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Digimon Frontier Symbols by L-mon Digimon Frontier Symbols :iconl-mon:L-mon 862 138 Digimon VS Naruto Collab by Soreiya Digimon VS Naruto Collab :iconsoreiya:Soreiya 3,072 709 f r o n t i e r by moremindmel0dy f r o n t i e r :iconmoremindmel0dy:moremindmel0dy 3,926 215 Digimon - Kazemon Cosplay by ElisaCosplay Digimon - Kazemon Cosplay :iconelisacosplay:ElisaCosplay 236 37 face off by demitasse-lover face off :icondemitasse-lover:demitasse-lover 1,500 49 Digimon 10th Anniversary by splashgottaito Digimon 10th Anniversary :iconsplashgottaito:splashgottaito 1,124 152 Digimon: DemiVeemon and Pagumon by LindseyWArt Digimon: DemiVeemon and Pagumon :iconlindseywart:LindseyWArt 511 94 f a i r y m o n by moremindmel0dy f a i r y m o n :iconmoremindmel0dy:moremindmel0dy 1,517 69 Digimon Frontier by kaokmchan Digimon Frontier :iconkaokmchan:kaokmchan 2,517 219 Commission - Ancientgreymon and Ancientgarurumon by moremindmel0dy Commission - Ancientgreymon and Ancientgarurumon :iconmoremindmel0dy:moremindmel0dy 1,009 63 Digimon Frontier by ashflura Digimon Frontier :iconashflura:ashflura 690 117 Kazemon - Fairymon by JubiaMaJo Kazemon - Fairymon :iconjubiamajo:JubiaMaJo 434 82 DIGIMON-Kazemon/Fairymon Spin by SlumberPoppy DIGIMON-Kazemon/Fairymon Spin :iconslumberpoppy:SlumberPoppy 1,513 109 Salamander by Whitestar1802 Salamander :iconwhitestar1802:Whitestar1802 423 82 :.Xros Frontier- Kouichi+Lowemon.: by QuirkiDigital :.Xros Frontier- Kouichi+Lowemon.: :iconquirkidigital:QuirkiDigital 310 25 Digimon Frontier x Durarara by Garmmon Digimon Frontier x Durarara :icongarmmon:Garmmon 538 132 Zoe Kazemon for PookiesUncle by taichikun14 Zoe Kazemon for PookiesUncle :icontaichikun14:taichikun14 511 57 Digimon Frontier 10th Anniversary by heartbreaker19 Digimon Frontier 10th Anniversary :iconheartbreaker19:heartbreaker19 585 105 Digimon Frontier - Fusion by DNACharge Digimon Frontier - Fusion :icondnacharge:DNACharge 107 11 Digimon Frontier: We are One by Tamai-Tamai Digimon Frontier: We are One :icontamai-tamai:Tamai-Tamai 148 52 it's not a human, nor a beast by frank-einstein it's not a human, nor a beast :iconfrank-einstein:frank-einstein 651 51 Megidramon X by sehroyal Megidramon X :iconsehroyal:sehroyal 84 5 takuya and flamon by izumi07 takuya and flamon :iconizumi07:izumi07 678 54 Ranamon's idea part 1 by ExaSpirit by neverb4 Ranamon's idea part 1 by ExaSpirit :iconneverb4:neverb4 308 60 Kouzumi Moments by yulhani Kouzumi Moments :iconyulhani:yulhani 188 75 Zoe Orimoto Foot-Tickled by RalfTheRalfMan Zoe Orimoto Foot-Tickled :iconralftheralfman:RalfTheRalfMan 352 112
Kazemon Tickle Art Trade
Kazemon flew with outstanding grace and elegance through the tunnels stretching through the huge mountain, she had found the day to be most boring and needed a good thrill so traversing the narrow, isolated tunnels of this mysterious mountain seemed the perfect fit. The gentle summer breeze flooded in from outside sending a heavenly cooling sensation through, with each mild gust bringing a smile to Kazemon's face. As she delved deeper into the mysterious mountain she began to notice strange fleshy pods lining the roofs of the winding caves and spider webbing lining the walls, shimmering in the sunlight which penetrated the darkness through deep cracks in the surrounding rock. Kazemon turned in a circle to look behind her trying to remember the path she had taken to end up so deep into the mountain when suddenly she hit something, a large sticky web that engulfed the entirety of the tunnel now held her in its embrace. She instantly attempted to struggle and free herself serving only to
:iconsirvex:sirvex 46 6
Digimon vore: Zoe
Digimon Frontier Vore: Zoe's spirit evolving meals.
Takuya, Tommy, Koji, Zoe, Kouichi, and Jp were camping out in the woods one night in the
dangerous and confusing Digital world, there quest was to save it from other evil digimon
and while they did not have fighting Digimon of there own they could spirit evolve with the
help of ancient Digimon warrior's so they were more then capable of taking care of
themselves most of the time, and they did have the guidance of two Digimon Bokomon and
Neemon, but mostly Bokomon. As they gathered around a campfire they began to talk about
there previous adventures. "Did you see the way I took down that evil Digimon? I bet I'm
strong enough to save the planet myself now." Takuya bragged. "Hmph, Only because Jp and I
weakened it up for you." Koji said. "He's got you there? We softened him up for you." Jp
said. "And of course Zoe and Tommy needed to be saved again." Takuya said. "Hey, I would
have done more to the bad guys if you guys actually let me ha
:iconmangavore:Mangavore 58 18
Digimon: Zoe vore 2
Digimon Frontier Vore: Kazemon vs Ranamon Belly fight and vore.
When we left off Zoe had swallowed Tommy, Koji, his brother Kouichi, and Jp alive and they
were sitting in a pool of smelly gastric juices waiting to be digested. Zoe was meanwhile
preparing to eat Takuya. As she had him tied up, she covered him in seasoning for better
flavor. "I'm going to enjoy finally eating you. I bet you'll taste the best of all."
Zoe said running her tongue over his face. "Yuck. Can you not lick me? This is gross
enough as it is." Takuya said looking directly at Zoe's shiny and very balloon like belly.
Bulges often appeared on the shiny surface as her meals were still struggling in there
gassy prison. "Cut that out." Zoe gave her giant belly a hard smack which made the entire
bloated sphere bounce and slosh. *BLORF* *SPLOOSH* *GURGLE* *BOUNCE* *WOBBLE* *GLUB*
On the inside of her stomach, her former allies were sloshed around back and forth hitting
her slimy and smelly stomach walls. This just made g
:iconmangavore:Mangavore 46 19
Digimon Frontier: Zoe Tickle Tortured gif by Bondomunk Digimon Frontier: Zoe Tickle Tortured gif :iconbondomunk:Bondomunk 239 33 Ranamon tickled by tk0-Art Ranamon tickled :icontk0-art:tk0-Art 398 82 Ranamon x Zoe - Footworship Commission by iruden Ranamon x Zoe - Footworship Commission :iconiruden:iruden 383 31 Sixth Pair: Frontier by JubiaMaJo Sixth Pair: Frontier :iconjubiamajo:JubiaMaJo 276 83 Organization XIII ...WTF... by Sysirauta Organization XIII ...WTF... :iconsysirauta:Sysirauta 472 135 With Broken Wings by Whitestar1802 With Broken Wings :iconwhitestar1802:Whitestar1802 361 49 Home Again by Whitestar1802 Home Again :iconwhitestar1802:Whitestar1802 286 59 Digimon - Kazemon Cosplay 2 by ElisaCosplay Digimon - Kazemon Cosplay 2 :iconelisacosplay:ElisaCosplay 294 17 Ophanimon and Seraphimon by Sailor-Destiny Ophanimon and Seraphimon :iconsailor-destiny:Sailor-Destiny 127 35 Cherubimon cosplay by MizuSasori Cherubimon cosplay :iconmizusasori:MizuSasori 448 165 Digimon Star Song vol.7 by JinZhan Digimon Star Song vol.7 :iconjinzhan:JinZhan 553 27 In the Blue by Whitestar1802 In the Blue :iconwhitestar1802:Whitestar1802 278 53 random digimon frontier pic by ceddyboy random digimon frontier pic :iconceddyboy:ceddyboy 400 24 Ranamon Vore animation by Kanilan Ranamon Vore animation :iconkanilan:Kanilan 136 16 Zoe Orimoto by GAIN-OVER Zoe Orimoto :icongain-over:GAIN-OVER 350 31 Ice Ice Baby by Whitestar1802 Ice Ice Baby :iconwhitestar1802:Whitestar1802 193 30 Onnanokotachi by JubiaMaJo Onnanokotachi :iconjubiamajo:JubiaMaJo 312 102 Agunimon (Full Body) by xXSteefyLoveXx Agunimon (Full Body) :iconxxsteefylovexx:xXSteefyLoveXx 162 29