fractured sentence.
You frustrate me;
like a picture frame
that isn't quite centered right.
Left hanging by a thread
that maybe it'll look okay
from a different angle
or a different light.
But us, no matter what angle,
or day or night,
we were like puzzle pieces
that didn't fit.
And it drove me crazy to see 
those two pieces
just sitting  away from the game,
that we had a misaligned frame.
We were never on the same level.
You, you were a constant
temptation to insanity
with your ill-chosen words,
oh-so-innocent smiles,
protestations of 'I love you'
and whispers beneath the sheets.
The road to your goodwill
stretched out to forever,
and I grew so tired of 
trying out configurations;
the countless positions
that never quite seemed
to startle my senses,
although they always
stimulated yours.
Your tongue was a cliché
But it wasn't the polished edge,
I was most concerned about.
It was t
:iconchromeantennae:chromeantennae 45 41
Ice and Fire by DreamDancer84 Ice and Fire :icondreamdancer84:DreamDancer84 62 67
Beauty of Definitiveness
Breathe in
Breathe out
I’m alive!

I’ve seen a beautiful tranquillity
Gentle wind in the hair of thee
A tiny leaf and its invisibility
In the soothing cup of tea
For every beauty waits the mortality
The precious delight of a moment
Before it dreadfully dies in its fatality
A fading memory of enjoyment
The ravishing words of a bard
Enchanting the little hearts
Aggressively falling apart to a shard
Left a gentle impact of arts
The death, the caretaker
Shows love for every mortal being
The misunderstood saviour
Won’t let the beautiful ones bleeding
As our mortality takes us to disintegration
I write this dying poetry of serenity
Loving once pretty, dying creations
Our death brings the clarity
Breathe in
Breathe out
This was the world in my eyes.
:iconkrikak:Krikak 14 2
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