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BillDip Fluff: Stomach Ache
"Pinetreeeee~" a voice laced with mock affection called from downstairs.
Dipper mumbled something and shifted on his bed, evoking minuscule, defiant creaks that echoed in the emptiness of the room. His blankets were everywhere; on the floor, about to fall on the floor, strewn all over his bed. They were everywhere but on his body. He pulled one over his head and tried to ignore the dream demon downstairs that was calling him. 
The beckoning had stopped and Dipper gave a small smile before burrowing deeper into his mess of blankets, happy for silence to settle over the Shack once again. Then a sound of heavy footsteps started and got louder and louder as Bill, Dipper presumed, walked up the steps to his room. Dipper was too tired to prepare himself for the demon's antics and just kept his eyes shut. He had been up late last night in order to work on the first draft of an article he was writing for the Gravity Falls local newspaper.
Then the door slammed open, as part of Bill
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Mute!Reader x Older!Dipper Oneshot
You like flowers. You like them a lot. That’s why you work at Gravity Falls’ only greenhouse-boasting nursery (very well the only plant-selling place that wasn’t a) advertising their carnivorous tendencies or b) run by a clueless, Portland-runoff college alumni). Working outside means you get to do two of your favorite things: watching people as they pass by and being around plants.
Which is how you ended up realizing that one of the two people who worked at the tourist-swarming Mystery Shack, whom you could finally add to your list of “townspeople noticed while working”, was actually...well, the fact that he was related to grumpy old Stan was a surprise to you.
The curly-haired, tattoo-clad guy happened to be a particularly fine specimen of “out of your league”, but it didn’t matter WHO you surreptitiously looked for when you picked your way back to your apartment across the withered mossy sidewalks of Gravity Falls, Oregon. Although he
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Gravity Falls(Dipper X Pacifica)
The following event takes place 24-hours after the episode "Northwest Mansion Mystery."
The curse on Northwest Mansion was broken by Pacifica taking her own choice of fixing her family name and proving that she wasn't like her family. So, everything started going back to normal...Well, as normal as Gravity Falls could be; however Pacifica started to feel different, would this sensation be the beginning of something interesting? Only this story would tell.
It was 10:00 a.m. on Gravity Falls and everybody was doing their usual routine, something that could be boring to anybody as Pacifica showed by looking through the window in her room and sighing from time to time until her mom opened her door.
Mrs. Northwest—Is something bothering you darling?—said she while entering the room with the butler following her.
Pacifica—Nothing mom, it's just that there's nothing to do today.—said she sighing once again.
Mrs.Northwest—Maybe you could go out with some of our ri
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Billdip part 1
Dipper walked up to the Mystery Shack followed by a grinning golden haired boy with a triangular eyepatch over his right eye. The boy was dressed in a golden brick pattern tail coat and black slacks. It would be clear to anyone who has encountered him in any form before who he was. Dipper stopped at the front door and peaked through the shop window.
“Ok Bill, looks like the coast is clear.”
“Are you really that embarrassed of me, Pine Tree?” Bill teased.
“You know full well that’s not the reason no one can find out. Now come on.”
Dipper opened the shop door and it made a little jangle from the bells Mabel had attached to it. The two of them walked through the empty gift shop and (after Dipper check to make sure no one was there) continued to the kitchen.
Bill floated up and perched on the table. Dipper went to the fridge and pulled out a cold can of Pitt soda. He popped the top and took a sip. Bill quit looking around the shack to see if anythi
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~*~ A Kiss Under the Stars ~*~ DipperxReader
  Gravity Falls
Est. 1867
    You sighed. Of course this was where your mother would dump you for the summer.  And what a summer it would be; full of an aunt who doubled as a crazy cat lady (not that you have anything against cats) and a whole three months of absolute boredom working at the local diner.
    It’s not like you had anything better to do. During the school year you attended a boarding school in the northern-most part of Washington. Being an incredible fangirl though, you were ostracized by the rest of your classmates. You had incredibly huge obsessions with [insert fandom], [insert fandom] and [insert fandom]. People just thought you were weird. Which you were, but whatever.
    “’Bye, {Y/N]! Have fun with great-auntie!!” Your fashionable, high-maintenance mother waved goo
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Dipper Goes To Taco Bell - Commentary
Viewer Discretion is advised

Dipper goes to Taco Bell Here we fucking go
It was a normal day in Gravity Falls, Oregon. Well, as normal as Gravity Falls gets, anyways. Dipper Pines was reading his book, and Mabel, his twin sister, was wondering what he was doing. Mabel pay attention he's reading a book
"Dipper, are you gonna keep your nose buired in that strange book of yours all summer? You gotta go out, have an adventure!" Mabel exclamd. EXCLAMD
"Not now," Dipper said quietly. "I'm trying to decode this."
He was looking at a cryptogram that said, "XSLFA QBE QXZL YBII". They must be quoting someone satanically Dipper was offically stumped. He could not figure out what it meant. And it seemd very mysterious to him. H A I L  S A T A N
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Study - Dipper x Male!Kid!Reader - Request
"C'mon kid, you gotta do your homework or your parents are gonna kill me!"
"Well, that's not my problem! And, hey! I'm not a kid! I'm eleven, almost twelve!"
"Still a kid, I'm older than you."
"You're only thirteen!"
"Just study kid."
"No! And don't call me a kid, you jerk!"
Dipper sighed. This was not going as planned.
Dipper and Mabel, as the kid said, were thirteen and of course, they were back in California.
Mabel had decided that since they were thirteen, she could babysit. Well, they could babysit. So, she got a job babysitting their next door neighbor's eleven year old son, (y/n).
But.... Mabel bailed last minute. She said,'But DIPPER! I have important girl friend stuff I need to deal with!' and gave him the puppy dog eyes. So, of course, he let her bail.
But he shouldn't have. This kid is a pain in the ass.
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