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Robin/Dick GraysonxReader: Protect
You sighed as you wrapped the bandage around the muscular arm. There was a long gash from the shoulder to the elbow. Thankfully it wasn't deep enough to damage any muscles, but it is still a nasty looking wound. "This is a really bad cut Dick."
"Penguin just got a lucky swing." The young man sitting on the couch next to you answered. His short black hair just brushed over his brow as his ice blue eyes watched you wrap the wound. "We still got him in the end."
"That's not the point, Dick." You ripped the end of the bandage and tied it around his arm. "You should be more careful. Bruce told you not to rush in. He and I were both there too. We could have easily taken Penguin and his men."
"You're starting to sound like Bruce." He mumbled under his breath.
You growled lightly as you stood up. "Maybe because we worry about you, you idiot." You storming out of the room, not bothering to look back to see what Dick's reaction was. How could he be so stubborn? Why couldn't he understand that yo
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