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Devotion by skam4 Devotion :iconskam4:skam4 1,565 151 Madrigal to a bitter devotion by LuneBleu Madrigal to a bitter devotion :iconlunebleu:LuneBleu 1,650 233 Icy devotion... by Nightpark Icy devotion... :iconnightpark:Nightpark 991 151 Cast your doubts by kevron2001 Cast your doubts :iconkevron2001:kevron2001 184 20 Devotion by Jennyeight Devotion :iconjennyeight:Jennyeight 1,029 154 battles of devotion. by cristina-otero battles of devotion. :iconcristina-otero:cristina-otero 606 13 By Myself by Na7s By Myself :iconna7s:Na7s 400 56
Roses in the Desert
White roses cover the sands of the desert,
A fragrant golden snow for you.
I watch the light upon your face,
cast soft shadows of blue.
Keep your head upon my shoulder,
until I go crashing to the ground.
In the night my stars cover your body,
echoing the world's soft sound.
White roses bloom on the sands of the desert,
A rising cloud of pure intent.
To see your eyes reflect the emotion,
I take in your fingertips of content.
Together we run through the veins of time,
And rain falls through the sand.
I light the expanse of the broad sky on fire,
spreading the word throughout the land.
White roses wither in the sands of the desert,
A last stand to be at your side.
I have given to you everything that I am,
holding your tears while you cried.
The moon turns the tides of the sand,
you hold me through the motion.
The roses couldn't have been more right,
we lost each other in devotion.
:iconbunnyfroofroo:BunnyFroofroo 52 35
The Well by Animaker131 The Well :iconanimaker131:Animaker131 1,323 209 Devotion by h16 Devotion :iconh16:h16 1,779 234 Commission - Devotion unto Death by jocarra Commission - Devotion unto Death :iconjocarra:jocarra 846 191 The Divine Mercy by Theophilia The Divine Mercy :icontheophilia:Theophilia 477 249 Yo there by Na7s Yo there :iconna7s:Na7s 372 72 Devotion by NovaMcKnight Devotion :iconnovamcknight:NovaMcKnight 256 40 Lust and Devotion by Aikurisu Lust and Devotion :iconaikurisu:Aikurisu 324 22 love cherry fruit by dkraner love cherry fruit :icondkraner:dkraner 664 51 Rainy windows by thegirlcansmile Rainy windows :iconthegirlcansmile:thegirlcansmile 180 186 l'attente by baspunk l'attente :iconbaspunk:baspunk 220 35 A Mothers Love by arrsistable A Mothers Love :iconarrsistable:arrsistable 1,070 203 USUK - fireside by TechnoRanma USUK - fireside :icontechnoranma:TechnoRanma 1,842 129
Girl, Fifteen, To A Lover She'll Never Meet
Thursday nights are silver screened.
At nine, it's time once again to air
the prelude to a dream.
I wait, eyes square, for the immaculate
contours of your face to appear:
the features of a lover I'll never meet.
It seems strange to say
(a kind of admission of defeat),
but to be honest I'm OK
with the pause, rewind, replay
that makes up our relationship.
You have to admit,
knowing I'd never flip
channels or walk out when
you're in a scene
is a devotion, of sorts.
I expect nothing in return.
I know you know nothing of me.
But I can't help but love you;
your close-ups, your scripted smile,
the way you lean towards the screen
of your plastic box and speak
only and always to me.
How could I not - a lonely girl,
curled on the sofa - have eyes
only for you? Think of it
(as I do) as a healthy obsession.
Because it's true, I'll say it,
I think you're perfection.
But don't worry: I'm OK with only
watching from afar, only dreaming
of a touch or a kiss. It's enough
for me just to see you on screen
:iconangel-in-pieces:angel-in-pieces 273 50
-Always faithful- by 0r0ch1 -Always faithful- :icon0r0ch1:0r0ch1 935 160 industrial future by ladyrapid industrial future :iconladyrapid:ladyrapid 311 50 Devotion by GothicNarcissus Devotion :icongothicnarcissus:GothicNarcissus 113 28 Obsessive Devotion by DusterAmaranth Obsessive Devotion :icondusteramaranth:DusterAmaranth 459 101
those who lie behind eyelids
i. benjamin i
we watched silent films.
you bought an excitable child sweets
with money you couldn't spare.
i often wish 
you were still
ii. marcel
we hid devotion
in quiet moments.
grew older;
grew apart.
iii. samuel
i had always mocked those
who claimed that
innocence is bliss,
but darling;
your innocence was blissful.
iv. damon
nearly four years past
but you're still so present
a specter spectator
lying arrogant, indolent
on the sidelines of me;
sullying touch,
chaining me close.

v. benjamin ii
your lips were always dry
and you gave up too soon.
when you left, i spent
forty-six sleepless nights
on the living room sofa;
i couldn't go near the bed.

vi. jessica
you looked right through me,
searching only for the
jealousy blossoming
in his eyes.

vii. jared
heaven closed up shop
when we passed by;
forever fell ill and fled.
i can't help but wonder
if i haunt your silences
the way you inhabit

viii. david
:iconlissomer:Lissomer 40 43
Genesis by JJadek Genesis :iconjjadek:JJadek 362 0 Devotion by KatiaHonour Devotion :iconkatiahonour:KatiaHonour 1,150 56 I Remain by Na7s I Remain :iconna7s:Na7s 187 50 Devotion by SylwiaS Devotion :iconsylwias:SylwiaS 231 87 Hyperdevotion Noire by kuro-mai Hyperdevotion Noire :iconkuro-mai:kuro-mai 879 55
Do you see
a monster
when you look in my eyes?
Do you see a devil
in disguise?
Is there not a heart
beating in my chest?
Will your fear ever
be lain to rest?
Are there any
among us
you can trust?
Or will fear
make us a disgust.
Will you hold me
to every wrong
or will you someday
see the right?
I am not a dog
who loves to fight -
I am a dog
who is no different,
I want love and compassion,
to provide you full
I envy those breeds
for which every man loves
without restriction.
I am left in shelters,
a happy dog, still,
and I am forgotten
your hate leaving me ill
in the minds of others
who look for a dog,
I am not the first they seek,
I am the distant monster
in the fog.
I am the one who will tear
the world apart.
I am the one
with the shrunken heart .
I am the one
who will leave you in pain.
But truly,
I am the one
who will
never sing
For it is I,
who through all my
caring devotion
will suffer and mourn,
who will be left behind,
who will be buried.
oh, but I
:iconjaded-night:Jaded-Night 45 24
Prayer III by Teakster Prayer III :iconteakster:Teakster 360 172 5 Beautiful Wedding Effects by pstutorialsws 5 Beautiful Wedding Effects :iconpstutorialsws:pstutorialsws 229 9
As long as I have you Jesus
If the sun doesn't shine tomorrow
and worries fill the corner of my mind
as long as You are mine all mine
that's fine
that's really fine
The earth can crumble
and tumble down to the sea
the skies can turn into dust
if it all really must
as long as I have You here with me
I trust in You, Lord Jesus
Let me go where You go
Tell me what to do and I will do
I would run a thousand miles
just to see You smile
sail into the stormy waters
if it means I get to walk side by side with You my King
I'll do anything
If the sun doesn't shine tomorrow
and the time comes to my final day
come my way
come my way
and take me home
let me go where You go Lord
tell me what to do and I will do
I surrender my life to You
I surrender everything that is mine
For in Your love
The dry grounds will green
tender sweet tulips and roses
uncurl at Your toes
the sky will burst into wine red
and gold
and simmer between the pink and blue
All the world will delight
in Your great sight
O sweet Lord
If the sun doesn't shine t
:iconcereal-in-a-bowl:cereal-in-a-bowl 68 191
Holy Fountain by RhysGriffiths Holy Fountain :iconrhysgriffiths:RhysGriffiths 325 34
Her voice is the howl of the cold winter wind
The ice of her skin makes any man cringe
The dark of her hair blots out the sun
Persephone is come; winter has begun.
Down from above, to sit by her King
To her gown the shadows cling
Daughter of life, to death made wife
Leave behind the stillness of a dark winter night.
When she walks the Earth, the green things grow,
Men rejoice, the river Styx runs slow,
And who would think that her evil groom
Would, in his heart, for her make room?
Who could know the loneliness he feels?
Who knows that at her sight, he instantly heals?
Is it possible for death to feel love?
To mourn for his wife, so happy above?
In her heart does she dread the return to his side?
For she was unwillingly made his bride
Now his wait is all but done,
Winter has begun; Persephone is come.
:icon6hex6moondancer6:6Hex6Moondancer6 30 7
Eulogy for Bear
A friend devolves and a beast acquires a soul
These journeys are begun for reasons
that we soon forget. Some of Adam's kin
jettison little-by-little their sacred selves,
finally separating from the human family to
run mad with the currency of
wild nature's uncharitable law.
But some of the beasts become us;
attached by leash they pull us through parks,
we wrestle them like unruly boys
and dress them in old clothes (forgive us).
And in the darkest night when evil is about
we steady their tattered nerves
when we ourselves are fearful
and thus we find our common tongue—
loyalty until death, courage, love.
:iconsitkareign:SitkaReign 658 85
Our Beloved Alan Rickman
What makes us love such a man as he?
Why do our hearts flutter at his smile?
How our knees waver at his voice!
See what his hazel stare can do!
Maybe it is because there is none other like him
For he is the perfect man, a shining star
Such a jewel, rare treasure indeed
He can easily steal our hearts and mystify our minds
How we swoon at him in billowing capes
Deafening gasps at dramatic performances
So noble when clutching a sword
And heroic appearing through a storm
O, nothing can break our undying devotion!
Dedicating ourselves is our number one notion!
:iconericidlewild:EricIdleWild 121 91
Devotion VII - Love is Lost by BenGoodspeed Devotion VII - Love is Lost :iconbengoodspeed:BenGoodspeed 524 51 A Mother's Eternal Devotion by starwoodarts A Mother's Eternal Devotion :iconstarwoodarts:starwoodarts 481 100 Love Truly by rockgem Love Truly :iconrockgem:rockgem 112 40
Because Bonnie Loved Clyde
"I'll follow you," said Bonnie,
"Through fire, water, hell."
"I'll come with you," cried Bonnie,
"Through freedom and jail cell."
"I'll be with you," said Bonnie,
"Though by sunrise we'll both have died."
All this Bonnie said proudly,
Because Bonnie truly loved Clyde.
"The journey will be dangerous,"
Said Clyde to her one day.
"You are such a tiny woman,
You might not make it all the way."
But Bonnie loaded up her gun,
And hopped on for the ride.
All this Bonnie did surely,
Because Bonnie surely loved Clyde.
They were pursued through states,
Almost half the entire land,
And robbed quite a few banks.
Their work was skillfully planned.
Then one day as they were driving,
A cop pulled up from behind.
They took out their automatics,
And laughed as Bonnie cried.
She cried not for her own life,
But because her Clyde had died.
And soon she would follow him,
Because Bonnie always loved Clyde.
They weren't buried as they wanted,
Not buried side by side.
But wherever they are, they're together.
:iconpinkbaron:pinkbaron 55 10
Devotion by ariacosplays Devotion :iconariacosplays:ariacosplays 352 56 Kuroshitsuji: Eternal Devotion, Perpetual Curse by rinfiora Kuroshitsuji: Eternal Devotion, Perpetual Curse :iconrinfiora:rinfiora 1,140 242 Holy Gifts by Bathoriya Holy Gifts :iconbathoriya:Bathoriya 161 33
Unknown Reality
Jason was terrified as Alan moved in closer. “I really like you , probably a lot more than you like me. I mean as more than a friend Jay...”
Jason knew what he meant . His attitude had been pointing towards it for a long time. Alan McQuaige was gay, and probably had been since day one. That wasn’t the problem. The problem was that Jason was not and never would be. Or at least he didn’t think so.
“Al...this is really weird. I mean, we’ve been friends for ,like, ever and...and...I don’t want to wreck it.”
Alan backed off a bit. “Just say it Jay. Say your not interested!  Stop acting if you really don’t like me like that. It wouldn’t wreck our friendship, it would just change it.”
Confusion was welling up inside of Jason’s head. Alan looked sad , with just a glimmer of hope in his pale blue eyes.Could Jason really be what his friend wanted? How did this all start anyways? It was so simple in the beginning. They had
:iconchezzybear:ChezzyBear 51 93
..I am..
nothing absurd, or obscure,
silent and distant sure,
but never a trace in the blur..
Thriving in depths of the mind
Energized by the comfort
that only silence finds..
Not "shy" or antisocial,
lonesome or woeful..
In tune with my emotions,
I don't lack sociality,
nor live in depravity..
Devotion that never deviates,
an unquestioning Zen state,
that alone I satiate..
Recharging in my quiet place,
to gain strength for the next
...Face to Face...
Truly, there are not words
for just how much that takes..
Some call me strange,
still I pick my battles,
the way some pick their stage..
Life is a journey, not a game
and at the end of the day
we all get there in our own way
...So please...
Don't mistake my absent nature,
for pain, or disdain
...I'm not insane...
Introversion is simply who I am
:iconmisdmeanor:MisDmeanor 29 32
Snow White and The Huntsman - Eric and Ravenna by Renny08 Snow White and The Huntsman - Eric and Ravenna :iconrenny08:Renny08 599 138