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Why I boycotted fandoms. by lostforeveragain Why I boycotted fandoms. :iconlostforeveragain:lostforeveragain 23,956 6,300 Voices In Heaven by NostalgicChills Voices In Heaven :iconnostalgicchills:NostalgicChills 1,661 241 Weekly Doodles - PUHRAIZE DAH SUN! by RandoWis Weekly Doodles - PUHRAIZE DAH SUN! :iconrandowis:RandoWis 408 39 As You Were: Skulker's Story by Sarapsys As You Were: Skulker's Story :iconsarapsys:Sarapsys 627 129 Photoshop Color Actions 2 by AliceInUnderland Photoshop Color Actions 2 :iconaliceinunderland:AliceInUnderland 2,287 604 why aang died so early by Skittlemonkey why aang died so early :iconskittlemonkey:Skittlemonkey 2,848 494 As You Were: Johnny 13's Story by Sarapsys As You Were: Johnny 13's Story :iconsarapsys:Sarapsys 717 197 Spoilers: Not Anywhere by Mikutashi Spoilers: Not Anywhere :iconmikutashi:Mikutashi 4,693 1,322 Ophelia's Death by Aeternum-designs Ophelia's Death :iconaeternum-designs:Aeternum-designs 643 151 Life and Death by LuLebel Life and Death :iconlulebel:LuLebel 303 82 Lost Without You by kuschelirmel Lost Without You :iconkuschelirmel:kuschelirmel 411 136 Pirate we be by tamaraR Pirate we be :icontamarar:tamaraR 371 73 Can't live within you... by AuroraWienhold Can't live within you... :iconaurorawienhold:AuroraWienhold 1,934 341 Pain by ZakraArt Pain :iconzakraart:ZakraArt 1,375 38
Creepypasta: Hetalia Theory: Japan
[Now read it here in German! Translated by alltimeOpheliac]
[Check out some amazing fan art drawn by Alisonhusky!!]
The day was beautiful. Cherry blossoms bloomed in the yard, a light breeze scattering some on green grass and landing in a small koi pond. The fish jumped and swam to the landing petals, thinking it was food, but were quickly bored and left. The forest around the small house was swaying lightly.
Despite the beautiful scenery, not all was well in the Honda household. Kiku was a young man, honorable to his family. Many young girls liked him but he didn’t like any of them back. His parents thought it was time for him to remove is bachelor status.
Kiku walked through the paper screen doors, looking curiously at the people kneeling at the small table. His parents were laughing al
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Syria Tribute .. by Ash-3xpired Syria Tribute .. :iconash-3xpired:Ash-3xpired 217 54 Goodbye may seem forever by Hubedihubbe Goodbye may seem forever :iconhubedihubbe:Hubedihubbe 2,632 268
Best story EEEVAR
There once was a king. He died.
The End
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Funny by cabinda4ever Funny :iconcabinda4ever:cabinda4ever 2,168 324 dying heydrich sketch by Phobs dying heydrich sketch :iconphobs:Phobs 1,218 174
Panties Thief - TG AR
The window opened beneath John's hands, creaking a little before shooting up. He froze for a moment, listening to make sure no one was coming, before nervously stepping inside. He felt the curtains brush against him, sending shivers down as his spine as he felt the cloth slide against his skin. For a moment he couldn't seem to move, the carpet holding to his shoes as the curtain held onto his body. Then the illusion broke and he stumbled forward, the rasp of shoes rubbing against carpet putting him on edge.
He looked around hurriedly, trying to find something that would match the requirements of his fraternity brothers. His eyes locked on a room, the door half open to him. He bit his lip as he glanced inside, gently levering it open to find a bedroom. He smiled in relief when he saw it was empty.
He wondered who's room it was, for a moment, too scared to turn on the lights as he crept inside. A girl's, he hoped, noticing the pink sheets. He glanced around a moment more, carefully openi
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SHUT UP :Team Fortress 2 Scout x Reader !
-Shut Up!-
_____ casually ate her sandwich, also propped with a book ,by herself in the dining hall. Everybody else was across the room playing cards, a day-off. Ceasefire day. So _____ took the day off by reading a book, everyone else playing their various games she hated to play; She always lost. When they offered _____ a place in the game, she'd tell him a stern, "No". They'd shrug and turn their attention back to the huddled circle.
Scout however spent this day sleeping, unusual, but he needed it. He was under fire yesterday, the
BLUs on their up game somehow. He'd taken a few bullets but nothing the good ole' Doc couldn't fix. It was _____ who usually took the Intel most of the time, her being quite small to fire at,and her ability to avoid things never failed her. Guess she was slow that day. So now she sat here, finished with her meal, still reading the book - in which case bored her to death.
"I still don' get why you read books for" His voice rang throughout the room, nobody s
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the day we died
It started when space imploded
you pulled me back, landed me on the moon,
so we could sit in the vacuum silence
and watch suns spiral down to hell.
You radiated, my minuscule flare,
your worn heat baked my bones brittle,
but it somehow made me stronger.
It ended when your eyes slid lateral,
fractured feelings leaking out in tears;
it was the first and last thing
I ever saw again.
This ridiculous happenstance,
simple in its impossibility,
was what broke us apart:
While solar light is beautiful,
it blinds when reflected by
automobile metal.
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As You Were: Ghostwriter's Story by Sarapsys As You Were: Ghostwriter's Story :iconsarapsys:Sarapsys 375 160 As You Were: Youngblood's Story by Sarapsys As You Were: Youngblood's Story :iconsarapsys:Sarapsys 362 93 SW - I am a rock by Renny08 SW - I am a rock :iconrenny08:Renny08 934 142
Old Hands
Grandpa was always the one to do things
-with his own hands.
He built his house,
our playhouses, tepees and dream castles
with his own hands.
Age 70 he was still climbing our roof,
(the one of the real house)
repairing it,
with his own hands.
So the worst thing
     the worst thing
     the worst thing was
when he had to watch our hands
-we all had come to help-
tend to his beloved garden
while his hands could do
The worst thing was
when he died
-on the inside-
'I am so useless.'
And I wished,
               and I wished,
:iconstory-of-a-mind:Story-of-a-Mind 162 85
In loving memories by TaniDaReal In loving memories :icontanidareal:TaniDaReal 523 430 end of the novel by Orwald end of the novel :iconorwald:Orwald 1,174 107 The Night Chicago Died by stroggtank The Night Chicago Died :iconstroggtank:stroggtank 2,199 184 A sad day... by AuroraWienhold A sad day... :iconaurorawienhold:AuroraWienhold 976 284 Till Death by EltonFernandes Till Death :iconeltonfernandes:EltonFernandes 447 101 Am I Losing You Too? by Momoko-Kawase Am I Losing You Too? :iconmomoko-kawase:Momoko-Kawase 1,862 485 what happens in the hanged man... by domirine what happens in the hanged man... :icondomirine:domirine 1,281 125 Lucky Number 7. by jayve1 Lucky Number 7. :iconjayve1:jayve1 254 46