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MH_Neila-Diona Muh by Hiniha MH_Neila-Diona Muh :iconhiniha:Hiniha 46 31 Classy Ladies by nerdsman567 Classy Ladies :iconnerdsman567:nerdsman567 125 44 Sonya and Sunther Moments by chris-laurent547 Sonya and Sunther Moments :iconchris-laurent547:chris-laurent547 22 160 You ate how many? by battlestoriesfan You ate how many? :iconbattlestoriesfan:battlestoriesfan 13 33 Mountain view (sold) by jadeavon Mountain view (sold) :iconjadeavon:jadeavon 23 26 Diona Fairy of Carnivorous Plants by YoseiDraws Diona Fairy of Carnivorous Plants :iconyoseidraws:YoseiDraws 34 11 Adoptable #01 - (Sold) by jadeavon Adoptable #01 - (Sold) :iconjadeavon:jadeavon 29 29 COMMISSION - Diona by pc-engine COMMISSION - Diona :iconpc-engine:pc-engine 37 3 Diona Fairy of Carnivorous Plants by YoseiDraws Diona Fairy of Carnivorous Plants :iconyoseidraws:YoseiDraws 19 13 Dione and Rick (commission) by almaxusi Dione and Rick (commission) :iconalmaxusi:almaxusi 14 4 Diona by Combatkaiser Diona :iconcombatkaiser:Combatkaiser 13 3
Angels of Death: Ch.7
Chapter 7: Reinforcements
The time finally came for the imperial transports to take Darrius, Raege and their respective teams to Iona-7.
Raege, Cuddles and Boone were reunited with Zune the day before they were due to leave Xenon. She had been making arrangements with Darrius about the next mission and was confident that the two of them would work well together. Although Raege was a little upset that she'd been excluded from this, it did give her back some of the confidence she may have lost in Darrius after the incident with Michael.
Familiar faces Raege knew well started showing up. The fact that most of the force was getting together was an obvious sign that it would soon be time to leave. Darrius was also meeting back up with his own men. Michael was itching for a fight, as was the rest of his squad. The two psykers were already waiting at the terminal, playing cards. Xerxes and Halo were inspecting the ship and readying the gear for everyone.
Shadow, the mysterious assassin that R
:iconyohan-gas-mask:Yohan-Gas-Mask 10 2
EMS-08 Diona by unoservix EMS-08 Diona :iconunoservix:unoservix 14 1 Diona by YoseiDraws Diona :iconyoseidraws:YoseiDraws 35 34 Leona vs Diana by swan-swan Leona vs Diana :iconswan-swan:swan-swan 12 8 Dionae the Nymph by Penn92Evans Dionae the Nymph :iconpenn92evans:Penn92Evans 8 20 TCP Entry 42: Page4 by onetealeaf TCP Entry 42: Page4 :icononetealeaf:onetealeaf 7 2 Celine Dion A New Day 003 by ArtsofKirk Celine Dion A New Day 003 :iconartsofkirk:ArtsofKirk 6 2 We're all friends. by battlestoriesfan We're all friends. :iconbattlestoriesfan:battlestoriesfan 12 41 MH_New Exchange Students by Hiniha MH_New Exchange Students :iconhiniha:Hiniha 6 11 Diona by Concepts-by-Kae Diona :iconconcepts-by-kae:Concepts-by-Kae 6 4 Adoptable wing #02 - (sold) by jadeavon Adoptable wing #02 - (sold) :iconjadeavon:jadeavon 6 0 huuuuuuuugs by Perrypi huuuuuuuugs :iconperrypi:Perrypi 6 0 Diona Colour palette (sold) by jadeavon Diona Colour palette (sold) :iconjadeavon:jadeavon 9 0
Stranger in the New Earth. Chapter 20
Chapter 20: There's something wrong.
   Cesar was extremely confused, perplexed and shocked. In the blink of an eye, Cesar escaped from the silent bat and the psychotic snake and ended up in the heart of the problem! He was face to face.... sort of ... with Marceline! And he was full of questions:
_ (How is that possible?! She's human?! How does she know my name? Eduard told her? She doesn't a bad guy. But do I believe what everyone said or what someone said, that person being my best friend? ACK! THIS IS SO CONFUSING AND MIND-BLOWING!)
_Welcome, Cesar! I searched for you both!
_What are You talking about?! I thought you were looking for Ed.
_Yes Indeed. But he told me about you and i wanted to meet you too.
_This is so bizarre ... I'm so confused...
_Dude... Let me explain ...
Cesar was silent:
_When we were engulfed by the waves and fainted, we were separated. I woke up near a huge building-
_Yup. I know. The city is full of destroyed buildings.
_Let I finish ... I'm talkin
:iconbattlestoriesfan:battlestoriesfan 6 13
A cactus' girl by XPTZStudio A cactus' girl :iconxptzstudio:XPTZStudio 73 19 Diona by Draw-Bot Diona :icondraw-bot:Draw-Bot 7 0
Name: Diona (Cyborg008, Unit008, Cybiollante)
Species: Venusian Mutated Flytrap
Alignment: GDF
Height: 57 meters
Length: 45 meters
Mass: 62,600 tons
Telepathic- One of the side affects of the plant's exposure to the strange energies of Venus, was the heightening of it's intelligence. Diona is on par or perhaps even smarter then a human, her nerve core is so advanced that it can push it's will on the physical world. Diona is able to lift things the size of small kaiju and then throw them, she is also able to lift multiple objects at the same time so that she may hurl them with great force. Her mind powers do not stop there, like the known mutant Anatitora, Diona can also read minds, even speaking to humans or other monsters. Her robotic parts are all built with a chip that recognizes Diona's brainwaves and then moves according to her wishes, so that she is able to control her steam vents and metal arms. Being that her nerve cluster is not based on any animal brain, the plant has
:iconravensaurs-rex:Ravensaurs-Rex 6 70
Diona Thracius by Draw-Bot Diona Thracius :icondraw-bot:Draw-Bot 5 0 Diona by battlestoriesfan Diona :iconbattlestoriesfan:battlestoriesfan 6 22 Snowy In Wonderland by SnowySeal Snowy In Wonderland :iconsnowyseal:SnowySeal 5 5 Neila-Diona and Summer 2013 by Hiniha Neila-Diona and Summer 2013 :iconhiniha:Hiniha 8 9 Dragon age Tabletop PC's by Draw-Bot Dragon age Tabletop PC's :icondraw-bot:Draw-Bot 4 0 Chirp by octagoncalibrator Chirp :iconoctagoncalibrator:octagoncalibrator 2 0
Stranger in the New Earth. Chapter 6
Chapter 6: A disturbing past.
_What do you mean you know this tower?
_*sigh*.... I have something to tell about this place.
_So tell me!
So Cesar sat down:
_This Place ... the Coated ones, this corridor. This tower is a... laboratory for experiments.
_This entire place. This whole tower is a laboratory ...How couldn't oyu notice? The plants you apparently never saw. I mean, by your reaction upon see me, it had seen you never saw  a plant like me before. And this corridor ...
_That place... It was an experimental greenhouse ...
_Yes ... I am the result of experiments on plants. When I opened my eyes for the first time, I was in a glass container, surrounded by beings in white coats... Then I suddenly woke up in a greenhouse ...
_But Why didn't you tell me??!!
_I thought you would yell at me and leave me that like everyone else!-Said Diona, a small tear falling from the plant's eye.
Cesar, realizing what he did, lowered his voice and said:
_S-sorry ... I did not want to hur
:iconbattlestoriesfan:battlestoriesfan 4 8
Stranger in the New Earth. Chapter 18
Chapter 18: Should we trust them?
    It was no surprise that everyone was experiencing problems. In addition to going through some sort of dictatorship, everyone had lost the place they called home for years, and the new location was not very peaceful nor comfortable. At any moment, they feared they might be thrown out or worse. And try as they might, the fear never left their minds.
    Cesar was the first to wake up, having insomnia problems due to anxiety. He got up and looked for any kind of drawing material. He took what appeared to be a tablet and a pen, and sat on top of a cabinet. Drawing was the only thing that calmed him down during intense periods or moments of fear, and he began to draw and draw.
    A few hours later, however, Cesar saw a peculiar thing: Mandos was walking alone, but he looked in every direction, as if to not be noticed. Cesar raised an eyebrow and approached the edge to watch. Mandos ran some more and heard footsteps,seeing
:iconbattlestoriesfan:battlestoriesfan 4 9
Stranger in the New Earth. Chapter 23.
Chapter 23:
   The room was silent. A dead empty, empty, perplexed and shocked silence. No one knew what to say and much less if they should say something. That's when such silence was broken with a question:
_What do you mean poisoned?!-Murasaki shouted.
_I do not know. The only thing I know is that something is running through her... "veins". A mixture or a poison that damages plants. But I have no idea who could have poisoned her.
_It must have been Jacques!
_And why would I do that?!
_You Have every reason! Coming from someone who wanted to torture our friends, getting rid of some dead weight is not too hard to believe, isn't it?!
_If I wanted, all of you would already be dead! Right Now! -Jacques Said, leading his tail towoards his weapon, making Murasaki back a little.
_Please, let us not get so violent. We all have similar goals, so please let's try to contribute in some way. Right, my dear snake?
_Shut up, you cursed reptile! Ever Since you appeared, everything only g
:iconbattlestoriesfan:battlestoriesfan 4 16
Vox chibi by octagoncalibrator Vox chibi :iconoctagoncalibrator:octagoncalibrator 2 0 september 17 009 by likeiamhome september 17 009 :iconlikeiamhome:likeiamhome 2 0 November 5.0 by likeiamhome November 5.0 :iconlikeiamhome:likeiamhome 2 0 2.march.08 002 by likeiamhome 2.march.08 002 :iconlikeiamhome:likeiamhome 2 0 .:Diona 13:. by LavinaStock .:Diona 13:. :iconlavinastock:LavinaStock 2 3 Birdcage by Jess-photog Birdcage :iconjess-photog:Jess-photog 3 2 Captain Nymph by octagoncalibrator Captain Nymph :iconoctagoncalibrator:octagoncalibrator 1 0 a new day has come by pirionsflame a new day has come :iconpirionsflame:pirionsflame 0 5 my night elf on her epic by likeiamhome my night elf on her epic :iconlikeiamhome:likeiamhome 0 0 me hamtaro style by KrystalEclipse me hamtaro style :iconkrystaleclipse:KrystalEclipse 9 15