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Mmmm whatcha say (Elijah MikaelsonXReader)
You closed your eyes and tipped your head back against the chair you were currently seated in. Your breath hitched when you felt a stab of pain hit your shoulder and felt the color drain from your face. Tilting your head to the side slightly you opened your eyes and saw one of your closest friends Diego in the same condition as you. He has a large bite on his neck and had blood splattered all over his hoody. Glancing around the Quarter you saw most of your friends were unconscious or dead from the bites. You leant your head back again and heard footsteps echo through one of the corridors. 
"(Y/n)!" You heard someone faintly call before you felt a light pressure on your knee. 
"Elijah?" You murmured opening your (e/c) eyes only to see his chocolate brown ones staring back at you.
"What happened here?" Marcel asked more to himself.
"Werewolves. We held them off as long as we could" You replied forcing yourself to sit up only to wince.
"We'll find Niklaus dont worry you're going
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Keep Calm And Comic-Con

Keep Calm And Comic-Con
Wed Aug 8, 2012 by techgnotic

This year was especially important to me personally and was a milestone of sorts on
multiple levels and for deviantART as a whole.  Many of the reasons why will become clear
over the next few months as announcements are made and new ideas are shared with everyone
in the community.

s the multi dimensional, pop fueled, color exploded dream like haze that was Comic-Con begins
to fully dim and fade from accurate remembrance, I can’t shake the feeling that this year was s
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Don't Panic! Prep The TARDIS! Call The Banners!
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by techgnotic
DeviantART Presents Artists’ Alley
The heavy metal enchanted trace leukocytes (midichlorians) that course through the systems of all deviants are coming to life as internal compasses begin to all bend all time and space in one direction, to one set of co-ordinates, to one ultimate destination:
It’s that time of year again. Pass your Voight-Kampff test, grab your OTP and patch up your sunken ships. COMIC-CON 2014 is nigh.

Blade Runnerby chrisfkn
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Let me go (Kol MikaelsonXReader)
It had been almost 4 months since his death. 4 months spent searching for witches strong enough to bring him back to you. But alas you had no look or the witches refused to help no matter how much you threatened them. The last thing they wanted was the second youngest Mikaelson sibling back from the dead to cause havoc. You had made the mistake of falling in love with Kol in 1562 and stayed loyal to him up until Klaus shoved a dagger through his chest. Having tried and failed to undagger the love of your life you ran and began searching for Mikael only to turn up unsuccessful. You would have gladly tried to kill Klaus yourself if Elijah hadn't ordered you to leave. Let me explain. In 1499 you were dying from a plague in your village and moments away from death you met Elijah who offered you another chance to live. Without hesitation you accepted and he fed you his blood before snapping your neck thus siring you to him. 
When Kol was undaggered he wondered of your whereabouts so El
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