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The Only Exception Nico di Angelo x Reader
The Only Exception
Nico di Angelo x Reader
When I was younger I saw my daddy cry
And curse at the wind.
He broke his own heart and I watched
As he tried to reassemble it.

Nico nervously fidgeted with his fingers. Jason had talked him into asking (y/n) out. She had happily replied yes and tonight was the night. The two of them were going out for dinner. Nico was suppose to pick her up at her house in Indiana and then they would go to one of her favorite restaurants.
Nico’s nerves were on edge. His first date with the girl of his dreams.
“How’s this.” Nico stepped out of his bathroom to Percy, Jason, Annabeth, and Piper sitting on his bed. They were trying to decide what outfit he should wear. He was wearing a dark black polo with dark jeans; it was the seventh outfit he had tried on.
“I like it.” Annabeth said with a smirk. I didn’t like this at all. Being judged by his friends wasn’t helping his nerves, but he needed an ou
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10 ways to annoy Nico Di Angelo.
1. Tell him he's forever alone
2. When he refuses to be called 'forever alone' ask him who his 'special' someone is.
3. Ask him if he likes pasta 
4. If he says no, call him a traitor to his country
5. E-mail him a handful of Nico fan-fic's (The ones with lemons if you know what I mean) ;)
6. If he doesn't read them, tell him this is proof of him being forever alone (If you have to, repeate #2) :)
7. Or just straight jacket him to a chair in your room and read them out loud for him *A mouth gag could prove most affective*
8. It would be even better if you video-tape his reactions to the fan-fictions with Camp-Half-Blood people (Thalico, etc.)
9. Post them on god-tube.
10. Tell him the etomology of his name.

" The name Nico is most likely the form of 'Nikolaos'; meaning Victory of the people, and his last name meaning of the angels ties together that his name is related to death. Nico can also be relative to Necro, which means death. "

* If this does
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Be Alone Nico di Angelo x Reader
Be Alone
Nico di Angelo x Reader      
So what if I don’t have,
A lot to talk about?
I shut my mouth and keep it,
Locked until it counts

You were sitting next to your brother Link and your friends, Leo, Nico, Piper, Jason, Percy, and Annabeth. You were all watching the fireworks on a picnic blanket. Leo was cracking jokes, Annabeth was lying on Percy, and Jason and Piper, who were behind Nico, were holding hands. Nico and you were sitting next to each other silently.
And what if I don’t ever want,
To leave my house?
Stay on the couch while
All my friends are going out.

Sure you were a little jealous of all the couples you were constantly surrounded by, but they were your friends. You looked over at Leo who was failing his arms as the fireworks went off.
“What?” Leo said, He suddenly put his hands in his lap and his face turned bright red. You started laughing. Nico snapped to attention.
“What’s happening?”
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