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alcoholocaust by the-wild-rover alcoholocaust :iconthe-wild-rover:the-wild-rover 131 69 The Ascent of Luna by PkLove-Chan The Ascent of Luna :iconpklove-chan:PkLove-Chan 203 9 strolling by the-wild-rover strolling :iconthe-wild-rover:the-wild-rover 72 17
another political essay by
Charles E. Kunkle Jr (fraterchaos)
I'd like to ask everyone a question, and I want you to give an honest answer... not to me, but to yourself.
If someone is keeping a secret from you, is that not a very good indication that they are trying to do something unpleasant to you, or trying to accomplish something you would not like?
Think about it... if they are not "up to something" and if that "something" isn't something bad for you, why would they wish to keep it secret from you?
I personally believe it is perfectly safe to say, that anytime somebody is keeping you in the dark, it MUST be for nefarious purposes.
You might be thinking... ok, but what is this all about? Well, I'll tell you.
Yesterday (Monday July 16, 2012) the Democrats in The Senate of the United States tried to pass something called the Disclose Act. They were doing this as a response to the recent decision by the Supreme Court that "Corporations are people" and ther
:iconfraterchaos:fraterchaos 9 100
Blue-Eyed Lullaby
Blue-eyed lullaby,
Wrap me in your whispers,
Sing to me as I close my eyes,
And lean on you to sleep.
Dear blue-eyed lullaby,
Lull me with your breathing,
With the steady rise and fall of your chest
As my lovely pillow.
Darling blue-eyed lullaby,
Disclose to me your secrets,
While we are in our own world,
Synchronized in sleep.
Sweet blue-eyed lullaby,
Laugh with me in sunlight,
Pose against the great blue sky,
That match your pretty eyes.
My blue-eyed lullaby,
Caress me with your words,
Keep me close in your arms,
And warm me with your heat.
Oh blue-eyed lullaby,
Sing your lovely tune I love
And never stop at all.
:iconavalon928810:Avalon928810 6 10
disclose - explorer by Artruder disclose - explorer :iconartruder:Artruder 14 21 uncomfortably me by the-wild-rover uncomfortably me :iconthe-wild-rover:the-wild-rover 38 11 HATCHWAY by nejnejnejnejnej HATCHWAY :iconnejnejnejnejnej:nejnejnejnejnej 9 6 Fox Self-Portrait by CrashyBandicoot Fox Self-Portrait :iconcrashybandicoot:CrashyBandicoot 6 0 Vynil punk by oby1916 Vynil punk :iconoby1916:oby1916 5 1 Don't disclose our secret. by Coniglio-power Don't disclose our secret. :iconconiglio-power:Coniglio-power 1 0 disclose by lumpie disclose :iconlumpie:lumpie 1 10 Peace by Xpendable Peace :iconxpendable:Xpendable 3 2 Do Not Disclose by TheRecurrent Do Not Disclose :icontherecurrent:TheRecurrent 0 7 Disclose by Buddahsack Disclose :iconbuddahsack:Buddahsack 2 2 Fuuzzzzzzz by uaguilar Fuuzzzzzzz :iconuaguilar:uaguilar 0 3 D-Beat or die 2 by Nico-Dis D-Beat or die 2 :iconnico-dis:Nico-Dis 0 0 Disclose me by i-menci Disclose me :iconi-menci:i-menci 3 2 Become My Worst Fear by sweetpeapirate Become My Worst Fear :iconsweetpeapirate:sweetpeapirate 1 2 Selfportrait//Tribute to Disclose by Rotta666 Selfportrait//Tribute to Disclose :iconrotta666:Rotta666 0 0 Fatal Car V Train 1 by wolvesone Fatal Car V Train 1 :iconwolvesone:wolvesone 0 0 Fatal Car V Train 2 by wolvesone Fatal Car V Train 2 :iconwolvesone:wolvesone 2 2 luck is a secret by LaMignonne luck is a secret :iconlamignonne:LaMignonne 0 2 Disclose V1 by Opeio-1 Disclose V1 :iconopeio-1:Opeio-1 0 0
The Cato nine
Don't you see?
How could you not know?
Didn't I tell you myself?
The words were clear!
You just refuse to listen!
And now it pierces my soul...
:icontaquise:taquise 1 4
Disclose by EpicRealm Disclose :iconepicrealm:EpicRealm 0 1
Doscientos cincuenta y tres.
If you look to awhile ago-
not long enough to when
we were still together or
long enough to when you
tore me apart or even long
enough when I was trying -
but if you look back a few
poems, you'll remember
that I figured out why
these are all addressed to
the ever-undeserving you.
I'm debating whether or not
I should disclose this bit
of information. If I do, will
you use it to your advantage
or just disregard is all?
I suppose you'll probably
have to wait until later.
:icondumbledoresarmy66:dumbledoresarmy66 0 0
Expose - ATC by WordsAreMyWeakness Expose - ATC :iconwordsaremyweakness:WordsAreMyWeakness 10 8 david u samuel by reborn1024 david u samuel :iconreborn1024:reborn1024 0 0 nih night mare by the-wild-rover nih night mare :iconthe-wild-rover:the-wild-rover 5 10 headbanger by reborn1024 headbanger :iconreborn1024:reborn1024 0 0
An Undisclosed Disclosure
I found your face inside these woods;
Diamond eyes in leafy pines, in earth and sky and bush.
And all my praise could not disclose you;
My words could never bloom like the flowers that enclose you.
:icondanyasaur:Danyasaur 2 0
lft - portrait by reborn1024 lft - portrait :iconreborn1024:reborn1024 0 0
dis close
dripping red
on a mirrored face
hope and all and wisps of light
light that burns the red and seeps clear
will out
home undone
ring away into the dark
over and over
hearing the passionate sigh of madness
whisper deep
have faith that day will come
undo the chains and see how the
scars of night
what was left alone
:iconwhitewendigo:WhiteWendigo 0 5
Disclosed by MissNarcissa Disclosed :iconmissnarcissa:MissNarcissa 2 1