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As a kid we fear darkness
Fear the monsters that hide from us
The monsters that are cruel and heartless
Making our minds slowly become a mess
As a kid we hide from the things that frighten us
Yet we set out to find them that we must confess
That's when we find out the monsters are not real
A world without monsters, wouldn't that be ideal?
As we grow we start to fear the dark less
Sometimes we still fear the dark
That's something to which we must confess
And sometimes the dark creates in us a spark
We don't know why, and that sometimes gives us stress
When we get older and get mature,
We discover a horrible truth.
We stop looking for the monsters,
Because we have discovered they are us.
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Belonging :iconcarnegriff:Carnegriff 323 23 The Living Infinite :iconnicolasalexanderotto:NicolasAlexanderOtto 342 58
Solitude: ch 1
Roaring from the friction upon hitting the mostly Helium atmosphere, the meteor burned red, then orange, then white in mere seconds. It fell with the intent of leaving its mark on the moons surface and struck it with such incredible force it could have annihilated a populated city and lay waste to the surrounding area.
Fortunately for everyone, this moon was barren as could be. The Helium atmosphere and lack of natural resources short of the silicon in the soil which gave it it's yellow coloring from space didn't really make it a prime location for terraforming. Another feature of the moon was an irregularity in its magnetic field, which drew a vast majority of the asteroids and meteors that came near straight to it.
In an underground compound on the planet, some 200 miles from the impact site, a red light blinked in harmony with a chirping alarm. The base was originally a meteorite examination facility with the purpose of gathering samples and learning what they could from them. Built
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Stars of Jasmine
Stars of jasmine –
each unlike her, whatever
I may think.
Unfamiliar birds
above a mower's thrum –
my ear itching.
No moon tonight.
The freeway whispers –
no moon.
Closing the book
is easier now.
Discovering ants
nesting under the carpet.
How hard such work is.
Now that I have tomatoes,
dark spots on the basil.
During the rain
the tallest bamboo
had fallen; quiet.
a spider vibrates –
temple bell.
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Deviant Means Love
Many people think of "deviant",
As a bad, horrible thing,
But I know quite a few of them,
And that's not what I see
I see reflections in each one,
Of who I myself am,
And I have lost count,
Of how many who have helped me stand
To me, "deviant" means "love",
No matter what language you speak,
That's why we are all here,
Enjoying each others company
We discover new worlds,
And explore the same
We live to create,
We live to change
Some people feel that "deviants",
Should be shunned and abhorred,
And for those, I say a bleak future,
Is all they have in store
While none of us are perfect,
And God knows we disagree,
Everyone of us can thank a "deviant",
For saving our sanity
There is always a "deviant",
Online, who is free,
It makes no difference who you are,
Or where you may be
Millions upon millions,
Spread across the world,
Each and every one of us,
Into the creative fire hurled
I know that in my darkest moment,
Many "deviants" helped me stand tall,
They rescued me from the edge,
Just bef
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