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The Hitachin House (2)
I blink away the black spots in my vision as I return to a state of consciousness. The memories of the moments before I blacked out came rushing back to me as my head begins pounding. I bolt upright to find rope tying me to a chair by my wrists and ankles. A quick glance around the room tells me that I'm alone but I can't be sure. I spot a bloody knife on a small table several feet away from me. (1) That explains the flash of silver.
I shift my weight back and forth, trying to guide it towards the table with what little contact my feet made with the floor. It's slow and painfully noisy but I manage to get two thirds of the way before the chair falls on it's side with a thud muffled slightly by the carpet underneath me. With an exasperated huff I begin to throw myself forward in an attempt to move the chair with me.
When I finally reach the table I grab hold of its legs and shake it until the knife clatters to the floor, narrowly missing my leg. With a little more maneu
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Cat and Mouse
Tony crept quietly across the counter, carefully maneuvering around the various utensils and utilities that had been abandoned there. The human who owned them was currently taking a nap in an adjacent room, and it wouldn't do at all for her to awake to the sound of clattering metal.
He peered over the edge at the unsettlingly distant floor, then across the gap from the counter to the island. He frowned, not remembering it being quite so wide, before retreating back about fifteen feet. He took a deep breath through the nose and took of running, launching himself of the edge.
He just barely made it. Sending out a silent 'thank-you' for rough hewn countertops and claws, he scrambled over the edge, pausing a moment to catch his breath. A moment later, he stood up and made for his objective, the whole reason he had risked his life and almost fallen to his death: The strawberries.
The human had been snacking on them earlier before being interrupted by a call to the door, a rather unusual occ
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Alan Rickman IV :iconkleopatraaurel:KleopatraAurel 316 124
Old Habits
I feel sick
     like the emptiness is eating out my insides
     and vomiting up my heart
the loneliness is choking me,
and old habits die hard.
     Whenever I close my eyes I see red.
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John McClane is cowboying up for Death Battle
First Appearance: “Nothing Lasts Forever” - Robert Throp 1979 novel (inspired by the character Joseph Leland), “Die Hard” - July 1988 (official)
Aliases: Cowboy, Roy, Billy
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 185lbs-203 lbs
Occupation: New York Police Detective Lieutenant, 90th Precinct, Brooklyn, NY
Portrayed by: Bruce Willis

-Shirtless, shoeless and with little resources, McClane took down 12 heavily armed bank robbers posing as terrorists holding office employees hostage at the Nakatomi Plaza on Christmas Eve
-With minimal support from security, took down a terrorist group holding the Washington Dulles International Airport and uncovered a conspiracy to free a Latin American dictator
-Subsequently, disposed of these terrorists by opening their plane fuel hatch then igniting the leaking fuel, causing the plane to explode and gave the other passenger planes
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