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Klaine Titanic
"No!" I half-screamed, half-sobbed. "Leo, don't die on me and Kate!"
A few scattered chuckles mocked me. Blaine rubbed my hand soothingly. "Kurt, it's okay. Haven't you seen this before?"
"Duh," I replied, wiping the tears that fell from my eyes. "Titanic is one of the most revered romance movies of all time."
He pulled me closer and whispered in my ear, "Don't worry. Half of the people in here cried the last time they saw it."
I snuggled into him. So this was Warbler Movie Night. Pulling out some chick flick to get the new kid to cry. Thanks, guys. I really appreciate it. I swear, I was contracting hypothermia just by watching. When Blaine noticed my shivering, he pulled a blanket over us.
And there she was, Rose, sitting on the piece of wood, trying to call out. I resisted the urge to yell  "Come back!" with her. I closed my eyes and willed myself not to start sobbing again. When I had regained my composure enough, I saw her drop the wonderful and expensive blue diam
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Inside dreams, you do not realize how much real time has elapsed.
Napping can seem like a lifetime- when really only a few hours have passed.
Caches can form within your mind, allowing you to keep things there.
Entrapping the things you feel that you cannot bear.
Perhaps it's a feeling of guilt for something you've done.
The feelings you don't confront, but instead, choose to shun.
It's a terrible feeling to hold on to, but you don't have any other choice.
Only through the dream can you see her, be with her, hear her voice.
No other place does she exist.
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