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Caprese Galette by Nassae Caprese Galette :iconnassae:Nassae 161 23 Roasted pork by Lleye Roasted pork :iconlleye:Lleye 225 39 Potatoes for a Lonely Man by inObrAS Potatoes for a Lonely Man :iconinobras:inObrAS 181 93 Vegan Madness by FlexDreams Vegan Madness :iconflexdreams:FlexDreams 408 51
The Dinner Table
Quickie One
The Dinner Table
Early evening was quickly approaching…the blue skies overhead slowly giving way to a brilliant color palate of golden yellows and deep reds. Unfortunately, as residents of the Jade Palace, the Five never had time to enjoy the majestic scenery, especially now, under Shifu’s direct instruction to better themselves following the rampage, should a new threat arise.
But however bleak it seemed, and if there was one thing that the Five could look forward to after a particularly brutal day of training, it would have to be dinnertime…especially now, since Po—the Dragon Warrior—had been in their presence for a little over two weeks now, they had all become that much more enthusiastic about it.
Even from the panda’s harshest critic.
Following his training under Shifu, Po had spent a good part of the late afternoon hours in the kitchen, preparing dinner for his comrades in celebration; it had now been officially one entire week since P
:iconkippis05:kippis05 31 8
Overlord-sized Love by LeoDIlfKaiser Overlord-sized Love :iconleodilfkaiser:LeoDIlfKaiser 62 21 Sunday Morning by byCavalera Sunday Morning :iconbycavalera:byCavalera 150 125 Dinner by glassdrum Dinner :iconglassdrum:glassdrum 122 80 { h u m a n f l o w e r } by CHOBI-PHO { h u m a n f l o w e r } :iconchobi-pho:CHOBI-PHO 257 49 Hate Date by JediAnnSolo Hate Date :iconjediannsolo:JediAnnSolo 197 128 portrait of a broken family by szydlak portrait of a broken family :iconszydlak:szydlak 75 3 Knights, Sieze them! by Lionel23 Knights, Sieze them! :iconlionel23:Lionel23 220 30 Dinner Table by KyasCass Dinner Table :iconkyascass:KyasCass 81 24
At the Thailand Cafe
Sunday night I watched a family fall apart at the dinner table. The mother held her
hands just-so, and with the tips of her napkin, raised her glasses to touch the soft
inner place of her eyes. They brought out her Kaeng Phet Pet Yang and her son
walked away. They brought out her Kaeng Phet Pet Yang and she hardly touched
it; a soft and aching place was growing and growing thinner. The father mumbled
something about bad choices, sipping a glass without indiscretion, as his wife put
a palm to the child of her face and breathed deeply. Inhale, exhale and bad choices.
:iconbatmanonrobin:batmanonrobin 13 12
on a diet? by fstop-inertia on a diet? :iconfstop-inertia:fstop-inertia 88 7 our dinnertable. by the-wild-rover our dinnertable. :iconthe-wild-rover:the-wild-rover 84 47 Wonderland by MagicMacabre Wonderland :iconmagicmacabre:MagicMacabre 70 22
Where is my mind
A boy sits at the dinner table pondering life
A song plays over and over Where is my mind where is my mind
a soft ~'oooooooooooo'~ing starts it off a high school hall way flashes before him moving
backwards slowly
As he eats he continues to wonder with the ~'oooooooooo'~ ing and guitar playing.
Where is my mind.
Words echo from the song ~'With my feet in the air and my head on the ground'~
it starts out soft, gently the guitar begins to play,
where is my mind?
Words bring back memories and the background picture of a school yard, both at the start of the year and end.  
The look of the fall colours and summers day make a beautiful backdrop for this young boy.
Where is my mind.  Where is my mind, Where is my mind, Where is my mind
and like that the song ends and he’s brought back to his dinner table the thought of a girl in his head
Its a grey picture of a girl long hair looking over her shoulder
Where is my mind, Where is my mind.
:iconraikanearthdragon:RaikanEarthDragon 10 52
Playing Footsie by CindyHoliday Playing Footsie :iconcindyholiday:CindyHoliday 18 3
Fly Milk
My dad was never one to settle for the average or the usual.  Nothing was ever given to him for free, so he knew how to work hard for the good things in life.  He and my mom started their life together in a double-wide, later moved to a 3 bedroom house, and eventually into a 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom, double-car garage on a half acre yard.  
However, this was still not good enough.  Dad aspired to greater things, and those greater things included 10 acres of farmland to build a custom designed house on and do all kinds of country-bumpkin things with.  
     I so totally and completely did NOT want to move.  I was 15, and as far as sullen, sulking, angsty, self-absorbed teenagers go, I was right up there with the best of them.  I was happy where we were.  I had my own computer in my room with a lock on the door, and moving meant packing all that away.  Crystal wanted to move be
:iconnovawuff:Novawuff 7 13
Country Dinner Table by sneezeupyournostrils Country Dinner Table :iconsneezeupyournostrils:sneezeupyournostrils 94 7 Shinderei der Sachlichkeit by Mendtorr Shinderei der Sachlichkeit :iconmendtorr:Mendtorr 25 6 .commission. Timmy and Amun by AntaresIceslayer .commission. Timmy and Amun :iconantaresiceslayer:AntaresIceslayer 12 4 Disney_Ariel__SMOKIN' HOT by BecDeCorbin Disney_Ariel__SMOKIN' HOT :iconbecdecorbin:BecDeCorbin 125 14 Dinner Table by littlemissmaggiemay Dinner Table :iconlittlemissmaggiemay:littlemissmaggiemay 209 19 The 12 Days of TG - 08 by sortimid The 12 Days of TG - 08 :iconsortimid:sortimid 42 2 Ready for tonight finished by black-shaddow-walker Ready for tonight finished :iconblack-shaddow-walker:black-shaddow-walker 224 22 Dinner Table Commission Deal CLOSED by DatFilthySora Dinner Table Commission Deal CLOSED :icondatfilthysora:DatFilthySora 101 7 Homepage Winter 2009 by achillesheelart Homepage Winter 2009 :iconachillesheelart:achillesheelart 156 18 Meowza Egg by Jiggsokeken Meowza Egg :iconjiggsokeken:Jiggsokeken 19 15 Mary in Zombieland by MagicMacabre Mary in Zombieland :iconmagicmacabre:MagicMacabre 31 7 Dinner table by sneezeupyournostrils Dinner table :iconsneezeupyournostrils:sneezeupyournostrils 35 0 The Special Feast by BladeTheThird The Special Feast :iconbladethethird:BladeTheThird 27 20 Taylor Swift Classic bound and gagged by Decorator2 Taylor Swift Classic bound and gagged :icondecorator2:Decorator2 32 3 Force of Habit by JocelynSamara Force of Habit :iconjocelynsamara:JocelynSamara 42 43 The Real Knightbusters of the Dinner Table by CdubbArt The Real Knightbusters of the Dinner Table :iconcdubbart:CdubbArt 125 13 Roasted green pepper by Lleye Roasted green pepper :iconlleye:Lleye 36 2 The Walking Dead Game - What Could Have Been... by Crescendolls187 The Walking Dead Game - What Could Have Been... :iconcrescendolls187:Crescendolls187 50 39 Dinner Table ReSubmitted by MaxCrandale Dinner Table ReSubmitted :iconmaxcrandale:MaxCrandale 35 7 Burgers with bacon by Lleye Burgers with bacon :iconlleye:Lleye 40 15 Hand Dinner Table by Sueki-Sueki-La Hand Dinner Table :iconsueki-sueki-la:Sueki-Sueki-La 46 8 P.Com. ItaSasu family dinner by NaruBuki P.Com. ItaSasu family dinner :iconnarubuki:NaruBuki 21 3 mmm dinner time by HazardousArts mmm dinner time :iconhazardousarts:HazardousArts 15 1 Dinner Chair i by NKG--stockpile Dinner Chair i :iconnkg--stockpile:NKG--stockpile 15 1 343 Guilty Spark ::: 3-color Vector Art by Floodgrunt 343 Guilty Spark ::: 3-color Vector Art :iconfloodgrunt:Floodgrunt 10 3 Aww, thanks Mu-.. wait what? by snatcherdudette Aww, thanks Mu-.. wait what? :iconsnatcherdudette:snatcherdudette 22 73 Knights Of The Dinner Table #201 by CdubbArt Knights Of The Dinner Table #201 :iconcdubbart:CdubbArt 38 13 Dinner Table by IZZY-CHAN13 Dinner Table :iconizzy-chan13:IZZY-CHAN13 47 17