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The Onepunch Man Punches the Competition!

"The true power of us human beings is that we can change ourselves on our own." 

Alias - The One Punch Man, Caped Baldy, B-Class Rookie, Potato, Trash, Liar, Cheater, Sensei, Master
Age: 25

Height -???

Weight - ???

Occupation - Hero, currently a B class rank 63 (an A class Rank 39 in the webcomic

Appearances - Onepunch Man Yuusuke version, Onepunch Man One original webcomic, (OPM DBZ crossover?)


- One punches EVERYTHING (ranges from many different kinds of monsters: Monstrous beasts, magical creatures, Alien overlords, fast and strong ones)
- Was a completely normal person in the beginning of his life
- Started a training regime that turned him into something capable of OHKOing any monster or opponent
- Broke his limitations despite being a completely normal person

- Broke all
:iconshadowfrost1:ShadowFrost1 66 138
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